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Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

There is probably no more diverse field in the motorcycle industry, with many mainstream household name brands striving for market share and more specialized businesses that are typically for your money. Provide the best bang.

Furthermore, 125cc can cater to many machines, from high-spec, high-cost sports motorcycles to low-cost economic passengers; Cruiser, Beautiful Naked, and Trail Bike, from little monkey bikes to complete size adventures.

But which ones are best – and which ones are best for you? To help you decide, here is our current selection of the Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022 – in terms of the price increase.

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022 – Top Rated

10. Lexmoto LXR SE 125 (from £2999)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

We are all too familiar with Lexmoto’s low-cost, Chinese-made, UK-imported products, including the £ 1000 Echo 50cc Scout, the top regular seller in the UK. However, like its mobile phones, Chinese motorbikes are gaining popularity in the United States, and Lexmoto’s latest offering – the LXR – is likely to be the best yet.

Again, this is a great price, coming in at around £ 2500 when the cost of most comparable bikes is almost double. Don’t mistake it for cheap ‘junk,’ as the LXR is stylish, with inverted forks, dual disc brakes, and an aluminum swingarm – more than enough to make the crowd outside McDonald’s shine.

9. Suzuki GSX-R125 (from £4,449)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

Since the demise of the GSX-R600, Suzuki’s popular pint-sized sports bike has weighed heavily on the sporty Suzuki, giving it two strong lineups of Gixxer and an entry-level point in the 1000cc version.

Nevertheless, the Suzuki GSX-R125 does a better job of mimicking its older brother than its apparent rivals Kawasaki and Yamaha. At the same time, for both the company’s 60th-anniversary celebrations and the firm’s surprise 2020 MotoGP title-winning GSX, The blue and silver finish nodded. RR enhances the premium feel.

It’s not the most significant value in its class, notable given the aggressive pricing practices of Suzuki’s other locations. Still, the GSX-R125 is a fast urban passenger, making the best use of the 15hp 134kg frame, which is 8kg lighter than the Yamaha R125.

8. Honda MSX125 (from £3649)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

The Honda MSX125, which debuted in 2014, is both the smallest and the tallest – at least in terms of behavior – offered in the 125 class.

It’s a modern-day ‘monkey bike’ inspired by Honda’s small-wheeled wonders that became popular in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He quickly followed a sect, from which he became known as Groom.

The MSX 125 is a natural, 10bhp, air-cooled 125 with Dinky 12-inch wheels and three-quarter-scale all-round ratios that make you look like an adult on a BMX which can be a good thing. Or not for you.

7. Aprilia RX 125 (from £3850)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

We love its powerful, well-respected flagship computers, so why not turn this version into a smaller, cheaper, yet more attractive package?

While you might expect us to choose the eye-catching RS 125 (spoiler alert, scroll down …), this is the most overlooked RX / SX combination that we highlight here. The Aprilia RX125 is a trail-style 125, and the SX is a super-motto-style brother, both based on the same innovative liquid-cold, DOHC, fuel-injected four-valve single, its more well-known sister, the high-speed RS.

The engine is housed in a primary, twin-beam steel frame that supports good front and rear cycling components, including a 41mm inverted fork and mono-shock rear, 21 / 18in wire codes with RX and a semi-noble. Tires and SX use more street-oriented rubber.

Crisp, beautiful bodywork, good quality, easy to ride, fast like any other four-stroke 125, and not so expensive, which comes in at less than £ 3500. What’s not to like about it?

6. KTM Duke 125 (from £4499)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

KTM is the real king of Austrian off-road professionals when it comes to adapting the supermoto type of MX or enduro-style motorcycles – finally, in 1995, it made the race with the first 620 Duke a lot.

Since then, the Duke family has built the backbone of their line, which is currently available in different ccs and, in this case, 125cc size, while staying ahead of the competition. It is constantly improving.

The 125 was introduced in 2012 and was distinguished by its punch, modern, liquid-cooled, fuel-powered, DOHC four-valve four-stroke engine, with a lightweight tubular steel trail chassis. Matching, decent quality inverted WP. Forks and shocks, sharp brakes, and geometry made it one of the most exciting and agile handling bikes in the class.

5. Honda CB 125 R (from £4399)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

To be an incredible 125, you don’t have to be the fastest, the best equipped, or the most expensive. Competing with bikes like the KTM Duke and Yamaha MT-125, Honda’s entry into the stylish, sporty, naked 125 class was offered in 2018 to replace its long-lasting and successful, beautiful sport CBR125R – which is Honda. It is a sign of trust.

It has been in a good position since the CB did not outperform its competitors. Still, it has evolved into a great combination of performance, style, quality, novice-friendly riding, and value. Liquid Cold is based on a single CBR and, while only two-valve and SOHC, and some less than 1.7bhp is workable, flexible, and compensates for being as fast as any other in the real world.

The chassis is spacious and comfortable, with the typical Honda ergonomics and a few nice extras like the Ulti Fork, a radial front caliper, and a beautiful LCD.

4. Yamaha MT-125 (from £4700)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

Yamaha’s beautiful, nude, Performance 125 Roadster, updated for 2020, pretty much checks out all the boxes you might want on this bike, so it is costly. However, it had to be highlighted here.

Yamaha’s junior ‘Master of Torque’ (younger brother of MT-07, MT-09, and MT-10) was first introduced in 2014 and is essentially a nude version of the all-conquering R-125 Sportster Is (see below), which was revised in the 2019.

Like this bike, it now has the state-of-the-art high-tech ‘VVA’ 125cc engine that allows a maximum of 14.7bhp and a healthy duplex of midrange; An improved, lighter six-speed gear change; A smaller, more agile Delta box chassis complete with thicker, 140-section rear tires; Quality upside down KYB fork and rear shock; And, most importantly, new styling including a modified, more comfortable and spacious riding position.

3. Aprilia RS 125 GP Replica (from £5000)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

Aprilia’s perennial popular 125 sports bike, a motorcycle so hot that pictures of her have been hanging on the walls of young bedrooms since the early 1990s, she had to look somewhere, and this is the latest GP replica. It is a worthy successor.

Although it is no longer a screaming, smoky two-stroke (which changed in 2011), the RS, with its high-tech, thoroughly modern, liquid-cooled, four-valve, DOHC, fuel-injected four-stroke single, nonetheless Rpm and produces as much power as any competition (14.7bhp).

Undoubtedly add Italian sports style, mouth-watering style with an inverted fork and radial brakes, and you have 125 sports for which any promising 17-year-old would sell to his grandmother.

The base model is priced at £ 4499; the first expensive ‘Super 125’ is now reduced to the latest Yamaha model. However, for the extra £ 100, you can have the ‘full Monty GP replica version. No other 125 has a ‘drool factor.’

2. Kawasaki Ninja 125 (from £4199)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

We may have gone naked for a sports bike-based Kawasaki Ninja 125 or sibling Kawasaki Z125 – these are all smooth handling and athletic machines – but we rude teenagers are drawn to the green colors of the Mini ZX-10R.

The Ninja carries mountaineering with ease and predictability, even in the most challenging terrain, with the best stability of the middle corner. Even better, in heavy traffic on metropolitan tracks, its lightness allows it to move on dynamic autos quickly. Kawasaki has designed a fun and easy-to-ride legal learner motorbike with its pinch motor, head-turning appearance, and match handling.

1. Yamaha R125 (from £4900)

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022

Since its introduction in 2008, Yamaha’s Sporty R125 has been the most sought-after product in the quarter-liter class, similar to the R1 clone but without the extra inches.

The bike combines the new etiquette of the mighty King CBR125R with more full-size style, style, and performance, which is enough to satisfy the desires of any 17-year-old ‘Rossi-replica’ old and robust; it also provided the purchase of an efficient learner. This third-generation version, introduced in 2019, once again raises the bar with the Sharp and Mini R1 styling, a new engine with variable valve timing that maximizes functional midrange to a maximum of 14.7bhp. Maintains a modified Delta Box chassis. A thick 140-section rear tire with a new aluminum swingarm that manages to fit snugly, predictably, and everything simultaneously.

A sophisticated new LCD dash, a selection of accessories including the Acrobok Can, an optional ‘Monster Moto GP Replica’ paint scheme, and much more is available.

Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022 – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Best 125cc Bikes of 2022
1 Yamaha R125 (from £4900)
2 Kawasaki Ninja 125 (from £4199)
3 Aprilia RS 125 GP Replica (from £5000)
4 Yamaha MT-125 (from £4700)
5 Honda CB 125 R (from £4399)
6 KTM Duke 125 (from £4499)
7 Aprilia RX 125 (from £3850)
8 Honda MSX125 (from £3649)
9 Suzuki GSX-R125 (from £4,449)
10 Lexmoto LXR SE 125 (from £2999)

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