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Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013

Today, we are cover the comparison review of powerful sports motorcycles i.e. Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013. Is it really necessary to be ruined to leave on holiday to motorcycle? For the information, bikescatalog.com attacked the Venous Mount on two small ducted roadsters: Honda CBR600F left in 2011, and the version 2012 of Kawasaki er6f. Duel at the top!

Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013

Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013 – Features Comparison

The bikescatalog.com team visualized lying out on the motorcycles, some adaptable luggage and the future customers will have the possibility of passing to the ray accessories of the manufacturers to the perfect aptitudes “Great Tourism” of their motorcycles.

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For this reason, the customers Coffee are most varnished: with a top-box of 30 liters for the urban ones or the satchels of 35 liters each one for the travelers, the er-6f has which is to satisfy any type of user… except the ones being least fortunate!

Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013

Because with their support and “hub caps” matched with the color of the motorcycle, the Kawasaki bags total 776 Euros, its support, its lid paints and its cushion cost 333 Euros. In comparison, the equipment proposed on Honda is much less expensive… but also less practical.

Proposed at 125 Euros, the bag Travel is fixed on the saddle passenger and prohibits much transferred two, while the capacity of this satchel is limited to 19 liters. The er-6f thus gains this first sleeve of the vacancies!

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Practical side aspects states that the CBR is not defended so badly. Like Kawasaki, Honda can accommodate under its saddle a block-disc or U “specific manufacturer” and proceeds from four retractable thin straps to install a net.

Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013

It is besides what MNC decided to do, because Baxter of Hornet of our second wheeler is not installed on the Honda CBR600F because of its tank being more convex and the fasteners of its careenage.

Full of petrol appears OK, levels of oil and brake fluid appears OK, tension of chain appears OK, cleanliness of the plates, the reflectors, fires… and the rims are there to make the pressure of tires (neither one nor the other has bent valve) OK: one can easily start!

Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013 – Luggage, checklists and departure

To mount a Honda CBR600F or a Kawasaki er6f does not pose usually any problem. In fact, the bags and satchels made the operation a little lifting and air, but once the buttocks posed on the saddles the feet touch the ground firmly.

One then carries out the ultimate adjustments on the level of the rear view mirrors which offer a good vision on the two machines and of the levers – adjustable on the two sides on the Coffee, side brake only for Honda -, and one can be considered ready to leave.
The weight contained of the two motorcycles makes it possible to move them easily.

However it is felt that the center of gravity is slightly higher on the Coffee, which requires a little more effort to be raised of the side crutch (not of power station neither on one nor on the other).

Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013

A contrast, once the engines are started the Coffee shows a little more alarm at low speed, thanks to its handlebar placed much higher than that of Honda. On the Green one, the throttle lever is a more measurable suspicion on the very first degree of opening, which makes it possible to better negotiate the first starting.

Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013On its side, the Honda CBR600F is shown immediately wilder and the engine of small Fire blade already growls of impatience to the idea to leave and to revive the rods! The sonority of the box with air is much more present than on Kawasaki er6f… and even as on Hornet!

Some pressures on the partial instrument panels and tantalizes are given to zero. In Question instrumentation, Kawasaki plays the card of simplicity again and nicks the setting: in addition to its larger buttons, the rev counter and the gauge with petrol of er-6f are more readable and the absence of temperature engine does not carry damage.

Honda CBR600F Vs Kawasaki er6 2013None of these two “road beginners” proposes an indication of committed report but both inform their driver on fuel consumption. Embarking 18.4 liters of coconut compared with 16 for the Coffee, Honda leaves with a significant advantage.

And yet, the Honda CBR600F is indeed the first to start the alarm of arrival on reserve! Beside this the signal is not locatable (only the small icon of the petrol pump starts to flicker).

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