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YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross Review Specs Price

The YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross is one of the best and light powered motorcycle, extremely suitable for those riders who are in the learning phase. It is ideal for those dirt riders who are thinking about economical dirt motorcycle, because of its highly efficient fuel engine. Embark on the perfect bike and continue the journey to victory. The YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross has all the lightweight, two-stroke reliability and agility you expect from Yamaha. The full Review of YZ85 2019 Yamaha Dirt Bike with its price and specifications are given below.

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross – Features and Price

The Main Functions

The 85cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine now has a Yamaha power valve system that can provide a wide range of traction power in the speed range without losing peak power at high rpm. The lightweight 36mmKYB inverted front fork has a 10.8-inch stroke, has a compression effect, and has a low-friction outer tube and internal parts with rebound damping adjustability.

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross

Lightweight 17-inch front rims and 14-inch rear rims are durable and reduce unsprung weight for optimal suspension performance; 220 mm and 190 mm large disc brakes for precise control; new Dunlop MX3S knob Provides excellent traction. The new four-position adjustable handlebar mount and tapered handlebar allow riders to adjust the position of the handlebars to suit their size and preferences.

What’s new in 2019?

The all-new YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross has been completely redesigned to be equipped with improved intake, exhaust, and gearbox fitted with a new YPVS power valve engine, which is unique in the 85cc class car. The 2019 YZ85 is equipped with a new front fork, a new rear rocker arm, a new wave brake disc, adjustable ergonomic design, and more functions, which can win the game directly on the dealer floor.

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross


The 85cc liquid-cooled two-stroke engine, has a Yamaha power valve system that provides a wide range of traction power over the entire speed range without losing peak power at high rpm. It results in improving driving performance and reducing frequent gear changes need. The new head and more extended connecting rod design together increase the compression ratio, thereby increasing power output.

The new crankcase design of YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross has a diaphragm-type reed valve air inlet that improves airflow. The air inlet is drawn in through a 28mm Keihin smooth carburetor to achieve a seamless throttle response. Matching the higher output power of the YPVS engine, the new expansion chamber optimizes the exhaust flow to enhance power output, especially in the lower and middle gears.

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross

The gearbox was revised in 2019 to increase the width of selected gears to enhance gear engagement and smoother gear changes. The lightweight radiator has a large core and shutters, and the pump has a cast aluminum impeller (as opposed to a resin impeller) to maximize cooling efficiency. The airbox design ensures excellent air cleaning performance and is easy to maintain.

Chassis / suspension

The lightweight 36mm KYB inverted front fork has 10.8-inch travel, has compression and reverse dumping adjustment, and has low friction outer and inner tires. By 2019, narrow tires and new options will provide improved performance in a variety of conditions and with rider capabilities. The new lower front fork guard provides protection and modern style YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross.

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross

The rear suspension has a fully adjustable Kayaba union with a stunning 11.1-inch journey and a compression valve that has been tested for competition. Progressive connection design improves drop resistance, while updated settings improve crash absorption and drop opposition, making it easier for runners to load and strengthen circuit time.

By 2019, the new front brake line will improve the braking feel, while the corrugated brake disc will provide improved self-cleaning and cooling driving efficiency. The 220mm front brake disc and the 190mm rear brake disc provide powerful and precise braking power. The re-designed rear rocker arm includes a new compositional chain guide and an updated chain regulator that made it easy to maintain. The compact rear subframe has been removed to simplify maintenance.

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross

The lightweight 17-inch front and 14-inch rear rings are durable and durable, reducing reckless weight to achieve the best suspension performance. The new product in 2019 is the Dunlop MX3S knob, which provides the best traction on different tracks and terrain on the ground.

Additional Functions

The installation of a new four-position adjustable panel and typical types of fibers allows the YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross rider to control the leading position to suit their size and preferences. The flat fuel tank, radiator supports, side panels, and rear flange ensure generous freedom of movement.

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross – Price

The 2019 YZ85 is available in just $4,599 only.

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross – Technical Specifications


Type 85cc, liquid-cooled 2-stroke; reed-valve inducted
Bore x Stroke 47.5 mm x 47.8 mm
Compression Ratio 8.2~9.6:1
Fuel Delivery Keihin® PWK 28
Transmission Constant-mesh 6-speed; multi-plate wet clutch
Final Drive Chain

You should wear a protective helmet during ride.

LS2 Xtra Carbon Helmet
Price = $399.98
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LS2 Xtra Yard Carbon Helmet
Price = $429.98
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Klim F5 Ion ECE Helmet
Price = $499.99
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Klim F5 Demolish ECE Helmet
price = $499.99
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YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross Specs


Suspension / Front Inverted fork; fully adjustable, 10.8 inches travel
Suspension / Rear Single shock; fully adjustable, 11.1 inches travel
Brakes / Front Hydraulic disc, 220 mm
Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 190 mm
Tires / Front 70/100-17 Dunlop® MX3S®
Tires / Rear 90/100-14 Dunlop® MX3S®

Looking for some Yamaha YZ85 Accessories.

Pro Circuit 304 Silencer Yamaha YZ85 2019
Price = $141.71 $127.54
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Factory Effex All Grip Seat Cover Yamaha YZ85 2002-2019
Price = $49.95
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Acerbis Full Plastic Kit Yamaha YZ85 2019-2020
Price = $199.95 $179.96
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Rekluse Standard Clutch Cover Yamaha YZ65 / YZ85 2002-2019
Price = $169
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YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross Specs


L x W x H 71.7 inches x 29.9 inches x 45.1 inches
Seat Height 33.1 inches
Wheelbase 49.4 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 26.33°
Trail 3.5 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 13.0 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.3 gal
Wet Weight 161 lb

You should use these protective gears during ride.

Fly Racing Dirt Gator Footpegs KTM / Husqvarna 125cc-450cc 2016-2020
Price = $199.95 $188.9
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Fly Racing Dirt FR5 Boots
Price = $269.95
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Fly Racing Dirt Patrol Overboot Pants
Price = $139.95
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Fly Racing Dirt FR5 Boots
Price = $269.95
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YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross Specs


Warranty 30 Day (Limited Factory Warranty)

YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross


The YZ85 2019 Yamaha Motocross may look similar to last year’s model, but great things are happening just below the surface. At first glance, the YZ85 2019 appears to have only minor cosmetic updates, but that is not the case! Yamaha is making a great effort to become a leader in the 85cc class.

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