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Test Triumph Daytona 675R 2013

A simple evolution, that Triumph Daytona 675 for the year 2013! In spite of its strong resemblance, the sporting muse of the British brand takes again the very few parts of former generation.

Or how to further improve the specter of the Super sport category … We tested the version R of it on the circuit of Cartagena, with the doors of the nirvana!

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

In search of a perfection always placed under the sign of balance and of the character, Triumph recently remolded its Triple Street roadster: new framework comprising less sections, new oscillating arm, exhaust under the engine to lower the center of gravity, ABS of the second generation…
All these modifications – and more – from now on are applied to sporting Daytona. Let us hope for how this audacity will pay, since one needs a good amount of it to invest massively on a crenel where the sales have been in constant fall for four years! Even if the Triumph Daytona 675R conquered nearly 20% of the segment, France ran out only 260 of them over the first 11 months of 2012, against 1 – 900 Triple Street.
“More” referred to above, the exclusive major change and, in fact the very new 3-cylinders tends towards square super coasts for a power carried to 128 horses (125 before), with 500 rpm of no-claims bonus (to 14,400 rpm) and a maximum couple climbing from 73 to 75 Nm in free version. Good house!

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

Heiress of a line

While waiting for that the electric blankets are withdrawn from the motorcycles aligned with the parade on the pit lane of Cartagena, let us revive in some lines the history of Triumph Daytona of average cubic capacities.
Naming Tiger 100 R inspired by the 500 victorious one with the 200 Miles in 1962, Daytona returned to its name as the four cylinders sportsman which succeeded the 600 whole in 2004. Triumph 675 motorized by the emblematic three-cylinder, appeared in 2006.
It competed with the Japanese references to dominate them, by 2009, with the first evolution of the Triumph 675 Daytona. Benefitting from a salvo of additional Cm3 and a particularly effective frame on track, the model still improved with the version R equipped in Ohlin’s and Brembo since 2011.
Invoiced 1 900 € than one basic Daytona, it is Daytona R 2013 which its manufacturer wanted to present to us in Spain. Caviar, for the journalist-testers…

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

ABS in series

Only available in white – with a loop postpones aluminum painted in red – this Daytona beads has mouth. Always the same one, moreover… or almost, since the designers drew this year a more plunging muzzle without revolutionizing the line of it. To affirm a top-of-the-range positioning, the R receives a hooding of two mudguard carbon and instrument panel.
In the box, a technician shows me how to regulate on Track of ABS new generation which equips this Triumph Daytona 675R in series (in option on Daytona). “With this mode, it starts only when you enter the vat to gravel” joke Eric Pecorino, person in charge of the communication at Triumph France.

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

Such is not my intention! The first session is booked to the Spanish. Good side of the low wall, along the straight line of the stands, the group of Fogies looks at passing the motorcycles to the full ball suction as in race.
By hearing them, the reflection is unanimous: “one would say of the four cylinders”. The howl of the motorcycles, of which some are equipped with Arrow pots of the catalogue accessories removed from their baffle, is more raucous than front. The voice seems perched less higher, in spite of a catch of mode more raised and the so characteristic whistle disappeared. A little disappointing!!

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

The perfect engine

Installed with the orders of the motorcycle, I immediately noticed the less support on the arms induced by the handlebars raised of one half-centimeter. The shock absorber Ohlin’s TTX, assembled especially for Daytona R, and did not make it possible to lower the height of saddle as on the standard model.
What imports: this thoroughbred is not a horse of city, not for the sizes jockey in any case! With my 75 meter it’s not a problem. It is always easy to tighten the back of the animal – forgiveness: its tank indented – between the legs. With a bubble minimalist, a narrow saddle, but a fold of the legs little accentuated, Daytona cultivates the paradox.
Its licked completion does not leave anything randomly. Contact the new key is coded, above the meter. Whose design evolved less than the functions, a line of blue LED makes its outward journey return. It is it from now on widespread shift light which the track racers will appreciate, as well as the embarked stop watch. Vroom! The three legs are brained in a new sonority.

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

The track aspires to me. Not obvious, this circuit of Cartagena! Tormented at wish, with few straight lines making it possible to slacken it, the layout puts the pilot and his machine at several tests.
Less Triumph Daytona 675R, whose intrinsic qualities take up the challenge more easily than me, I acknowledge it! The new shifter – which comes to enrich the equipment by series – makes it possible to go up “without cutting” the reports in the longest curve of the circuit.
More brutal, the previous system sometimes caused reactions of the rear wheel-axle unit. This one cuts the lighting of the cylinders gradually in order to soften its operation. Consequently, one currently forgives Triumph to have forgotten the adjustable cartography sails about it, often more gadget that really useful.

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

The trunk moreover

The box with the re-examined pinions of 1 and 2 is soft and precise. Almost intoxicating, the passage of each report is accompanied by a deflagration, left wall of the terrestrial sound. To return his engine more alert and still filled better, the manufacturer of Hinckley is revised not only to the coasts, but he also exploited the masses moving, decreased the weight and the diameter of the valves.
In fact, the hollow with 7,000 rpm of the preceding ones versions is less felt and the power is reinforced beyond 12,000 rpm. What to accentuate the variation with the 600, always with a sorrow on the intermediate beaches and to reduce the variation – without reaching that point fully – with thundering Yamaha R6 to the lyrical flights famous. Without one having constantly to knit selector, the news Triumph Daytona 675 is extracted like a ball from the turns. R or not, its muscular revivals will leave few chances to its rivals! Unless Kawasaki 636…
In addition the motorcycle should gain a few km/h at a peak, which we could not confirm on the circuit of Cartagena where 225 km/h into 5 were not exceeded. To reduce the dribbles of the aft wheel, Triumph installed a clutch with limited slip which releases the spirit when one piles up again with the flight. The system also makes it possible to reduce the effort to the spectacular lever of way.

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

A genuine multi-function pocket knife

The pleasure which cannot make law, it is never easy, without time nor with motorcycle of reference, to quantify the improvements made to the frame of a model already very effective. Then one thinks that gained kg and the masses centered forwards and bottom, like the Racing suspensions providing more a large range of adjustments, can be only beneficial with the stopwatch! Perfectly regulated (practically data of origin for the test) and granted the connection on the ground digests all the inequalities, boxes the power without separating itself. One did not expect from them less Ohlin’s elements!
The same applies to Pirelli Supercars SP which already fitted the previous years, the same ones which equip the motorcycles with the super stock championship. Neutrals, heating quickly and hookers, they stick to the skin of Triumph Daytona R that the dimensions of its new frame return a little more incisor at the time to register it in trajectory. Easy, but not extreme like R6 Gold RSV4 Where one is installed it before and who control glance.

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

Even if its footing were reduced, the English one never gives the impression of an extremely short motorcycle. Very fine, light and stable, it is taken along of one block in the manner of ante-Panigale Ducati, but in a way much less restive.
A wonder of balance on a circuit as technical as Cartagena, which passes neither without rush nor to worry the famous fast conk high, that which makes it possible to undoubtedly judge stability of a motorcycle! In the event of major force, the shock absorber of direction hidden under the lower t-piece has responsibility of suppress any attempt at bars shake.
Even large braking do not make waver Daytona 675 R which remain perfectly online due to Brembo, radial and piece, more effective than impressive. It is the art of the good brakes to be powerful but progressive, and could be easily measurable.

Test Triumph Daytona 675R: The supersport of new the R

Assessment: Maximum potential for the track and the road

Strong of a slightly softened position which makes it more livable and an engine without fault, the news Triumph Daytona 675R sublimates the concept of Daytona R for the track and the road in fast mode. It will be the same for the standard version proposed 11 790 € (12 190 € with ABS) equipped with Kyb suspensions and a Nissin braking, but with the same motorization. Whatever is the version, the sporting one of Hic Hickey will still give sweats to its Japanese competitors, in the past imperial.
It will have vis-a-vis the new ZX- 6R 636 (12 199 € + 1 000 € for ABS) and the stainless GSX-R 750 (12 999 €). Sold 13,690 € Daytona R, for Racing, increases only by 300 €. Few things in report of the work provided, in particular on the three cylinders which will equip (probably) the Street roadster within two years. With the image of the royal roads traced by Daytona, Triumph has the future in front of it… and, according to our sources, much of projects in its paperboard!


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