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2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle Review Specs Price

Someone, at some point in history, realized that adventure-style bikes were the best option for long-distance riding in terms of comfort, utility, and fun. They also found that adventure-style bikes, because of their upright ergos, enough ground clearance, and high leverage from their broad, one-piece handlebars, were capable of blazing over twisting roads. 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle, a gateway to the brand’s more extensive and adventure-ready Tiger models, serves as a reminder of these advantages.

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle

In the mid-1990s, Triumph, a company better renowned for its sport bikes and newer versions of the Bonneville, began to explore the market for adventure motorcycles. With the knowledge it gained through producing motorcycles like the Speed Triple, Street Triple, and newer Tiger ADVs, Triumph set its sights on making adventure-sport motorcycles like the Tiger Sport 660.

The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is based on the same new 660cc inline-triple that powers the Triumph Trident, so its specifications are instantly identifiable. The engine is the same as in the Trident. The only change to the chassis is the adoption of a new, more muscular subframe; otherwise, many of the chassis’ complex components are interchangeable.

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle – Features and Specs


Like the Trident, the Tiger Sport 660 is powered by a liquid-cooled, double overhead camshaft (DOHC) inline-three-cylinder engine that reportedly generates 80 horsepower at 10,250 rpm and 47 pound-feet of torque at 6,250 rpm. The Tiger Sport 660 has a slip-and-assist clutch and an underslung silencer like the Trident.

The Tiger Sport’s tubular steel perimeter frame is similar to the Trident’s, but it has a more robust subframe to accommodate baggage and a taller, two-level seat. While baggage is not included, the bike may accommodate the optional panniers by simply attaching them to the tail using the integrated pannier mounts.

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle

The suspension on the Tiger Sport 660 is different from what you’d get on the Trident, and it’s optimized for the kind of long, exploratory trips the bike is intended for. The front and rear wheel travel have been increased to 5.9 inches thanks to the 41mm separate function fork and rear shock that both have remote hydraulic preload adjustment. Additionally, the Tiger Sport has specialized geometry with a rake of 23.1 degrees and a tail of 3.8 inches, compared to the Trident’s rake of 24.6 degrees and trail of 4.2 inches.

The front end, the side cowlings, and even the large 4.5-gallon fuel tank all bear a passing resemblance to the more prominent Tiger family members.

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle – Pricing

For $9,495, you may get a Tiger Sport 660 in either the Graphite/Sapphire Black or Lucerne Blue/Sapphire Black color scheme. For an additional $125, you can upgrade to the more attention-grabbing Korosi Red/Graphite scheme.

Among the available extras is the Triumph Shift Assist (for $265), heated grips (for $220), Tire Pressure Monitoring System (for $250), integrated panniers (for $584.72), LED fog lights (for $290), dual comfort low seat (for $190), aluminum luggage rack (for $150), and twin helmet top box (for $325).

Engine, Transmission, and Efficiency

Triumph’s 660cc liquid-cooled inline triple provides approachable power, with 90 percent of its peak torque reportedly available from 3,600 to 9,750 rpm. According to the manufacturer, maximum torque is achieved at 6,250 rpm and maximum horsepower is reached at 10,250 rpm (formerly stated as 80).

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle

The Tiger Sport 660 has a great deal of power between 3,600 and 9,000 rpm, which is quite close to Triumph’s promises. In the city, the linear and amiable throttle response makes for a pleasant and easy ride.

The Tiger’s ride-by-wire throttle has been expertly programmed, so every wrist twist underlines the bike’s responsiveness. There are no dead spots or hitches in the throttle response, so the rider can focus on appreciating the direct link between the handlebar and the rear tire. The reaction is smooth regardless of whether the throttle is engaged or off.

According to Cycle World’s initial look at the Tiger Sport 660, the bike’s broad power band makes it easy to ride regardless of your gear. Even the slip-and-assist clutch is simple to use, complementing the silky smoothness and unwavering positivity of the six-speed gearbox.


The Tiger Sport 660’s sharper rake contributes to its already impressive handling, without which a smooth throttle would be useless. The test riders at Cycle World said, “The bike is nimble and tips in effortlessly, changing smoothly from side to side without feeling nervous, even at rapid speed.” It’s easy to make modifications in the middle of a corner without the bike complaining thanks to the broad, lofty handlebar. It is beneficial when entering curves with a decreasing radius. If you choose a line, the Tiger will keep it the whole time.


Nissin’s dual-disc twin-caliper setup on the Tiger Sport 660 may not look like much, but it does a great job of slowing the bike down. Aside from the lack of precise input, adjusting the spread is as simple as pulling a lever.

Economy & Real World MPG The Tiger Sport 660 is rated by Triumph at 52.2 mpg, although Cycle World has not yet recorded mileage from a road test.

Ergonomics: Comfort and Utility

When transitioning from the Trident to the Tiger Sport 660, Triumph prioritized the rider’s comfort above long distances. Still, they also had to adjust the seating posture to suit the Tiger’s intended function. The seat height of 32.9 inches is 1.1 inches more than that of the Trident, and the pillion seat is much higher than on the roadster. The 5-foot-7 tester for Cycle World found the bike to be a good fit because of the neutral body posture and comfortable reach provided by the high, broad handlebar.

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle

The controls are conveniently arranged on a small switch cube to the left of the handlebar, the wires are neatly routed, and the TFT gauge provides essential riding information.

Michelin Road 5 tires and dual LED headlights are included as standard equipment.


Because the throttle is controlled electronically, you may choose between a “Road” setting and a “Rain” setting. Traction control and throttle response are both factory-set. While the rider cannot disable the basic anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control may be turned off through a menu on the TFT dashboard, which displays all relevant riding data and allows riders to toggle between several riding modes. The My Triumph software, which displays maps and enables the rider to control the bike from their phone, is accessible through a Bluetooth module that may be purchased separately.

Warranty and Maintenance Coverage

Triumph’s warranty lasts for 24 months and covers unlimited miles. Once every 12-month or 10,000-mile, whichever comes first? Triumph asserts that maintenance costs for the first three years of ownership total 8.3 hours, whereas rivals charge between 11.1 and 15.9 hours. According to Triumph, this led to reduced maintenance expenses of 17% throughout that period.


Triumph’s motorcycles, like the Tiger Sport 660, continue to amaze with their high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Engine: 660cc, DOHC, liquid-cooled inline-triple; 12 valves
Bore x Stroke: 74.0 x 51.1mm
Transmission/Final Drive: 6-speed/X-ring chain
Fuel Delivery: Multipoint sequential EFI; ride-by-wire
Clutch: Wet, multiple discs, slip, and assist
Engine Management/Ignition: Electronic


Frame: Tubular steel perimeter
Front Suspension: 41mm inverted Showa SFF fork, nonadjustable; 5.9 in. travel
Rear Suspension: Showa mono-shock, remote preload adjustable; 5.9 in. travel
Front Brake: Nissin 2-piston sliding calipers, dual 310mm petal discs w/ ABS
Rear Brake: Nissin 1-piston sliding caliper, 255mm disc w/ ABS
Wheels, Front/Rear: Cast aluminum; 17 x 3.5 in. / 17 x 5.5 in.
Tires, Front/Rear: Michelin Road 5; 120/70R-17, 180/55R-17

2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Adventure Motorcycle


Rake/Trail: 23.1°/3.8 in.
Wheelbase: 55.8 in.
Ground Clearance: N/A in.
Seat Height: 32.9 in.
Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gal.
Wet Weight: 455 lb.

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