MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle Review Specs Price

MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle

MV Agusta produces beautiful bikes. Their tagline is, in fact, “We create feelings.” Is the MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle, however, going too far?

Beauty or beast? It entirely rests on your point of view, but one thing’s for sure, you won’t miss one of these in the wild.

MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle – Features and Specs

MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle


Okay. I’ll be sincere. I appreciate MV Agusta. Have been for a very long time. My admiration for the brand’s past, when Giacomo, Mike, and Phil immortalized the 1960s with their daring motorbike stunts on the most treacherous circuits in the world, I believe, is the root of my adoration.

Or maybe it was cemented when the original 750 F4, in my view the gorgeous superbike ever made, was unveiled in the 1990s. Or when MV designed a wheelchair that resembles something an artist in New York might ride into his studio. The future?


More than any other company, MV Agusta pushes the limits of aesthetic and mechanical flair. Some people believe that art and motorcycles are inextricably connected, and it is evident that our test bike, the MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR, has been highly painted.

High-set rear sets and clip-on handlebars make this an actual attack naked bike, which is both good and bad.

As we photograph it for this piece, Kit Palmer remarks, “Man, that is an ugly motorbike.” Nothing about it appeals to me in the slightest—just no to the headlamp, the seat, and the exhaust.


I find the design of the Brutale to be rather appealing. It looks like a gym addict in a dinner suit—a muscular, furious motorbike. The eye is drawn in by the bulging 1000cc inline four-cylinder with titanium valves and conrods, which is said to have 208 horsepower between the cylinder walls. It attracts attention to the two exquisitely tapered exhaust mufflers on each side of the cramped passenger seat.

The clip-on handlebars that belong on a sports bike, not a naked motorcycle, the highly constructed middle triple-clamp, the liberal use of carbon fiber, and the nine-spoke forged aluminum rear wheel linked to a hallmark MV single-sided swing arm. In terms of appearance, I have to say “hard yes.”

MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle

Power House

Regardless of how Kit or I feel about it, the 500cc three-cylinder, which was Ago et al. p referred.’s engine for 1960s Grand Prix racing, is about as far away from this MV Agusta as it is possible to go.

Sharp as sword exhausts look tremendous, but the passenger foot pegs (which should fold away out of sight) ruin the aesthetic somewhat.


The MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR is among the most expensive mass-produced naked motorcycles on the market with a price of $33,800. Indeed, it is so close to surpassing them. Only the Ducati Streetfighter V4 SP beats it, although that vehicle has more cubes (despite having a 208 horsepower stated power), an STM dry slipper clutch, carbon-fiber wheels, and other features. However, their own Brutale 1000 Nürburgring costs even more at $44,160 if you’re talking about limited editions.

You are thus dealing with a custom bundle for a discriminating customer with money to burn and a permit to shred. It’s already tricky for MV to market their products, particularly when you consider how underappreciated their 800cc Brutale line is. Is the ride up to the, let’s be honest, extremely high expectations? It all relies on who you are, once again.

MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle – Ride Review

Let’s start by taking care of the apparent issues. Yes, it moves pretty quickly. When the twist handle is fully retracted, the air is flowing, and gas is delivered into the combustion chamber with great force, the motor’s fury makes it clear what it’s intended to accomplish. It doesn’t perform well for low-speed city sweeping.

The dashboard mount is a beautiful piece of industrial design, the digital unit looking like it’s floating above the suspension.

Below 4000 rpm, there is an evil flat zone where the clutch will let go and dump you if you’re performing casual traffic light starts. Therefore, it is wise to maintain revs over 5000 rpm whenever possible to avoid being rear-ended by the elderly Camry driver following you for failing to accelerate more quickly through traffic lights. The Brutale. We are featuring 208 horsepower. Hmm.

MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle

It is appropriate to ride the Brutale with the throttle pinned and the rpm held high as if you had just stolen it. You will be grateful for the Brembo Stylema monobloc calipers and the electronic Ohlins NIX30 fork/TTX shock to keep everything straight and narrow if you keep the engine running over 8000 rpm.

The MV Agusta Brutale will turn every head it rides by since it is brutally swift and accompanied by a cacophony of noise that is utterly unappealing on cold starts. You can’t help but stare, mainly because the clip-on handlebars and absence of a fairing go against the norm for a naked bike.

Right-side cruise control. It’s such a pain in the rear.

Compared to a KTM 1290 Super Duke R, the Brutale rider can load the front tire much better because of those handlebars. As you glide through long, sweeping corners, your body is closer to the front axle, allowing you to entirely bury the front under braking and drive the Pirelli into the pavement.

However, the riding posture is, should I say, a matter of form above function on congested city streets. The Brutale is about as comfy as a trip to the chiropractor, which you’ll need after a few rides unless you’re pushing hard and are less than 5’9″ in height.

Here, the exhausts influence the riding position more than they ought to. Wait. Exhausts? What are they doing in the riding position? Simply said, it will be challenging to find a comfortable spot to rest your feet once you are in the attack riding posture since your feet will clatter on the backs of the mufflers on the black heel guards and new passenger pegs. It negates the advantages of, like, you know, riding a naked bike since it makes the bike much more uncomfortable than even MV Aguste’s F3 supersport bike. Add to that the plank-hard seat and the additional weight that the handlebar above position places on your wrists. For everything, there is a first time.

Anyway, I am moving on.

Mega ground clearance is a special offer with the MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Brutale has all the electronics you’d expect for a naked sport bike costing $35K or more, but they are damned annoying to operate in an accurate MV manner. The 5.5-inch dash, which is radially placed, is a work of art in industrial design; but the Brutale doesn’t prioritize easily accessing the many modes and settings like TC and wheelie.

The right-side cruise control does not undo when you roll the throttle back against the stop, which is the constant source of annoyance for current MVs (and something I noticed on the Super Veloce). The mechanism needs a strong stab at the brakes to release the throttle bodies and start slowing you down since this harmless attribute is highly harmful. There is a problem here that has to be fixed right now.

Gotten love that nine-spoke webbed wheel.

Continental provides the IMU, and I’ll be the first to say that I didn’t get the MV running quickly enough to need it or be able to tell you if it was superior to a Bosch unit or not. No one, in my opinion. But it’s good to know it exists.

To be quite honest, given the price of the Brutale 1000 RR, I had higher expectations. This bike is made for a very, very specific sort of client due to its poorly designed riding posture, flat spot, very sloppy quick shifter, seat that feels like concrete, and challenging electronics.

(Insert Crocodile Dundee voice) That’s not a triple-clamp. It is a triple-clamp!

These problems are easily solvable, and I hope that MV considers how to make a bike with this much personality and aura more usable in everyday situations.

Because the Brutale 1000 RS takes the nude aspect of naked bicycling a bit more seriously, I am anticipating my turn on it with great anticipation. The 1000 RS has an actual single-piece handlebar, a plusher seat, and the flat spot is supposedly fixed, so hopefully, I have better things to say about it than I had about the RR.

MV Agusta 2022 Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle

Although I still like the design and am the same MV Agusta fan I was at the beginning of this essay, I have grown to enjoy the Brutale 1000 RR a bit less.

2022 MV Agusta Brutale 1000 RR Naked Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

MSRP: $33,800
Engine: 4-stroke, inline-4
Valvetrain: 16 valves, DOHC
Displacement: 998cc
Bore x stroke: 79 x 59mm
Compression ratio: 13.4:1
Power (claimed): 208 hp @ 13,000 rpm
Torque (claimed): 85 lb-ft @ 11,000 rpm
Exhaust: 4/1/2004
Transmission: 6-speed with quick shift
Clutch: The multi-plate wet clutch with a mechanical slip system
Electronics: Eight-level traction control, ABS with race mode, Cornering lights, cruise control, four engine maps (Rain, Road, Sport, Race), Continental IMU
Chassis: Tubular steel trellis
Front suspension: Öhlins NIX30 43mm inverted fork, fully adjustable, Öhlins Smart EC suspension
Rear suspension: Öhlins TTX36 mono-shock, fully adjustable, Öhlins Smart EC suspension
Front-wheel travel: 4.72 in.
Rear wheel travel: 4.72 in.
Front brake: Brembo radial 4-piston calipers, dual 320mm discs, Continental MK100 with RLM (Rear Wheel Lift-up Mitigation), and with cornering function
Rear brake: 2-piston Brembo caliper, single 220mm, Continental MK100 with RLM (Rear Wheel Lift-up Mitigation) and with cornering function
Front tire: 120/70 – ZR 17 M/C (58 W) Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II
Rear tire: 200/55 – ZR 17 M/C (78 W) Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II
Wheelbase: 55.71 in.
Seat height: 33.2 in.
Fuel capacity: 4.23 gal.
Weight (dry, claimed): 410 lbs.