Moto Guzzi has launched an eCommerce platform in the United States

Moto Guzzi has launched an eCommerce platform in the United States

Moto Guzzi USA has announced a new eCommerce platform to increase retail consumer needs (and the realities of contemporary living). Last week’s announcement, which will undoubtedly come as a relief to those frustrated Guzzisti who have been shopping online for many years, coincides with the brand’s 100th anniversary and will offer “contemporary solutions to changing retail challenges,” with the dealer network fulfilling all orders to make purchasing and accessorizing a new Moto Guzzi more seductive, according to the official PR.

Moto Guzzi has launched an eCommerce platform in the United States

It isn’t a ground-breaking effort, but it will go a long way toward simplifying Guzzi’s interactions with current customers and possibly increasing traffic from prospective consumers. Customers may browse for motorcycles online, buy accessories for their new ride, and even choose whether they want it delivered or picked up at the store. On the site/store, authorized Moto Guzzi casual accessories and clothing will be offered, and prospective customers will check what financing options or specials are presently available. In today’s world, that’s simple stuff, but Guzzi desperately required the update to satisfy the increasing demand for 24/7 online service for both current and prospective owners.

Moto Guzzi USA claims that the new (and upgraded) online retail platform adds a feature that may better assist potential owners by linking them with a dealership that meets their requirements. In terms of approved Moto Guzzi dealerships, the online shop may assist in identifying consumers who are eligible for financing

while also enabling retailers to predict near-term floor inventory requirements better.

The Moto Guzzi eCommerce site is now up at store, but be warned: most of the posted information seemed to be out of date when we last visited. Keep an eye out for updates.