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2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle Review Specs

Your competitive nature influences you. Your desire controls and tests you. Every moment is explained by the need for more: pure motorsport. High performance, state-of-the-art materials, state-of-the-art craftsmanship, and feature to the last detail: BMW Motorrad’s first M model is the M RR. Its DNA is derived directly from professional racing. The 2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle has M Competitive Package; the M RR and M RR provide accurate racing technology for the best performance requirements in motorsport, as well as for adrenaline-powered perfectionists on the road because #NeverStopChallenging is more than just a catchphrase. It is a big deal.

BMW Motorrad launched a successful M Vehicle Offer strategy for motorcycles in late 2018 and has since offered M optional devices and M performance components. The new 2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle – briefly M RR – marks the global launch of the first M model of BMW Motorrad based on the S 1000 RR (RR for short).

BMW Motorrad adheres to the principle of the strongest letter in the world: M, which means success in motor racing and interest in high-performance BMW models worldwide, and aimed at consumers whose performance, exceptions. There is a great need in terms of features.

2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle – Features and Price

2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle

Engine Features

The new 2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle is powered by a water-cooled four-cylinder inline engine based on the RR Power Train, with BMW ShiftCam technology to adjust the valve timing and valve lift and radically change the direction of the racing sport engine has gone. Its maximum power is 156 kW (212 HP) @ 14,500 rpm. At 11,000 rpm, a maximum torque of 113 Nm is applied.

M-winglets and a high windshield allow prolonged braking and high speed due to aerodynamic drag without compromising maximum speed.

Aerodynamics was an essential aspect of 2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle’s technical springs for development work. In addition to the maximum speed possible and necessary to win the race, the MRR’s technical features included another goal: to establish as much touch as possible with the wheels along the road – significantly when speeding.

With updated geometry, improved wheel load distribution, and extended flexibility of the swingarm pivot point, the chassis design for racing track use has been reduced.

The chassis of the new 2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle is built on the RR, with an aluminum bridge frame as its center. It plays an inverted fork that has been improved, as well as Central Spring Street, redesigned with Blue Spring and Full Floater Pro Kinetics. The ultimate goal of chassis design was to achieve the fastest lap times on the racecourse. So the MRR’s chassis is unmatched for the racing track, but it is also influenced by the features suitable for rural roads.

M brakes and M carbon wheels are standard for the first time in BMW Motorrad.

For the first time, BMW motorbikes with M brakes – such as BMW M GmbH’s M vehicles – are available with the new 2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle. It was built directly from the BMW Motorrad business race brake at the Superbike World Championships, and it offers maximum matte stability and controllability. M-brake calipers feature a blue anodized finish on the outside with M-embellishment.

2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle

Design and Technology

For those riders who are not satisfied with the new MRR in the general term, the M competition package racing technology offers an exciting combination of excellent ingredients for gourmet and aesthetics.

In addition to the M GPS Leap Trigger, software and activation code, M Mills Parts package, M Carbon package, and Silver 220G lighter swingarm are better than friction, care-free, and DLC coated M Endurance China in the competition package. And passenger package with tail-hump cover.


The 2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle assembly was built in the sports race and improved for the road. We’ve increased the power of the RR’s four-cylinder inline engine for this purpose: to increase the torque in the mid-range.

In addition, the maximum speed has been increased from 500 rpm to 15,100 rpm. Titanium binding rods are lighter, rocker’s arms are 1.5 mm thinner, and the airbox funnel has been reduced for better load changes: work in millimeters for milliseconds.

More Stress

Contact pressure also affects whether a team wins or loses. Carbon M winglets make a downward force of 16.3 kg. With a high windshield, more power can be converted into pure propulsion before the curve and out of turn.

2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle

Acceleration without Compromise

For us, we have built the enormous brake piston on the market—three words to describe the result: best in class. We improved the fluid balance to improve the stability of the pressure point. You can also choose a different brake pad in addition to the traditional one. It is from the Endurance World Championship and is for use on the race track only.

2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type Water/oil-cooled 4-cylinder with the 4-stroke in-line engine, four titanium valves per cylinder and BMW ShiftCam
Bore / stroke 80 mm x 49.7 mm
Capacity 999 cc
Rated output 205hp at 13,000rpm
Max. Torque 83lbs-ft at 11,000rpm
Compression ratio 13.5: 1
Mixture control All-new electronic injection, variable intake pipe
Emission control Closed-loop Three-way catalytic converters, EU-5 norm

2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle

Performance/Fuel consumption

Maximum speed 189mph
Fuel consumption /100 km based on WMTC 6.5 l
CO2 emission based on WMTC 151g/km
Fuel type Unleaded super (premium), octane number 95 to 98 (RON)

Electrical system

Alternator 450Watt M Lightweight
Battery 12V / 5Ah, Lithium-ion

Power transmission

Clutch Multiplate clutch in oil bath, slipper clutch
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox having straight cut gears
Drive Chain 525 17/46
Traction Control BMW Motorrad DTC

2021 BMW M 1000 RR Sports Motorcycle


Frame All-new Bridge-type frame, cast aluminum, load-bearing engine
Front-wheel location / suspension Upside-down telescopic fork including a diameter of 45mm, adjustable compression and rebound stage, adjustable preload
Rear-wheel location/suspension Aluminum swing arm, compression & rebound damping adjustable, adjustable preload
Suspension travel, front / rear 4.7 inches / 4.6 inches
Wheelbase 57.4 inches
Caster 3.9 inches
Steering head angle 66.4-degree
Wheels M Carbon Wheels
Rim dimensions, front 3.5 x 17 inches
Rim dimensions, rear 6 x 17 inches
Tire, front 120/70 ZR 17
Tire, rear 200/55 ZR 17
Brake, front Twin disc brake, M Brake Four-piston fixed caliper, 5mm diameter 320mm
Brake, rear Single disc brake, 2-piston fixed caliper, diameter 220mm
ABS BMW Motorrad Race ABS Pro modes to select ABS Pro ABS Pro settings for ROAD, RAIN, DYNAMIC mode, no ABS Pro in RACE and Race Pro 1-3 mode

Dimensions / weights

Seat height 32.8 inches
Inner leg curve 72.6 inches
Usable tank volume 4.4 gallons
Reserve Approx. 1.1 gallons
Length 81.6 inches
Height (excl. mirrors) 47.1 inches
Width (excl. mirrors) 33.4 inches
Dry weight 375 lbs. without battery
Permitted total weight 897 lbs.
Payload (with standard equipment) 467 lbs.

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