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Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

Being a motorcycle lover, it is hard to put the definition of sports tourer to this bike; this term can be easily matched with ER-6F the same as it can be compared to Suzuki Hayabusa. Because of this, we will discuss the best of bikes ever made on shoehorned in this article. When it is new, it is quite costly and it has been engineered with the best makers and it has the best offers to offer. The one thing that does not make it the unity of a sport-tourer. It has been slightly tame with styling. They look old with time, and because of that, they are very much affordable in the market. We will imagine the price up to 3000 pounds and list down the Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000.

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000 – Top Rated

10. Aprilia RST1000 Futura

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

Quite long ago, we have motivated the buyers of Aprilia dealers at that moment is a task that has also made the Hercules started looking around for excuse: to be compared to the fantastic RSV4R and Tuono. They are still not running out from the market, and Futura launched was also not a different story. And yes, lots of buys of bikers took the RSV Mille seriously because they both were capable. That’s why. But its sibling was sold in less amount which was not good for both of their reputations because Futura which has lasted only for two years from 2001 till 2003 with 130mph performance level and 113bhp version.

9. Yamaha Fazer 1000

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

The mixture of 143bp engine has straightly taken out from the R1 superbike formula, coming back to basic steel cradle frame with a simple suspension that always the best promised by the production house. Not too much is mentioned about the Fazer 1000 cost is discussed even with some flaws we know. Because nowadays, there are many bikes in the market that aftermarket panniers are doubling the bubble screens, maintaining their long-lasting boost. You will find one which is at least ten years old in the market for under 2000 pounds which is also one the highest bargaining level.

8. Ducati ST2/ST3/ST4

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

They are sort of mobile structure type, but if you look back in the 90s when the ST range was created, there wasn’t anything the same or flair going on. Making it directly a sports bike didn’t work for them making it look dull in today’s history. But In the market which is used, they are merely cheap and no one can accept the fact that they are a badge of Ducati that doesn’t match that level. It is hard to find an ST2 within the budget of 3000 pounds but they are hiding somewhere.

7. Triumph Sprint ST

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

They both have their values in this list.so even if we look at their differences, we still have them given entry. Only this bike a product of the 90s which came in early and its style Is not so ugly and no one can know that it is not new. And yes, it very cheap, and with the other cost, we can get the 1050 version. And yet they are still out of the budget of 3000 pounds. But yes, you will find them, and if you keep your eyes at the watch, with new chassis more considerable engine 123bhp and more of a torque bike, this bike blows.

6. Kawasaki ZZR1200

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

The look of this bike was never made to be loved. Maybe, the lights in the front look as you are looking through the microscope pictures of cells splitting. But yes, that is not something you would want to focus on. With proper 160bhp, they are fast. If you check the sold items on E Bay and they can go for even less than 2000 pounds. Also, being a decade old but they are those bikes that look great and classic.

5. Suzuki Hayabusa

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

There is this reason that when the ZZR1200 was introduced, it was there at the time of Suzuki Hayabusa. And because of this reason, it took the Hayabusa on top. They are big and comfortable to be and quickly it can go on long miles with the increase of tour abilities, it can still rank higher, but because of its fame, it is too expensive to be bought. And yes you can find lots of these in the range of 3000 pounds.

4. Kawasaki ZX-12R

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

We have said this before that sports tourers are hard to define. Kawasaki ZX-R12R is one of them. We do not know if it’s a sports tourer or a hyperbike but no one cares because of the reason that its cost around 2000 pound with its engine designed to beat the record of 200mph. The steering of this bike is fast and capable brakes it has, plus monocoque chassis is stiff.

3. Honda Super Blackbird

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

We are surprised that the Honda Super Blackbird ranks higher than the Suzuki Hayabusa or the Kawasaki ZXR12R. When talking about sports tourer bike blackbird is firm and stable in this position also with its balance than its rival. The only disadvantage we have found is the performance in handling but that is not a big deal when talking about the real world. But we should not forget that a blackbird is very fast and very comfortable plus with reliability.

2. BMW K1200S

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

Yes, it will be difficult to find this bike in this list but yes, we still found BMW K1200S in this range for you. But not to forget that this bike is a simple development and also it looks similar to the K1300s. And if you buy the new one, it will cost up to 12000 pounds. People who own this bike are pretty much happy and it got updated in the year 2007 and later went down in the price too.

1. Honda VFR

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000

Yes, this bike Honda is I the last but it’s a winner and bikers choice because VFR has described this sport tourer bikes so complicatedly that it is hard to put it any other position. Even if you had to 750 pounds, you could still find the 1980s model or the 90s VFR750 that would be reliable to have. The V4 has the character of the inline engine that struggles the match and the VFR at default is the answer to sports tourer bike sort of. But yes, it has the status to deserve this spot on the list.

Top Ten Best Sports Tourers in £3000 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Sports Tourers in £3000
1 Honda VFR
2 BMW K1200S
3 Honda Super Blackbird
4 Kawasaki ZX-12R
5 Suzuki Hayabusa
6 Kawasaki ZZR1200
7 Triumph Sprint ST
8 Ducati ST2/ST3/ST4
9 Yamaha Fazer 1000
10 Aprilia RST1000 Futura


We have tried to put down the list of sort tourer bikes that are under or around 3000 pounds very much probably found in the used market. With many bikes that are mentioned above, still, it still hard defines the real definition of sort tourer bike in history but we have come close to that character.

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