Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

In the upcoming month of May, there is going to be a rolling exemption from MOT’S so as the tax of roads for any rides or vehicles which have any link to a historical event or in the past 40 years involving bikes which have been heavily updated. But the 1960 bikes have MOT exempt, being old has come in handy. All the rules will be included. Even the new ones will be added anything made in 1978 or before which brings into the era of multi-cylinder engines, alloy wheels and disks brakes. Below is the complete list of Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s.

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s – Top Rated

10: Honda GL1000

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

In 1970 Honda was not included in the monster category, but further ahead, it did earn this title. In its place, it was a leading-edge street bike also the updated version in engine technology. Flat four and the 1000cc engine had the water-cooled, basically, for a Japanese, it was the first four stroke with 78hp output, sideways with disc brakes and cast wheels.

9. Kawasaki Z1000

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

One of the most productive productions of bikes which we knew that the Japanese by the late 70s had restrained down engine building, even though the bikes frames were some rubbish as well. The Bimota thought about putting this concept of taking powerful Japanese engines and placing them into bikes that were handled but the Kawasaki Z1000 powered KB1 made in 1978 was also one of the first.

8. Honda CB400

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

It is quite refreshing to be focused on the big bikes of the generation, and this bike the Honda CB400 was one of the middleweight classes which were introduced in the 1970s, which carried on from the CB750, which was included in the first new types of small multi-cylinder machines that were loud and wild. Even if we compare it from today’s machine 37hp is not so much. But it worked great for the 400cc four-stroke bike.

7. BMW R100RS

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

Let’s talk about something rather than the Japanese multi-cylinder bikes, and you probably remember the BMW when they were creating some attired bikes by the late 70s also. So the R100RS was one of them which was the pushrod twin but it also forged sleek fairing and also has similar looks from the firm’s modern offering.

6. Laverda Jota

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

If you want to save 35 pounds MOTs from each year and want to have the pre-78 bike, then this Lavedra is not for you. They are high maintenance and very much costly. But still legendary for the 70s machine concept. But we still see some similarity In today’s bikes from the past.

5. Honda CBX

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

The three cylinders double Jota from Honda the CBX is the first from the six-cylinder superbike that general riders could probably own. And in today’s time, this bike could give you a very much pleasurable ride.

4. Kawasaki Z1

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

In this list, the next fantastic motorcycle is the Kawasaki Z1 even though the original Z1 900 is a compelling candidate. The 1978 ZIR, which has a 1015cc engine and high noise, is the last option. The handling part is not so significant about it, but the motor did it all.

3. Suzuki GT750

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

We needed to talk about the two-stroke in this list, which is the Kawasaki H1 or the H2 they both were alluring or you can say Suzuki GT750. But talking about the new one, it would be the RD400 which is more practical and the best two strokes goodness that was quickly unavailable with the latest performance on the roadside. And if we match it with the heavyweight which is most mentioned in this list, then it is the 1970s which did matter. This bike suited many people’s pockets.

2. Suzuki GS1000

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

Made for the year 1978 GS1000 a cutting edge bike but it was clear that it did not attract the wild cost for the four-cylinder muscle bike rivals attain in those days. But indeed, it earned its respect and reputation for the excellent handling that none of the bikes have offered in the match against it, just like in that time when Japanese were best at roost engine, the GS1000 was great at chassis.

1. Honda CB750

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s

The most excellent bike on this list Honda CB750. Superhero for the new generation superbike. Because it deserves the highest rank but also because of its historical significance alone, created in 1969 and lots more pre-78 were found MOT exempt for next year’s samples. Even though 1970, one of the highest power cult following got introduced but the real SOHC model might come in 2019 also as the MOT exempt.

Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Motorcycles Before the 1980s
1 Honda CB750
2 Suzuki GS1000
3 Suzuki GT750
4 Kawasaki Z1
5 Honda CBX
6 Laverda Jota
7 BMW R100RS
8 Honda CB400
9 Kawasaki Z1000
10 Honda GL1000


The above-given article provides some information about the top ten bikes before the time of 1980s. These bikes which are mentioned in the list, are all about the ones who created a historical impact on the motorcycle industry and remained in the hearts of the users or riders of the bike. Each bike is rank as the data collected by riders and opinions from the past and how their performances were handled.

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