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2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800 Comparison Review

Riding a motorcycle is a thrilling sport that requires knowledge and skill. A safe riding experience comes from observing traffic regulations and donning proper gear. Additionally, the rider must develop his ability to shift gears, lean, and turn in tight spaces.

More experienced riders like powerful, fast, agile motorcycles with large displacement engines. Honda is a famous motorcycle manufacturer that makes big, powerful motorcycles. The 1520cc machine was used to introduce the Honda Valkyrie in 1997. Like the Honda Gold Wing, it features a horizontally opposed flat-six engine. Over time, the Honda Valkyrie underwent significant structural and performance improvements. The Honda Valkyrie Interstate (Touring) was built in 1999 with comfort and storage for long-distance touring. It had saddlebags, a large trunk with passenger seats, and a broad fairing mounted on forks with a large windscreen.

The Honda Valkyrie Rune was launched in 2003 with a larger 1,832cc engine and a completely redesigned, modernized frame. Honda Valkyrie F6C (Flat Six Custom), a variant of the Honda Valkyrie Ron with improved aesthetics and performance, was launched in 2014.

2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800

The Honda VTX1800 (V-Twin Extreme), the first motorcycle with the largest V-Twin engine, debuted in 1999. Despite being an older motorcycle, it was equipped with twin counterbalancers to successfully reduce vibration caused by a large 52° V-Twin engine and Honda’s programmed fuel injection for better fuel delivery to the engine. The Honda VTX1800 series introduced the VTX1800N, VTX1800T, VTX1800C, VTX1800S, VTX1800F, and VTX1800R, among other variations. In great detail, this article compares the Honda VTX1800 and the Honda Valkyrie F6C.

2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800 – Features Comparison


The 2014 Honda Valkyrie F6C is a bold-looking muscle cruiser with an unusual design. The 2014 Honda Valkyrie F6C sports a shorter frame and darker exterior. The only chrome components are separate twin mufflers on either side. The Honda Valkyrie F6C’s six-cylinder, flat-boxer engine gives the motorcycle a strong and heavy look. In general, however, it’s an upright cruiser with a mildly athletic posture. It has a stylish front fender and a conventionally sized rear fender with a small taillight, rear turn signals, and a mounting for the license plate.

2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800

The wheelbase and rake angle of the Honda Valkyrie F6C’s new chassis have been increased to 29.5°. It performs better in tight turns thanks to its longer overall length, improving handling and steering. Two heavy side pods cover the side-mounted radiators on the Honda Valkyrie F6C. The side pods are extended in both directions towards the front fork to create a squeeze that surrounds the fashionable headlight. The Honda Valkyrie F6C sports a simple cockpit layout with chrome side mirrors and a small digital display meter mounted on the low, tapered handlebars. It has a two-piece flat, low-cushioned seat for up to two people.

The Honda VTX1800 is a large, chrome-finished vintage cruiser. The chromed components include front forks, headlamp nacelle, handlebars, cylinder heads, and rear dual shocks. The Honda VTX1800 sports an ample wheelbase and a raked-out front end. For experienced riders, this is a big motorcycle with a powerful engine. The sleek two-piece saddle included with the Honda VTX1800 allows for a two-up ride. It has a front fender in bobber fashion and a rear fender, which is relatively high. Since the Honda VTX1800 has a liquid cooling system, it also has a sizeable blacked-out radiator in front of the V-Twin engine. The 4.8-gallon gasoline tank is shaped like a peanut and has attached accessories. Chrome side mirrors are on handlebars that push back and have standard risers.

2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800

Engine and Performance

A 1,832 cc liquid-cooled, six-cylinder flat boxer engine with 118 horsepower at 5,500 rpm and 167 Nm of torque at 4,000 rpm powers the Honda Valkyrie F6C. Despite being a powerful, high-performance bike, it has a smooth shaft drive and a five-speed gearbox. A 40mm throttle bore, automatic choke, and programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) offer 39 mpg fuel economy and efficient fuel distribution to the engine. The Honda Valkyrie F6C has a light overall weight despite its six-cylinder flat boxer engine thanks to its aluminum twin-spar diamond frame.

The air filter and exhaust pipes on the 2014 Honda Valkyrie F6C create a deep exhaust note. It has a rear mono-shock with preload adjustment and a 45 mm telescopic front fork with an anti-dive system. The front fork has 4.8 inches of wheel travel, while the rear monoshock has 4.1 inches. Along with dual-channel ABS for safe braking, the Honda Valkyrie F6C also features 310 mm dual front discs and 316 mm single rear discs.

2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800

The 1,795cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke 52° V-Twin engine that powers the Honda VTX1800 produces 101 hp at 5,000 rpm and 159 Nm of torque at 3,000 rpm. Additionally, it lacks the sixth gear required for comfortable cruising. However, the Honda VTX 1800’s final shaft drive guarantees a comfortable ride and a clean look. A programmed fuel injection (PGM-FI) system with an automatic choke and a manifold air pressure (MAP) sensor powers the 52° V-Twin engine. Additionally, the Honda VTX1800 has catalytic converters and an air injection system controlled by the Emission Control Unit (ECU).

It features an offset dual-pin crankshaft and primary shaft-mounted twin counterbalancers that effectively dampen the vibrations of the big V-Twin engine and provide superior balance. It is difficult to stop a big motorbike at high speed with only its double front disc and single rear disc brakes. An integrated combined or linked braking system (LBS) enables simultaneous use of the front and rear brakes. The Honda VTX1800 features two rear shock absorbers with an internal valve system and a large 45mm inverted front fork, providing a comfortable ride and more wheel travel.

Comfort and Ergonomics

A powerful cruiser with sporty ergonomics and a large front end that guarantees neutral front fork handling is the Honda Valkyrie F6C. It’s a comfortable motorcycle with low-mounted, sweptback handlebars and mid-mounted foot controls. The Honda Valkyrie F6C has 5.7 inches of ground clearance and a seat height of 28.9 inches. The position of the handlebars, seat height, and mid-mounted foot controls guarantee a somewhat forward and aggressive riding position. The Honda Valkyrie F6C is a comfortable ride on motorways and wide roads. Due to its limited legroom and slightly rearward position, it gets uncomfortable on long trips. Despite being a large motorcycle, the Honda Valkyrie F6C lacks the usual floorboards, wind protection, and equipment options.

2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800

The ergonomically sound Honda VTX1800 is the ideal cruiser design. It has foot controls in the front, guaranteeing that tall and average-sized riders will have plenty of legroom. Additionally, the Honda VTX1800 features low-mounted, pulled-back handlebars that provide an upright riding position. The rider gets spinal support through the seat tilt. The Honda VTX1800 has a lower seat height, from 27.4 to 27.9 inches. Due to the ample legroom and straight back position, it is pretty comfortable for tall riders. To reach the handlebars, however, riders of average height and shorter must extend their arms somewhat, making for a slightly more aggressive riding style. Installing sweptback, buckhorn handlebars, and floorboards will improve the riding position and provide a more comfortable touring experience.

7. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

7.1 How Fast is the Honda Valkyrie F6C?

The 2014 Honda Valkyrie promises high acceleration thanks to its powerful engine and quick throttle response. Thanks to its five-speed gearbox and rear-wheel shaft drive, it can easily reach a top speed of 130 mph. The 2014 Honda Valkyrie F6C can run the quarter mile in 12 seconds and accelerate from 0mph to 60mph in just 3.5 seconds.

2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800

2023 Honda Valkyrie F6C vs 2023 Honda VTX1800 – Features Comparison

Specs \ Bikes 2023 Honda Valyrie 2023 Honda VTX800

Engine and transmission

Displacement 1520.0 ccm (92.75 cubic inches) 1795.0 ccm (109.53 cubic inches)
Engine type Six-cylinder boxer, four-stroke V2, four-stroke
Power 100.0 HP (73.0 kW)) @ 6000 RPM 97.0 HP (70.8 kW)) @ 5000 RPM
Torque 130.0 Nm (13.3 kg-m or 95.9 ft. lbs) @ 5000 RPM 156.0 Nm (15.9 kg-m or 115.1 ft. lbs) @ 3000 RPM
Gearbox 5-speed 5-speed

Physical measures and capacities

Dry weight 309.0 kg (681.2 pounds) 320.0 kg (705.5 pounds)
Power/weight ratio 0.3236 HP/kg 0.3031 HP/kg
Seat height 740 mm (29.1 inches). If adjustable, lowest setting. 693 mm (27.3 inches) If adjustable, lowest setting.

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