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Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

For too long, bikers were quick to discount models from our friends in the Far East because of complaints about build quality, reliability, or engineering.

But that was then, and this is now. A growing number of attractive Chinese-made models from brands like CFMoto, Lexmoto, Voge, and Super Soco are flooding the market. These models offer style, better quality, and competitive mechanicals – all for lower prices than the mainstream competition.

Considering that many people first scoffed at the rush of motorcycles from Japan, that soon changed!

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023 – Top-Rated

CFMoto 700 CL-X

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

CFMoto has been the most active of all the Chinese manufacturers expanding into Europe, releasing a flood of tried-and-true, old-fashioned yet appealing models with mechanics from engineering partners KTM.

Recently, we tested the 450SR sports bike, the exciting new 800NK roadster, and the 800MT ADV model. But right now, our attention is most firmly focused on CFMoto’s 700CL-X triplets.

The CFMoto 700CL-X, which comes in three flavors—Heritage, Sport, and Adventure—is a bit of a technical rig with its 693cc Kawasaki ER6-sourced engine, BMW switchgear, and Kiska-designed looks. There is a tag. , KTM’s go-to stylist.

Lexmoto LXS SE 125

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

We all had to start somewhere, and while it’s easy to understand the appeal of models like the Suzuki GSX-R125 and Yamaha R125 for those looking to make their first purchase of anything sporty, for many, the Lexmoto The LXS 125 meets the need.

The sales figures are correct. With good affordability, attractive looks, and a spirited single-cylinder engine, the Lexmoto LXR 125 often tops the UK sales lists.

The LXS, which retains the sensitivity of the LXR while adding a bit more desire for more bang for your buck, is where we’d recommend spending your money.

Herald Brute 500

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

The Herald Brutal 500, a British-made product with Chinese financing, is undoubtedly one of the most appealing models on the market with influence from the other side of the Silk Road.

Evolving from the mostly active Brute 250, the big 500 gets a leaner makeover with a scrambler and flat-track racer vibe.

It may look faster than its 449cc, 43bhp single-cylinder engine, but at just 145kg, it still has plenty of “chuck-ability” and is A2-licence compliant.

Voge 500DSX

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

The Vogue, which arrives on these shores in the summer of 2021, may still be getting a handle on the competitive UK market, but its first offerings the 500DS Tourer, 500AC roadster, and 500 or 650DSX off-roader — are luxurious and are the best. Deal, so they’re on your list of alternatives.

For some context, Vogue is the “premium” spin-off brand of Chinese juggernaut London, yet its efforts to appeal to the upper class don’t translate well on these models, which, while strong, don’t quite fit here. Screamers don’t obey the type.

Here, we would like to draw attention to the Voge 500DSX as one of the few direct competitors of the Honda CB 500 X, which bears an uncanny appearance resemblance.

AJS Cadwell Clubman

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

Many businesses have taken inspiration from our enduringly iconic looks, with Jaguar, Land Rover, and MG flourishing in China thanks to their unapologetically British history.

As a result, if you drive by an AJS Cadwell Clubman and reveal its originality, you’ll have some mouths open. Not the least of which is that the name itself screams, “Keep calm and carry on.”

History buffs will note that AJS is undoubtedly a remnant of the once-vibrant British motorcycle industry. Still, after years of relative inactivity, it uses Chinese-made models to boost its small market share. It started importing, including 125cc enthusiasts. Cadwell Clubman.

Super Soco CPx

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

Vmoto Super Soco, a Chinese-owned company with Australian roots, has monopolized the expansion of the UK electric scooter market to the point where its extremely popular model, the Super Soco CPx, made history in 2021, making it the manufacturer’s flagship model. The first electric car was built among the top ten best-selling products overall.

That’s no small feat in a market where electric vehicles still outsell their fossil-fuel-guzzling rivals by 15 to 1. Still, it’s a sign of the CPx’s popularity and the fact that several urban delivery services use it on a large scale.

However, the CPx is attractive because of its removable battery, available in 4kWh and 8kWh variants. This feature makes charging the battery easy, and it has a respectable range of 44 or 87 miles on a full charge.

Moto Morini Seiemmezzo

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

At the turn of the millennium, Moto Morini, one of the most storied motorcycle brands, has gone through many ups and downs. Nevertheless, its latest acquisition by Chinese giant ZNEN gives it a fresh start in Benelli style.

After discontinuing its old large-capacity range in 2018, it began its comeback with the Moto Morini X-Cape 650 ADV-cum-tourer crossover and has since followed it up with the Moto Morini Seiemmezzo, Which is a new entrant in mid-sized nudes. the class

The Moto Morini Seiemmezzo is available in sporty STR and scrambler-inspired SCR styles. It translates to “612” – a tribute to the 312, one of its most famous models of the 20th century.

Yadea G5

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

You may not be aware of this, but the Yadea G5 is one of the most essential two-wheeler models in the world, as it is the most sold model across the globe. Speaking globally, we mainly refer to China, which has completely overtaken the country’s sales charts.

Yadea, founded in 2001, has grown tremendously in recent years thanks to its shift to electric vehicles and the use of incentives from the Chinese government, making it the world’s second-largest two-wheeler manufacturer. In 2022, Yadea sold around 12 million scooters, surpassing rivals such as Yamaha and Hero MotoCorp to become second only to Honda.

Benelli Leoncino 800 Trail

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

Like Moto Morini, Benelli shows some artistic license here as it is likewise one of the oldest Italian manufacturers in the industry.

With the help of parent firm QJMotor, which has successfully adopted a seed-engineering approach in Asia to give the Italian nameplate a strong presence in the world’s biggest markets, Benelli is now in much better health.

It means Benelli now easily outsells brands like Triumph and Ducati, and even the Italians have returned to the company’s showrooms to propel the Benelli TRK 502 to the top of the sales charts.

CFMoto 450CL-C

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023

Up next in the list of Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023, we have CFMoto 450CL-C. The traditional American appeal of the 450CL-C is an impressive Chinese motorcycle that one should consider buying. It comes with a standard belt drive that makes the maintenance minimal.

The motorcycle features a 450cc engine that can quickly deliver power of 40 hp and a maximum torque of 31 pound-feet. It comes with the highest level of technology and beautiful design.

Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best Chinese Motorcycles One Should Buy in 2023
1 CFMoto 700 CL-X
2 Lexmoto LXS SE 125
3 Herald Brute 500
4 Voge 500DSX
5 AJS Cadwell Clubman
6 Super Soco CPx
7 Moto Morini Seiemmezzo
8 Yadea G5
9 Benelli Leoncino 800 Trail
10 CFMoto 450CL-C

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