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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Suryano Motor Unveils 2021 Electric Sports Motorcycles


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A press release in last week’s inbox caught our attention only briefly: “Sorano Moti reborn as a high-performance electric motorcycle.” Of course, you will think to yourself, another day, another player in the electric motorcycle market. And Soraniano? Only a real motivational historian will remember that the brand of motorcycles in Spain was abolished in the ’40s and’ 50s? Not anymore. It looks like its legacy is now being revived as an Italian brand, and to signal its new mission statement, Suryano Motor Unveils 2021 Electric Sports Motorcycles i.e. three new models of sports category.

Suryano Motor Unveils 2021 Electric Sports Motorcycles

But let’s back up a little bit. The old Spanish sign, formerly known as R.Soriano SA, was founded in Madrid by Ricardo Soriano Hermansdorf von Schultz, a good Marquis who was also a beautiful work engineer. He teamed up with Osama Boss Manuel Giro, who started in 1942, to design and build small two-wheelers, but left the motorcycle buzz after making about 6,000 bikes. The new Syriano company says it will embrace and expand this legacy while trying to maintain some sort of connection to the past. The name helps; Technically, the American parent company is called Sorano Motorcycle Corporation. But it has also launched Sorano Motorcycle Factory SPA, a European division based in Italy, which will manufacture bikes and “give them their newborn identity.”

Suryano Motor Unveils 2021 Electric Sports Motorcycles

The Suryano motor is making three versions of the same model available for pre-order. The Giagaro, as it is called (Jaguar in Italian), will be available as the base model V1R, the clearer V1S, and the range V1 Gara. All three will be built in Italy on two state-of-the-art facilities in Ogiano and Lecco near Lake Como, and isn’t Moto Guzi’s home base just a small boat ride on the lake? Many key details are still unclear, but the motorcycle rider will pay tribute to some older models (if only a few), with aluminum girder forks and three-speed manual gearboxes, both of which have unusual features in electric motorcycles. Are But SMC also says it’s about “state-of-the-art eWays” and innovation and, for example, refers to the bike’s individual liquid-cooled Dufflex electric motors and parameter disc brakes. Is. No word on geometry and other brake details, lighting, controls or weights, but we expect all of these numbers to be useful before the official launch date in November.

Suryano Motor Unveils 2021 Electric Sports Motorcycles

It is probably because work on a concept bike is still in progress, but we have read that both motors will be configured in a boxer configuration in which a unit can be built (probably from BMW’s Vision Roadster concept). Like?), And can work together or move freely. Depending on the ride requirements, either more performance in an urban environment or more power for a highway cruise.

According to the individual sheet, the top line V-1Gara is powered by a 75 kW (100 hp) peak output of the new electric motor and claims to travel at 0–60 mph in 3.5 seconds, but it is not clear. Is it dual engine configuration or single. Going downstairs, the low-cost V1S uses a 72kW (90 hp) rated motor that gives it a time of 0-60 mph and 4.4 seconds. The base V1R, meanwhile, produces a peak output of 60 kW (80 HP) and spirits from 0-60 mph in 4.4 seconds.

Suryano Motor Unveils 2021 Electric Sports Motorcycles

Battery options range from 15 kW to 20 kW, both are lithium-ion configurations, but for the specified range, there is nothing here. Image sheets claim 120-160 kilometers or 75–100 miles, and we’re not sure if it’s a city, a highway, or a joint. Founder and CEO Marco Sorano told us that the charging capacity is “within 45 minutes, and we can plug in Tesla infrastructure charging stations and other EV stations around the world” (we will assume that d. C will be fast charging).

Bikes can be further improved with a wide selection of colors, and eventually, different wheel and tire sizes and even awesome dashboard layouts will be offered. Mention of varying engine sounds has also been mentioned. Each electric model will be limited to 100 units starting in September, but they are now available for pre-order. And you will pay this exemption: the V1R costs 25 25,500 (approximately 29 29,000 at), the V1S will cost ، 30,500 (approximately 34 34,000), and the V1 Gara will cost ، 32,500. About 37,000. If this is a consolation, SMC’s secure payment system includes the British Pound (BDP), US Dollar (US Dollar), and Euro (EER), as well as Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin ( It also accepts mainstream cryptocurrencies such as BTC.

“Sorano Motor’s motorcycles represent the finest Italian design, design, branding, architecture, and engineering, which is being applied to EV motorcycles for the next generation of riders for the first time,” said SMC founder Marco Soraniano.

Its a great news that the Suryano Motor Unveils 2021 Electric Sports Motorcycles. The bikes were initially scheduled to be shown at this year’s EICMA show, but since it has been canceled, the prototype and three pre-series models.

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