Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

There are many versions and model of bikes which are entirely out of peoples reach at the time of buying. We have tried putting together the list of a motorcycle which is the most expensive among the many bikes around the globe. Some bikes are so much costly that they are not even available in the markets to purchase. For example, we have the Honda’s which is worth 200000 pounds RC213V-S. Here is the list of Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain.

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain – Top Rated

10. Ducati Panigale R, £28,995

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

With the great appeal and the new skill, this bike provides, even if someone is under the depth on the stock of Panigale which should 10k lesser in money. But again, the discussion about the most costly bikes doesn’t end here with their skills and performance. The model of Ducati which is the R, is on fire with its entire future classic available. It is a great bike to be invested in too, with 205 horsepower and 100 lb-ft one of the other great reasons to own this expensive machine.

8/9. Harley-Davidson CVO Limited and CVO Road Glide Ultra, £30,695

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

This bike has taken place in the list of the expensive motorcycle because of its exclusive CVO paintwork, loads of chrome, and a touchscreen infotainment system; the size is about 110 cubic inch versions of the project Rushmore twin cooled engine. However, the stock could be of 103 cubic inch which was available in the Ultra Limited at 9k pounds or maybe lower. If we talk in the European language, it is 1800cc not 1600cc, with a cost of 30k pounds.

7. MV Agusta F4RC £31,299

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

MV’s F4 RC WSBK race bike is the particular homologation version. The weight just goes down to 175 kg in dry and it has 212 horsepowers. An original race bike for the road track where the price can’t be reachable. This bike is also known as the ultra-refined latest fireball for a motorcycle. The worth is above 30k pounds making sure that they are not wrong about the fireball.

6. Hesketh 24, £35,100

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

This bike, the S&S 1950cc, is a huge one that has the V twin engine adjusted with higher torque than powers. Also, with Ohlins suspensions and a well-known British brand name on its tank. The cost of this machine is somewhere around 35k pounds. And if you are ready to pay that much, then you are into the skills. Even though the quality of the bikes does not need to be sold and cleared its production,

5. Lightning LS-218, £35,949

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

Street model of the Lightening superbike that set an electric land speed record of 218mph also with the name. It won the Pikes Peak hill race in 2013, winning by its petrol power in the run. And to get rid of the petrol habit than this was the time. It all depends if you got a significant amount of 36k pounds in spare which is a lot greater in number than the 20KWH version. The US firm has listed its price for this bike at $46,888.

4. Kawasaki Ninja H2R, £41,000

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

This bike is the full power of Kawasaki supercharged Ninja H2 unbound by the production regularity for the road use. It has made 310hp and 122lbft, and with a top speed of 250mph and features are exclusive, with painted mirror and a layer of actual pure silver. Spending around 41k pounds, you will ask yourself many times what should I do with it? Because we heard it is not road legal yet. But not like the Ninja H2 which has the horsepower of 200 and worth of 22k Pounds.

3. Vyrus 984 C3 2V, “Upwards of” £45,000

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

This bike is 1087cc with a V twin in a motorcycle. It weighs 158 kg in dry with Virus fancy Progressive Link and a suspension in the front and a hub steering. The cost is not listed in the latest Italian Marque website. But the dealers in Britain the pro twins and in Godstone, Surrey have said that the 984 C3 2V costs are higher of 45k pounds. Three models are in the market for sale each known as the work of art.

2. Brough Superior SS100, £49,999

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

Very expensive are these British marques, this bike is highly made for higher performance, and yes, it is a luxury ride honoring the 90th anniversary of the 1924 Brough Superior version with the same name. It has a 997cc liquid-cooled V twin making 127 horsepowers and 88lbft. The frame is titanium and 186 kg in dry weight and each model is built on order for the rich ones.

1. Energica Ego 45 £49,999

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain

Electric sportbikes are not so cheap either, this unusual edition of the Enerigca Ego is an Italian superbike making 136 horsepowers and 144lbft. Same as the on ewe know Hesketh 24’s with maximum torque making it 0rpm. On its 45th anniversary with 45 celebrities, the production house CRP group included the carbon fiber fairings and elements made with 3D printing. With a free factory tour and a sign which is must, that’s says binding non-disclosure agreements.

Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain – Top List

Sr. # Top Ten Most Expensive Motorcycles in Britain
1 Energica Ego 45 £49,999
2 Brough Superior SS100, £49,999
3 Vyrus 984 C3 2V, “Upwards of” £45,000
4 Kawasaki Ninja H2R, £41,000
5 Lightning LS-218, £35,949
6 Hesketh 24, £35,100
7 MV Agusta F4RC £31,299
8 Harley-Davidson CVO Limited, £30,695
9 CVO Road Glide Ultra, £30,695
10 Ducati Panigale R, £28,995


The above-given article is about the most expensive motorcycles which were ever made. Some of these are not even available in the market unless you order them and for that, you got to be a millionaire. Owning these bikes does not only mention about the money but the extraordinary performance and skills it also has as a motorcycle.