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Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest


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The motorcycle is known to be a powerful and fast machine with ludicrous power-to-speed ratios that could leave the sports car behind. However, anyone unaware of his bike would have nothing to go on except appearance. That is the point where the problem begins. There are plenty of good-looking motorcycles in the market that performs exceptionally. However, many bikes not only look great but they are fact but come with plenty of problems making them unappealing to ride. Ideally, a good motorcycle is not only fast but safe and reliable. Following is the list of Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest.

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest – Top Rated

Harley-Davidson LiveWire

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

The LiveWire, a prototype unveiled in 2014, was the first electric motorcycle produced by the Harley-Davidson Company. The LiveWire was stunning in appearance and perfectly embodied what a stylish Harley-Davidson motorcycle should be. As the brand intended, the more contemporary designs with the iconic Harley-Davidson design language were attractive to a younger target market.

Consumers, especially first-time Harley buyers who had only heard positive things about the brand, were surprised when the Harley-Davidson Live Wire hit the market in September 2019. LiveWire was sorely lacking in the speed department. Its top speed was only 110 mph.

We look forward to seeing the latest LiveWire generation currently in development.

Kawasaki 750 Triple H2

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

With their Kawasaki Triples, Kawasaki discovered the ideal recipe for success between 1968 and 1980. These motorcycles were fitted with three-cylinder, two-stroke engines. These air-cooled engines had a displacement of 250 to 750 cc, and Triples were looking for the fastest street bike in its prime.

The 750, in particular, hit 60 mph in just 4.3 seconds and produced a mighty 74 horsepower and 57 pound-feet of torque. About fifty years ago, it had a top speed of 120 miles per hour. Unfortunately, the bike’s handling and braking capabilities—among the worst on the market and in motorcycling history—didn’t match its speed.


Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

British engineer Burt Graves founded the Graves Motorcycle Company in his honor. The Invacar, a three-wheeled vehicle he designed for disabled riders, helped the designer gain some notoriety at the time. His Greeves motorbike had a respectable and successful motocross career, but even experienced bikers found the ride challenging.

To begin with, the brand’s flagship Link fork models had problems from the time they were introduced to the market. The weak suspension of the Greeves motorcycle was utterly useless when braking in any way. As a result, the ride through the bars and the tank also suffered from every bump.

Moto Guzzi 750S

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

The Moto Guzzi 750 S is the first European motorcycle company to produce. Moto Guzzi has been continuously producing motorcycles since the company was founded in 1921 when it first entered the market. As for the bike, the Italian firm built the 750 S to reduce vibrations riders experienced through the handlebars, petrol tank and footpegs at high speeds.

The manufacturer used a lot of rubber on the engine and handlebars to reduce these vibrations. Sadly, the plan fell through and only exacerbated the rider’s problems. The high speed prevented the handlebar from being stable and made it more difficult to control.

Lito Sora

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

The Leto Sora is undoubtedly one of the most significant electric motorcycles on the market, and we can never disagree with that. The bike stands out in a unique class due to its unconventional appearance and superior features. Leto Sora looks modern and innovative, unlike many electric vehicle producers who retrofit old, traditional motorcycles with electric engines and batteries to create new electric vehicles.

The most significant selling point of the bike was undoubtedly its looks, which gave the impression of being a vast beast ready to tear up the road. It also featured the industry’s first electronically adjustable motorbike seat. Unfortunately, a top speed of 120 mph means that while you’ll be glad your bike is helping the environment, you’ll never be able to keep up.

Johammer J1

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

The Johammer J1 electric motorcycle was introduced in 2014 by the Austrian company Johammer e-Mobility. Johammer J1, a futuristic electric cruiser, amazes audiences around the world. A single-stage transmission and a DC-driven synchronous electric motor were used to power the motorcycle.

The Johmar J1’s motor produced 16 kW of peak power. A top speed of just 75 mph doesn’t fit with the J1’s classy and elegant aesthetic, even though it has received numerous awards since its launch and is arguably the most provocative of any motorcycle. Looks radically different. Those expecting the J1 to be blazingly fast will be in for a painful surprise.

Husqvarna 250 MX

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

Husqvarna is a famous Swedish manufacturer of street, supermoto, endurance, and motocross bikes. The manufacturer introduced the 250 MX in the 1970s, and at the time, the car was beautiful. Its appearance still has a charming vintage charm.

The Husqvarna 250 MX had some pretty advanced features for its time that set it apart from the competition. Unfortunately, the bike’s swingarm and shock absorbers blew the entire rear end off at the slightest provocation. The 250 MX’s swingarms and shocks were relatively weak compared to its strong and unruly exterior. Even the design of the exhaust system was poor, burning the left legs of the riders.

MotoCzysz E1pc

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

If you want to know about weird bikes and company names, Michael Sisz is the guy who came up with the latter. Michael Sisz, an architect by trade, wanted to build a race bike to compete with the industry’s top competitors. His team even won at TT Zero in 2010 with the E1pc bike, achieving his ambition to enter MotoGP with his motorcycle. The Isle of Man TT, the most influential motorsport competition in the world, hosts the TT Zero, an electric motorsport competition.

The E1pc had a stunning look and was built to win in mind, which it successfully achieved. The bike produced 100 horsepower and 250 lb-ft of torque because it was all electric.

Ducati 900SS

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

Seeing Ducati on the list of subpar cars, it’s surprising how often the Italian motorcycle manufacturer fails to deliver. Unfortunately, there was a lot of dissatisfaction with the early models of the Ducati 900SS, which left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth.

To begin with, these bikes were too slow and incredibly noisy for the ruckus their exhaust notes created. During the early version years, the 900SS suffered from numerous maintenance issues and frequent engine failures, as if being noticeably slower than the Ducati wasn’t bad enough. The bike was unreliable for touring, and the cost of maintaining it kept eating into your budget.

Bimota V-Due

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest

In the 1990s and early 2000s, MotoGP racing was dominated by exotic, lightweight motorcycles with half-liter engines. The highly sought-after Suzuki and Yamaha 500cc race bikes had yet to be widely accessible, making Italian manufacturer Bimota’s V-Due the most unique. Early reports from Europe made the Bimota V-Due sound like the second coming of the superbike when it was introduced in 1996.

However, no one appreciated how poor the construction was until riding the V-Due. Between quick and unusual bursts of acceleration, the bike jolts, stalls, and explodes.

Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Bikes that Looks Fastest
1 Harley-Davidson LiveWire
2 Kawasaki 750 Triple H2
3 Greeves
4 Moto Guzzi 750S
5 Lito Sora
6 Johammer J1
7 Husqvarna 250 MX
8 MotoCzysz E1pc
9 Ducati 900SS
10 Bimota V-Due

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