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Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle Review Specs

The new Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle is one of the most potent and highly impressive motorcycles in the Ducati line-up. It has got the new and highly efficient Ducati Testretta DVT 1262 cu cm engine along with new chassis with the latest electronic package. The Multistrada 1260 S was first launched in 2010 and since then, it is offering the combination of four bikes pleasure in one i.e., from sportbike to long-distance tourer, from everyday runabout to endure. However, the riding modes of the Multistrada 1260 torque the new level of performance with ease and comfort.

The new Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle comes with the reliable 1262 cc Ducati Testretta DVT Euro 4 approved engine. It can quickly provide the ample low-to-mid range torque for better readability for daily use. About 85 percent of torque is available at 3,500 rpm, which is 18% higher than the previous 2017 Multistrada 1260 S DAIR model. Moreover, the motorcycle provides a superb controlling experience. On the other hand, an updated chassis has a longer swingarm and wheelbase with revised geometry quickly making it easy to handle bikes during sharp handling. Following is the full review of Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle including its features and specifications.

Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle – Features and Specifications

Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle


The motorcycle comes with the latest DAIR Street system that has a total activation time of just 45 milliseconds, which is much lower than other bikes. It helps in reducing the chances of accidents. However, some tests have been carried out according to the European standards for protection; the airbags in the Ducati DAIR Street garments reduce the force transmitted to the body up to 72% concerning level 2 EC-certificate back protector and by 89% concerning an EC-certified thorax protector. This system provides an added neck protection that helps in limiting the lean angle.

The DAIR system is very intelligently designed to avoid any unnecessary activation. It is harmless in all circumstances in which inflation of airbags in necessary. The system has been designed and produced to ensure that the chances of loss of control should be minimized. The DAIR system was developed according to the strict automotive safety criteria IEC 615058 and it has been tested according to various conditions in 800 different tests. It is the first airbag for the motorcycle that has obtained TUV SUD certification.

Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle

New Ducati Link App

The Multistrada 1260 is available with the new smartphone app Ducati Link App, which is available for iOS and Android. It helps in giving an excellent riding experience. When connected via Bluetooth with Multistrada 1260, the rider’s smartphone records bike data such as current, average maximum speed, power, fuel consumption and lean angle.

The rider can get the rider’s performance data from the app. The application records the route traveled, which can easily be shared with other app subscribers. Other users can see the trip details and can draw inspiration from other Ducati riders. The app allows them to make a network of friends to whom they can share their next ride. The reward system in the application helps the users to reach different goals so that they can share their riding experience with others.

Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle


The new 2018 Ducati Multistrada 1260 S DAIR Bike comes with a clean surface and impressive front and rear visual mass. It brings its design to a new level of quality and finishing while the new side fairing panels ensure the superb front and rear end sleeker appearance. The frame of the bike provides an optimum balance of weight and performance while the rear aluminum subframe incorporates luggage mounts and perfectly ergonomically switchgear.

The signature element of the motorcycle is its five Y-spoke wheels. Every part of the bike is designed specially by keeping the effectiveness and practicality in mind. The rear grab handle designed is inspired by Multistrada 1200 Enduro that contains Touratch aluminum side panniers being provided as an alternative to the traditional plastic panniers. The high level of attention is paid on the seat height adjustment and one cannot forget the new number plate holder and LED rear turn indicators.

Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle

TFT Instrument Panel

The new Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Bike comes with the high-visibility LCD instrument panel containing a revised information layout. The panel is easily accessible by accessing the menus with new icons for the left switchgear. The empty dot in the panel means that the rider needs to simply press the button to execute a specific operation while the solid dot denotes that the rider needs to press the button a bit longer.

There is a lot of improvement being made by the Ducati officials including improved interface with brand new 5 inches of the TFT instrument panel. It gives higher resolution result with enhanced readability in the sum with the maximum support of improved graphics layout. Furthermore, the Riding Modes have been assigned with different colors so that rider can quickly identify them during the ride.

  • Sport Mode is assigned Red.
  • Touring Mode comes in White in night mode and black in day mode
  • Urban Mode has a Grey color option
  • Enduro has a Brown color on the screen.

Both LCD and TFT give maximum information of ride i.e., rpm, speed, gear selected, mileage, fuel gauge and clock. Some other information includes the choose Riding Mode, overall fuel consumption and rate.


The Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Bike comes with robust and high performing Ducati Testastretta DVT 1262 engine. The DVT engine independently varies the timing of the camshaft that controls the intake valves and camshaft that helps in optimizing high-rpm performance. At lower rpm, the motor provides smooth operation, which makes the power delivery more fluid and it boosts torque. The engine changes its characteristics continually as the rpm varies. The engine complies with Euro 4 specification, and it is giving an excellent fuel economy as well.

The 1262 cc engine set the new record for performance and readability. Ducati engineers have developed the engine with the focus on achieving the highest possible torque delivery at low-to-mid range RPMs. The engine delivers about 85% of torque under 3,500 rpm, which is 18% higher than the previous 2017 Multistrada 1260 model. The motorcycle delivers the highest torque output in its class at 4,000 rpm.

The 1260 Multistrada S DAIR achieves this milestone of power with the help of an increased piston stroke of 71.5 mm and a bore of 106 mm. It has new connecting rods, cylinders and crankshaft as well. The engine can quickly deliver the peak output of 158 hp at 9,750 rpm and maximum torque of 13.2 kgm @ 7,500 rpm.

Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle

The exhaust and intake valves have been entirely redesigned to achieve an extreme level of performance. The exhaust pipes have been redesigned while the pre-silencer has a new inner layout and a new silencer. The original belt covers contain the DVT logo on the metal support. The generator cover of the engine has been redesigned to accommodate the latest and advanced gear sensor comprising the core component of DQS up and down.


The Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Bike features the new throttle control that works in conjunction with the Ride by Wire system to control engine power output. It is a new control system that offers smoother throttle response for better riding experience. The motorcycle comes with the following list of technological equipment;

  • Riding Modes (Sport, Touring, Urban, Enduro)
  • DTC (Ducati Traction Control)
  • Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC)
  • Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS) Evolution
  • Brembo brake system with Bosch Cornering ABS
  • Vehicle Hold Control (VHC)


The chassis of the Multistrada 1260 includes the new frame and more extended swingarm. The steering angle has been increased from 24 to 25 degrees while the swingarm is 48 mm longer. It results in a longer wheelbase of 55 mm as well. The overall design and weight management of the bike help in gaining sharper handling skills during corners.

The motorcycle has a new Trellis frame with a large-diameter of thin tubing and two lateral subframes closed off by the rear load-bearing element. It is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic to ensure outstanding torsional rigidity. The new single-sided swing arm is a single die-cast part with fabricated and welded core section and it offers a lightweight and robust component that helps in excellent handling.

The motorcycle features the new Kayaba 48 mm upside-down fork with a dedicated cast bottom bracket. It is fully adjustable for spring preload, rebound and compression. The rear section is controlled by the new Sachs mono-shock that is also adjustable in compression and rebound. The suspension features 170 mm travel on both wheels to ensure Comfortable riding pleasure.

The bike comes with five Y-spoke wheels that are 340 grams lighter than those used in Ducati Multistrada 1200. The Multistrada 1260 S DAIR is equipped with 3.5 x 17 inches of the front wheel and 6 x 17 inches of rear wheels. The Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 120/70-17 tires are attached on the front while the rear has 190/55-17-inch.

Multistrada 1260 S DAIR 2018 Ducati Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type Ducati Testastretta DVT including Desmodromic Variable Timing, L-Twin cylinder, four valves per cylinder, Dual Spark, liquid-cooled
Displacement 1.262 cc
Bore x Stroke 106 x 71,5 mm
Compression ratio 13:1
Power 116.2 kW (158 hp) @ 9,500 rpm
Torque 129.5 Nm (95.5 lb-ft) @ 7,500 rpm
Fuel injection All-New Bosch electronic fuel injection system; elliptical throttle bodies including Ride-by-Wire, equivalent diameter 56 mm
Exhaust Stainless steel muffler featuring catalytic converter and two lambda probes, aluminum tailpipes


Gearbox Six-speed
Ratio 1=37/15, 2=30/17, 3=27/20, 4=24/22, 5=23/24, 6=22/25
Primary drive Straight cut gears; Ratio 1.84:1
Final drive Chain; Front sprocket 15; Rear sprocket 40
Clutch Light action, wet, multi-plate clutch with hydraulic control. Self-servo work on the drive, the slipper effect on over-run


Frame Tubular steel Trellis frame
Wheelbase 1,585 mm (62.4 inches)
Rake 25°
Trail 111 mm (4.37 inches)
Front suspension Sachs 48 mm fully adjustable usd forks. Electronic compression and rebound damping adjustment with Ducati Skyhook Suspension Evo (DSS)
Front-wheel travel 170 mm (6.7 inches)
Front-wheel Five spokes Y-shaped cast light alloy 3.50″ x 17″
Front tire Pirelli Scopion Trail II 120/70 R17
Rear Suspension Fully adjustable Sachs unit. Automatic compression and rebound damping adjustment. Automatic spring pre-load adjustment with Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS) Evo. Aluminum single-sided swingarm
Rear-wheel travel 170 mm (6.7 inches)
Rear Wheel 5-spoke Y-shaped cast light-alloy 6.00″ x 17″
Rear tire Pirelli Scorpion Trail II 190/55 R17
Front brake 2 x 330 mm semi-floating discs, radially mounted Brembo monobloc Evo M50 4-piston calipers, 2-pad, radial pump with cornering ABS as standard equipment
Rear brake 265 mm disc, 2-piston floating caliper, with cornering ABS as standard equipment


Fuel tank capacity 20 l – 5.3 gallons (US)
Dry weight 213 kg (470 lb)
Wet weight 236 kg (520 lb)
Seat height Adjustable between 825 mm – 845 mm (32.5 inches – 33.3 inches)


Instrumentation Color TFT display 5″
Ducati electronics Vehicle Hold Control (VHC), Power Modes, Riding Modes, Ducati Safety Pack (Bosch Cornering ABS + DTC), Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS) Evo, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC), Ducati Cornering Lights, Ducati Quick Shift (DQS) up/down, Backlit handlebar switches, Cruise control, Hands-Free, Full-colour TFT display, Ducati Multimedia System (DMS), Full LED headlamp, Auto-off indicators, ready for D|air® system, Anti-theft system
Warranty 24 months, unlimited mileage
Maintenance service intervals 15,000 km (9,000 miles) / 12 months
Valve clearance check 30,000 km (18,000 miles)

Emissions and Consumption

Standard Euro 4
Emissions CO2 120 g/km
Consumption 5.2l/100 km

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