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Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

Triumph, one of the oldest motorcycle producers in the business, has a storied history of creating beautiful and high-performance motorcycles. But not all motorcycles that leave the factory are winners like those from other manufacturers. The Triumph had previously experienced a decline in popularity among American riders. However, over the past several years, the corporation has made significant strides in consolidating its position in the US market. While the Daytona will always hold a special place in our hearts, it’s time to move on to other things. Following is the list of the Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023.

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023 – Top Rated

10. Roadster: Speed Triple – $18,895

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

With a light touch of the throttle, the Triumph Speed Triple is a bare-bones roadster with plenty of power. This fast bike can handle even the most challenging turns due to its responsiveness and agility. 1200 RR and 1200 RS are two-speed triples offered by Triumph. Both motorcycles feature an 1160cc engine, ride-by-wire throttle, and advanced electronics. The first gangster, who rode one of these bikes in 1994, began his legend. Then, in 2001, Triumph added the RS to the motorcycle lineup, and in 2021, it underwent another revision with the addition of the RR.

9. Cruiser: Rocket 3 – $23,400

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

With a 2500cc engine, the Triumph Rocket 3 has the largest mass-production engine. Thankfully, the bike isn’t just sheer, unbridled power. Triumph engineers can control such power for smooth, instant energy. R, R221 Special Edition, Chrome Edition, GT Chrome Edition, GT, and GT221 Special Edition are some of the models in the Rocket 3 collection that are guaranteed to wow. So get on your horse and start traveling on the road. Before you arrive, the Rocket 3’s distinctive deep-throated growl will command attention. Sitting in it immediately shows that this is no classic cruiser but a muscle roadster with a forward-leaning riding position.

8. Scrambler: Speed Twin 1200 – $9,695

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

Although the Triumph Speed Twin‘s tank looks like it has a big dent, the unusual design is there for a reason. Your knees are surprisingly braced by these dents, allowing you to tuck your legs firmly against the bike. Thanks to this, you can ride with more confidence and more safety. It would help to have that confidence when your motorcycle has a 1200cc engine. The engine was developed by Triumph engineers for high compression pistons, lots of mid-range power, and a high peak power. The Scrambler’s value, though, goes beyond its performance potential. There are classy, luxurious accents throughout, with quilted stitching on the seat and finely polished metal accents.

7. Café Racer: Thruxton – $16,995

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

Like a love letter to classic cafe racer motorcycles, the Triumph Thruxton. It represents more than just its timeless appearance. The handlebars are set low, the stance is low, and the line from tank to seat is long and flat. But it’s also finely tuned for quick handling and powerful performance. Triumph offers two Thruxton models: the RS and the RS Chrome Edition. While adding chrome is just that, the RS offers a contemporary interpretation of traditional color choices. For maximum control and stability, you sit slightly forward with the 1200cc engine firmly planted between your legs.

6. Cruiser: Bonneville Bobber – $13,495

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

Triumph refers to Bonneville Bobber as a thing of brutal beauty. The bike looks intimidating, yet it is delightful to ride. Twist the throttle while sitting on the little seat that seems to float on top of the bike. As the 1200cc high-torque engine roars to life, you can’t help but smile. Soft suspension and oversized tires go hand in hand with smooth acceleration. Thanks to this, you enjoy the utmost comfort of sea travel. Additionally, the latest technical elements seamlessly integrate to enhance your riding experience without detracting from the tough-guy, appealing appearance. For example, push-button cruise control and LED headlights are undetectable but improve the ride.

5. Adventure: Tiger Explorer – $9,695

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

Go into the vast unknown on one of the rigid bikes from the Adventure Tiger line. The 660 Sport, 850 Sport, 900 GT range, 900 Rally range, 1200 GT, and 1200 Rally complete the Triumph Tiger portfolio. With this broad selection of motorbike models, you have plenty of options to choose the one that best suits your needs. The Sport 660, with its thin frame, is the least expensive and most minor end. The 1200 Rally, the top of the range, features a larger fuel tank, rider assist technology, six riding modes, and a full complement of safety measures. An extensive range of accessories is also available to dress up your bike.

4. Roadster: Trident – $8,595

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

The Triumph Trident 660 is a balanced motorcycle offered as a bare roadster with Speed Triple and Street Triple. You have plenty of power and responsiveness for a great ride, thanks to high and low intensity. This bike is perfect for someone looking for a commuter or daily rider, as the rider positioning is more comfortable. Aggressive riding is made possible by the narrow shape of the saddle and leg posture. The Trident has a robust and bold design, with solid leg cuts in the tank and bright flashes of color scattered throughout the bare aesthetic.

3. Scrambler: Scrambler 1200 – $11,495

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

If you want to enjoy some off-road riding but want to avoid riding a dirt bike or dual sport bike, this is the bike for you. Depending on uneven terrain, the Triumph Scrambler 1200 has a large, wide seat with lots of comfortable support. When the handlebars are pulled back, your riding position becomes more upright, improving stability and rider confidence. Every bump and rut is easily absorbed by the massive suspension, making your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. But this bike is not just an off-roader. The bike has beautiful aesthetics that make it suitable for road riding as well.

2. Cruiser: Bonneville T120 – $10,995

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

The Triumph Bonneville T120 is the epitome of Britishness. Even if they can’t identify it, this is the bike most people picture when they think of Triumph. The seat is incredibly spacious and comfortable, with plenty of extra room for two riders. The wide, straight handlebar has prominent mirrors that protrude like antennas. Please bring them on your date, and ask them to climb. On a romantic night, you take this bike for a ride across town. You can choose from five different bike versions, so you’ll likely find one that matches your aesthetic preferences.

1. Roadster: Street Triple 765 – $9,995

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023

The Triumph Street Triple 765 gives a new meaning to the word “street fighter.” It has a traditional naked design with a small fairing. Triumph engineers developed the motorcycle to offer improved body ergonomics and riding posture. As a result, the bike is more elegant and comfortable to ride as it gives the rider more confidence. The motorcycle features bigger brakes, additional technology, and improved suspension to complement its performance potential. Test your skills and stamina on the track or bike around town. You can keep with this bike for both.

Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Triumph Bikes to Buy in 2023
1 Roadster: Street Triple 765 – $9,995
2 Cruiser: Bonneville T120 – $10,995
3 Scrambler: Scrambler 1200 – $11,495
4 Roadster: Trident – $8,595
5 Adventure: Tiger Explorer – $9,695
6 Cruiser: Bonneville Bobber – $13,495
7 Café Racer: Thruxton – $16,995
8 Scrambler: Speed Twin 1200 – $9,695
9 Cruiser: Rocket 3 – $23,400
10 Roadster: Speed Triple – $18,895

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