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R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour Comparison Review

Today’s article deal with the comparison review of R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour. There is no direct competition between the Honda Gold Wing Tour and BMW R 1250 GS Adventure. It is like comparing a giant Boeing 377 Strato cruiser to an M4 Sherman tank, which means that both motorcycles are flagship models of their companies.

These bikes come with advanced technology like IMUs, semi-active suspension and switchable ride modes. These bikes are the most iconic bikes ever manufactured. There are some histories written about the heritage and class of Gold Wing as it was very famous in LA and California for its performance in city traffic. Find out more about comparing the R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour below.

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour – Comparison Review

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure

BMW R 1250 GS Adventure has both base and premium packages. Base GSA costs $19,945, while premium one has an additional cost of $3,450. There are many features incorporated into the premium GSA like customized ride modes, heated grips, semi-active electronic suspensions and a quick shifter.

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Exclusive charges of $500 for the paint added into it gives an adorable look and make a subtotal of $23,895 as a price for this motorbike. Although it is cheaper than Gold Wing and the price difference between them is around $3,000. If someone wants to add BMW-branded aluminum side tour tech cases, additional charges will be counted as $1,456.

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour

The other differences between base GSA and premium GSA are their tank sizes, which vary from 5.3 gallons to 7.9 gallons and saddle height respectively. A good thing about GS Adventure is that it acclimatizes the human because all its weight is contained to the lower parts of the bike. Sensors deployed to adjust the minimum and maximum loads.

Upgraded BMW GSA semi-active suspensions allow riders to clasp hindering settings between road and dynamics. Additionally, the latter firm up things nicely due to sudden braking by providing sustenance toward downhill corners. Talking about brakes, it is all thanks to Brembo for the American brand Hayes and this system offers considerable power.

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour

Recent BMW R 1250 GSA takes the lead above its previous models. Its high-performing engine unit quickly picks up the power and delivers upfront an essence of boxer performance.

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour

Honda Gold Wing Tour

Even though the Gold Wing‘s price is just $27,000 and we cannot expect to have many specialties from it, it amazes everyone with its easy handling and contains flat-six engines that make it like a Porsche. Six slender motor engine makes a roar and enables a smooth torque curve that symbolizes an adage of a typical old Honda. Its soft and extended saddle gives a sense of calmness.

On bent and slender angled routes, its stability and grip are remarkable as the rider can feel like sitting on a Volkswagen. Due to its chassis capability, one can quickly push forward like an envelope and flick on either side of the road without hesitation. Gold Wing weighs around 838 pounds.

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour

Super-stable suspensions absorb road imperfections, and the modified electric windscreen gives a sense of isolation in a soothing environment that maintains its typical reputation as a golden category.

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour, Which One is Best?

As already told that there is no comparison between these two branded motorbikes as simply as an apple could not be compared with an orange because these have their specialties and it depends on how one can utilize or take benefit of it. Both have their separate class and conquer the roads.

If we talk about the Honda Gold Wing Tour and BMW R 1250 GS Adventure on road trips with twisties, then GS Adventure looks on stilts and requires a more delicate touch that ultimately leads the rider to far way admirable performance.

Whenever someone is going to take a tour, the first thing that comes to mind is an adventurous bike. No doubt these are the most convenient and make a long journey full of comfort.

On the other hand, the Gold Wing is far faster than GSA and too quick to the roads. Not only the speed of Gold Wing accounts for its higher rank, and its technical proficiencies add more charms to it.

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour

Wherever you go, there are no limits for it to stop regardless of the route. It is so precious that it makes a short journey even better. Its suspensions and brutal guards shout out for its unique and adventurous marks.

R 1250 GS BMW Adventure vs Honda Gold Wing Tour – Technical Specifications

Specs \ Bikes R 1250 GS BMW Adventure Honda Gold Wing Tour
ENGINE 1,254cc, liquid-cooled boxer twin 1,833cc, liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed six-cylinder
TRANSMISSION/FINAL DRIVE 6-speed/shaft 6-speed/shaft
HORSEPOWER 116.9 @ 7,540 rpm 97.8 hp @ 5,500 rpm
TORQUE 92.1 lb.-ft. @ 6,240 rpm 108.4 lb.-ft. @ 1,210 rpm
FRAME Two-section steel tube Aluminum double cradle
FRONT SUSPENSION 37mm BMW Telelever; 8.3-in. travel Double wishbone w/ Showa shock absorber; 4.3-in. travel
REAR SUSPENSION BMW paralever; 8.7-in. travel Pro-Link Showa mono-shock; 4.1-in. travel
FRONT BRAKE Hayes 4-piston calipers, 305mm twin discs w/ linked ABS Radially mounted Nissin 6-piston calipers, 320mm twin discs w/ linked ABS
REAR BRAKE Brembo 2-piston caliper, 276mm disc w/connected ABS Nissin 1-piston caliper, 316mm disc w/connected ABS
RAKE/TRAIL 26.3°/4.1 in. 30.5°/4.3 in.
WHEELBASE 59.7 in. 66.7 in.
SEAT HEIGHT 35.0/35.8 in. 29.3 in.
FUEL CAPACITY 7.9 gal. 5.5 gal.
WET WEIGHT 625 lb. (w/o bags) 838 lb.
CONSUMPTION 40.8 mpg avg. 37.1 mpg avg.

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