Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

If you are looking for the best bikes under 1.5 lakh and still can’t find a solution, we are here to help. Regarding performance, features, mileage, and top speed, we created a list of the Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023. You can choose the best bike for you in this price range with the help of this comparison review.

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023 – Top Rated

10. Bajaj Pulsar 220F BS6

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

The Bajaj Pulsar 220 F ranks 10th among the top motorcycles under 1.5 lakh in our review. The semi-faired motorcycle Pulsar 220F has also been updated to meet the latest BS6 emission norms. There are two different color possibilities for this. Pulsar 220 F price in India is Rs 1,17,286. The semi-fair body fairing on the Bajaj Pulsar 220F looks good and provides some aerodynamic advantages. Other bikes in the Pulsar series serve as design cues for this bike. There are only two color options for the Pulsar 220F: Blue and Red. The Pulsar 220F design hasn’t been updated in a while, and now it looks dated.

The Pulsar 220F needs a design upgrade along with new color options. A 220cc single-cylinder, oil-cooled, 4-stroke, DTSi, BS6 engine powers the Pulsar 220 F. At 8,500 RPM, the engine’s maximum power output is 20.5 PS, while at 7,000 RPM, its maximum torque output is 18.55 N. Its five-speed gearbox reduces performance at the top end. Nevertheless, the Pulsar is among the most potent bikes available under Rs. 1.5 lakh It uses a perimeter frame like the other Pulsar series. Telescopic forks handle suspension burdens at the front end, while dual Nitrox shock absorbers are at the rear. A 230 mm disc brake is on the rear wheel while a 280 mm disc brake is on the front wheel.

9. Royal Enfield Bullet 350

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is ranked ninth among top bikes under 1.5 lakh. The Bullet 350 is the cheapest Enfield and one of the oldest motorcycles in the market. There are four different paint schemes for it. The Royal Enfield Bullet 350 is available at a starting price of Rs 1.21 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi), with the top model priced at Rs 1.37 lakh. One of the most popular designs is the Bullet 350. Its design completely follows the old history. It has chrome-finished round headlamps and turn signals, which give it a classic look. It has a luxurious look thanks to the large petrol tank with RE emblem and chrome exhaust. Its appearance is superior, and the timeless retro design of the Bullet 350 will never be dated.

Moreover, it is the only retro bike available under 1.5 lakhs. A 346 cc single-cylinder, SOHC, air-cooled, fuel-injected engine powers the Bullet 350. A 5-speed manual transmission is mated to the engine. It has a maximum power output of 19.1HP at 5,250RPM and a peak torque output of 28 Nm at 4,000 RPM. The top-end performance of the engine is not particularly strong.

Moreover, compared to all other top bikes under 1.5 lakh, it produces the highest torque. The engine acts as the stressed part of the same downtube frame used. 35 mm telescopic forks are at the front end, and twin shock absorbers with preload adjustment in 5 levels are at the rear end. While the rear wheel is fitted with a 153 mm drum brake, the front wheel has a 280 mm disc brake. Only the front wheel has ABS.

8. Hero Xpulse 200

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

Hero Xpulse 200 ranks eighth in the top 10 bikes under Rs 1.5 lakh in India. The cheapest dual sport motorcycle in India is the Xpulse 200, a double sport adventure touring motorcycle. Five different colors are available, and it is upgraded with a BS6 engine. In India, the BS6 Xpulse 200 is priced at Rs. 1.06 lakh Hero Xplus is a fully equipped adventure tourer. It has wheels with a large diameter and spokes. The front end has a stylish spherical LED headlamp setup, and a visor sits on top. The fast track gives the bike more room in rough terrain, and it stands tall and has decent ground clearance. The bike has an admirable fit and finish and looks expensive. The Xpulse 200 has the same 199.6cc 1-cylinder engine as its siblings.

The engine produces 16.45 Nm of maximum torque at 6,500 RPM and 17.8 BHP of total power at 8,500 RPM. It performs well in the low and mid-range but lags in the top-end after 90 kmph. It can’t travel at triple-digit speeds on interstates. A Stoppage A 37mm telescopic front fork handles the job, giving 190mm of front wheel travel, while a 10-step adjustable mono-shock handles the rear end. It has a 276 mm front petal disc, 220 mm rear petal disc, and a single-channel ABS that acts only on the front wheel for braking. The Hero Xpulse is equipped with a ton of great features, including built-in navigation and smartphone connectivity. LED headlamps look good, but they’re low-brightness, and they’re diffuse at night. It has an aluminum bash plate to protect the engine from hard surfaces. The dual-purpose tire provides excellent traction both on and off-road.

7. KTM Duke 125

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

The KTM Duke 125 ranks eighth in our list of top motorcycles under 1.5 lakhs in India. An advanced 125cc street fighter motorcycle is the KTM Duke 125. It is the smallest and most expensive KTM bike available in India. The Duke 125 gets a BS5-compliant engine modification, offered in 3 colors. The price of KTM Duke 125 in India is Rs 1.38 lakh. The KTM Duke 125 is naked in appearance and has some body kits. Unlike its older siblings, it doesn’t get a new fashionable design. Although it looks dated, it is still among the best-looking bikes under 1.5 lakh. It has orange-colored alloy wheels and comes in three different colors. The Duke 125 is a powerful, aggressive look dripping with KTM Orange—an engine with a displacement of 124.7cc powers the KTM Duke 125. The engine has a BOSCH fuel injection system and is liquid-cooled. The engine can produce 12 Nm of maximum torque and 15 HP of total power.

It boasts high acceleration and is the most powerful 125cc motorcycle in India. It can reach a top speed of 120kmph thanks to a six-speed transmission, which helps it perform well at the top end. The base of the Duke 125 is a steel trellis frame. The only motorcycle under Rs 1.5 lakh with a USD front fork and a WP mono shock at the rear. It includes a 230 mm 2-piston caliper disc brake at the rear wheel and a 300 mm 4-piston disc brake at the front for braking purposes. It has a 1-channel BOSCH 10 ML ABS with rear wheel lift-off mitigation. The fully digital orange backlit LCD dashboard on the Duke 125 displays a wealth of data. A side-stand engine cut-off switch, an excellent safety feature, is also included. Both the turn signal and tail light are LED. It has a beautiful split-seat design that looks luxurious.

6. Yamaha MT 15

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

It was sixth on the list of top Indian bikes under Rs. 1.5 lakh 150cc naked street fighter motorcycle is the Yamaha MT 15. It comes in three colors and has a charming design. Yamaha MT 15 starting price in India is Rs 1,38,900. At the same time, the gray color option is priced at Rs. 1,39,400. The most attractive naked bike under 1.5 lakh is the Yamaha MT 150. It has a powerful, sporty look. The MT 15 has an alien look due to its pointed headlights. The design of the MT 15 is similar to its older siblings, the MT 09 and MT 10. Although there are three color choices, Ice Fluo Vermilion is the most attractive. The Yamaha MT 15 and its supersport sibling, the R15 V3, use a 155cc single-cylinder engine. The engine is now BS6 compliant and includes VVA capability. It has a maximum power output of 18.5 PS at 10,000RPM and a peak torque output of 13.9 Nm at 8,500 RPM.

It can perform well at the top end thanks to the sixth gear, and the peak torque ensures smooth power delivery throughout the rpm range. The lightweight and robust delta box frame used by the Yamaha MT 15. It uses telescoping front forks instead of USD forks like the international model. Nevertheless, it still employs a swingarm couple motocross. A 282mm front disc brake and a 220 mm rear disc brake are responsible for stopping the vehicle. It has 1-channel ABS instead of 2-channel ABS. It comes with dual-purpose LED headlamps and LED daytime running lights. It has a dim LCD instrument console that displays all the essential information. Radial tires and side-stand engine cut-off switches are now standard on the MT 15. It boasts an exceptionally comfortable uni-level seat. On rapid downshifts, the assist and slipper clutches reduce wheel hop and back-torque.

5. Yamaha FZ 25 / FZ 25S

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

Yamaha FZ is ranked fifth in the Top 10 Best Motorcycles Under Rs.25. 1.5 lakh The Yamaha FZ25 is a quarter-liter street naked bike that also comes in the FZ25S Touring version. While the FZ 25S is offered in three colors, the FZ 25 is provided in only two colors. Yamaha FZ 25 starts at INR 1.53 lakh in India. The Yamaha FZ25 looks extremely powerful. A new headlamp unit has been added to the new BS6 FZ 25. The rest of the design is similar to the previous model. It has a sleek and fashionable tank, and the tank cowls extending on both sides give it a muscular look. The rear LED taillight device is still used on the slimmer rear end. A 249 CC single-cylinder, SOHC 2-valve engine powers the Yamaha FZ 25. The engine now uses a fuel injection system and is BS6 certified.

The motor has a power output of 20.8 PS at 8,000 RPM and a torque output of 20.1 Nm at 6,000 RPM. Its low torque output makes it quick in the 0-60 kmph and 0-100 kmph sprints. However, the five-speed transmission causes it to breathe quickly in the high end. Diamond frames are used by the FZ 25. At the front end, a 41 mm telescopic fork handles the suspension duties, while a motocross with seven steps of adjustment. The front wheel has a 282 mm disc brake, and the rear wheel has a 220 mm disc brake. FZ 25 is one of the rare motorcycles with 2-channel ABS under 1.5 lakhs. It gets all-new dual-purpose LED headlights with LED DRLs. On the new FZ 25, an opposing LCD console replaced the instrument console. Additionally, it sports a rear tire that is 140 mm wide and offers good traction.

4. Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is the best bike under 1.5 lakh in India, ranked fourth. One of the most famous street naked bikes in India is the Pulsar NS200. It has undergone an overhaul and comes in four colors with an all-new BS6-compliant engine. The Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 is priced at Rs 1.25 lakh in the BS6 variant. The barebones bike, Bajaj Pulsar NS 200, has been available in the market for a long time. Since the introduction of the bike, its design has not changed much. Its design is sleek and powerful. There are four colors to choose from, but yellow is the most appealing. The method of Pulsar NS 200 has to be updated as it is currently outdated. A 199.5 CC, 1-cylinder, SOHC, 4-valve, 4-stroke engine powers the Pulsar NS 200. It has a liquid cooling system and a six-speed gearbox. At 9,750 RPM, the motor’s maximum power output is 24.5 PS, while at 8,000 RPM, its maximum torque output is 18.5 Nm.

The top speed of Pulsar NS 200 is around 136 kmph. It also has the highest power under 1.5 lakhs. The parameter frame used is Pulsar NS 200. Telescopic forks with anti-friction bushings at the front end and nitrox mono shock absorbers at the rear handle the suspension duties. A 230 mm disc brake is on the rear wheel, while a 300 mm disc brake is on the front wheel. The bike’s small 130mm rear tire is one of its drawbacks. Unlike other bikes in this price range, the bike has no fancy gadgets. The instrument console has a digital analog tachometer, an analog device. It sports an LED tail lamp and halogen headlamps. The NS 200 comes with fashionable alloy wheels and tubeless tires.

3. TVS Apache RTR 200 4V

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

TVS Apache RTR 200 4V is ranked third in the Top 10 Best Motorcycles Under 1.5 Lakh in India. One of the most popular 200cc naked street bikes is the Apache 200. It has been modified with new colors, headlamps and a BS6-compliant engine. The Apache RTR 200 4V is available at Rs. 1.25 lakh TVS Apache RTR 200 has just been upgraded in color and style. The upgraded LED headlamp unit for the BS6 variant adds more appeal to its angular shape. The only colors offered for the Apache RTR 2004V are black and white. Overall, the design of Apache RTR 200 4V is excellent and superior to its rival Pulsar NS 200. A 197.75cc single-cylinder, SOHC, 4-stroke, BS6-compliant engine powers the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V. It has a ram air assist and an oil cooling system.

BOSCH closed-loop FI ensures crisp power delivery. It produces 16.8 Nm of maximum torque at 7,500 RPM and 20.5 PS of total power at 8,500 RPM—the Apache 200 4V claims to accelerate 0 – 60 kmph in less than 3.9 seconds. Apache uses a split synchro frame with two swingarms. KYB telescopic front forks and a monotube mono-shock at the rear end are responsible for the suspension. The front wheels have 270 mm petal disc brakes, and the rear wheels have 240 mm. It includes disc brakes, rear wheel lift-off prevention and dual-channel ABS. The racing seat of the new model has been updated. Both the new headlight and taillight modules are based on LEDs. It has a cluster of interactive, fully digital instruments with race telemetry. The new model also features a race-tuned slipper clutch system that promises to reduce clutch force by 22 percent during upshifts.

2. Yamaha R15 V3

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

Yamaha R15 V3 ranks second in the Top 10 Best Motorcycles Under Rs 1.5 Lakh in India. A well-known super sport bike is the Yamaha R15 V3. It is one of the most popular faired bikes in the country. The R15 V3 is available in three colors and has been updated to BS6 standards. In India, the Yamaha R15 V3 is available at INR 1,45,900, while the Dark Knight is priced at INR 1,47,300. The design of the super sport-style Yamaha R15 V3 is stunning. Yamaha R15 V3 is the best bike in India under 1.5 lakhs in design. The redesigned V3 model features an elegant LED headlamp arrangement that is sleek and fashionable. The side fairing completes the overall design of the bike and looks stunning. There are three color options, with Dark Knight being the most eye-catching.

A 155cc single-cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC, BS6-compliant engine powers the Yamaha R15 V3. It has a liquid cooling system and electronic fuel injection. The R15 V3 produces 14.1 Nm of maximum torque at 8,500 RPM and 18.6 PS of full power at 10,000 RPM. With the help of VVA features, power can be delivered smoothly across the entire rpm range, and top-end performance is excellent. The R15 V3 uses the venerable old Delta Box frame, which is incredibly strong and offers excellent balance. Unlike the international model, it has telescoping front forks. It has a swingarm coupled monocross suspension at the rear. A 282mm disc at the front section and a 220mm disc at the rear section are responsible for stopping the vehicle. The R15 V3’s variable valve actuation and assist and slipper clutch technology are among its key features. It has a 140mm wide radial rear tire and an aluminum swingarm. Additionally, it sports LED tail lamps and full LED headlamps. It is a fully digital negative LCD instrument console.

1. Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023

Bajaj Pulsar RS200 ranks first among the top 10 big bikes available in India under Rs 1.5 lakh. Bajaj’s only motorcycle is the Pulsar RS 200 sports bike. It already has the updated BS6 engine and three other color options. Bajaj Pulsar RS 200 in India is available at Rs 1,44,966. The design of this bike is the most divisive feature. People either love it or hate it. The rounded shapes of the dual projector headlamps add an even more muscular look to the bike’s overall design. It has a distinctive face thanks to the headlamps, and the tail lamps are similarly soft and fashionable. The side fairing is very high and very sharp. A BS6, SOHC, 200cc single-cylinder engine powers the Pulsar RS 200.

It gets a fuel injection system to deliver fuel instead of a carburetor. The Plus RS 200 can produce 18.7 Nm of torque at 8,000 RPM and 24.5 PS power at 9,750 RPM. It has slightly more torque than its NS200 bare-bones sibling. The top speed of Pulsars RS 200 is 140.8 KMPH. The frame used by the Pulsar RS 200 offers a good handling characteristics. It has an adjustable preload Nitrox mono-shock at the rear end and telescopic forks at the front section. 300 mm disc brake at the front wheel and 230mm disc brake at the rear wheel are responsible for stopping the vehicle. It gets dual-channel ABS unlike its bare sibling. It has two powerful projecting headlamps, which are powered by halogen bulbs. The Pulsar RS200’s instrument cluster is a semi-digital device, unlike an analog tachometer. The track is short and has a sporty sound. It comes with LED DRLs and crystal LED tail lamps.

Top Ten Bikes Under 1.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Bikes Under 2.5 Lakh INR in India in 2023
1 Bajaj Pulsar RS 200
2 Yamaha R15 V3
3 TVS Apache RTR 200 4V
4 Bajaj Pulsar NS 200
5 Yamaha FZ 25 / FZ 25S
6 Yamaha MT 15
7 KTM Duke 125
8 Hero Xpulse 200
9 Royal Enfield Bullet 350
10 Bajaj Pulsar 220F BS6