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KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle Review Specs Price

For the 2022 model year, KTM completely rethought the 790 Adventure and released the redesigned and upgraded 890 Adventure. This vehicle was built with the street in mind, so it naturally benefits from upgraded suspension components, updated electronics, and a more powerful engine. Although it was designed primarily for use on paved roads, this KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle has a few off-road features that make it suitable for gravel and other forms of rough terrain.

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle – Features and Specs


A characteristic KTM touch distinguishes what would otherwise be a classic adventure-bike design. What I mean by “fairings” is the distinctive, forward-swept cheek fairings and the alien-bug front structure, which serves more as a headlight housing and windshield mount than a fairing per se. In its defense, it does have a sleek and athletic appearance and is a model of frugal design, with no extraneous bodywork to speak of.

The long-stroke suspension is evident from the close-fitting front fender, which has tall, foil-shaped uprights that also double as spoilers for the real fork tube. The twin headlights, daytime running lights, and high-mounted turn signals are all LEDs, and the vehicle’s otherwise bare front face is designed to maximize its visibility in all directions.

A smoked, well-ventilated, rally-style windscreen provides a respite for the rider and, more importantly, protects the five-inch color TFT screen that serves as an interface for the ride quality electronics and displays all of the instrumentation.

The rider’s triangle can be fine-tuned with 30 mm of travel thanks to an adjustable, tapered aluminum handlebar, allowing you to dial your body shape and preferences. The foot pegs are positioned for ease of use whether seated or standing, and the seat seems to be built from the same sturdy “oak board” as before.

With its upswept subframe and raised pillion pad, the pilot’s seat is set in a deep swale that should facilitate satisfactory rider/machine interaction. The passenger and their luggage may use the sturdy J.C. handles that lead into a small cargo rack. The plate holder and tag-light are installed on the short mudguard, while the rest of the taillights are fixed high and tight, out of harm’s way.

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle


The 890 Adventure’s primary frame is made of chrome-molybdenum steel, and the engine acts as a stressed element to complete the construction. The rake angle of the steering pipe is adjusted at 25.9 degrees from the vertical, making it relatively easy to maneuver.

The 21-inch front hoop, not to mention the laced-spoke wheel design and long-stroke suspension, are just some of the compromises made to improve off-road performance on this model.

The rubber, made by Avon, has a road- and gravel-compatible tread pattern called Trail rider. The WP Apex 43 forks are designed for off-road use, with their large 7.87-inch (200 mm) stroke and adjustable compression- and rebound-damping settings. With its own 200 mm stroke and the whole trinity of adjustments, the new WP Apex suspension line reappears at the rear shock to round out the support, allowing for rapid tuning for variations in load and riding conditions.

Lastly, a hydraulic shock is installed on the steering head to reduce the bar kickback experienced after landing from a moonshot or operating in unfavorable terrain. New and improved braking components include dual 320 mm discs up front with four-bore calipers and a 260 mm disc with a twin-piston anchor in the rear. Bosch provides the ABS with their 9.1 MP system, which includes cornering-ABS, an off-road mode that lets you lock up the rear wheel exclusively, and the ability to turn it off entirely if you prefer to take your chances and depend on talent alone.


KTM increased the engine displacement of the 890 Adventure to 889 ccs, increasing the maximum output to 103.2 hp; this new motor was borrowed from the brand-spanking-new Husky Norden 901.

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle

The new 90.7 mm diameter and 68.8 mm stroke of the parallel-twin engine are pretty over the square. To improve aspiration, the intake and exhaust valves were each widened by 1 mm and the ports were fine-tuned.

The forged pistons are small and lightweight, with a Diamond-Like Carbon finish for low friction and two oil jets beneath each piston to remove excess heat from the crown. The raw aluminum of the cylinder is treated with Nicasil, transforming it into a durable, heat-conductive bore without the added weight or installation complications of sleeve inserts.

For long-distance comfort, the engine has a balance shaft installed at the top to dampen vibrations caused by its unconventional 435-degree firing sequence, which gives the vehicle a V-twin-like idling lope but inconsistent power pulses while accelerating.

With the optional Quickshifter Plus, you may slam up and down the gears without needing a throttle roll-off or clutch action, thanks to the slipper clutch installed between the engine and the six-speed gearbox.

KTM’s newest generation of Traction Control and ABS work in tandem, with both systems managed by the bike’s Ride Modes system. These modes allow for instantaneous changes in riding style, thereby turning the bike into a collection of motorcycles with distinct personalities.

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle – Price

The MSRP of the 890 Adventure model year MY22 is $13,399. Because it is a KTM, the bike comes in a color scheme of black and orange, which looks great but is joined by a second scheme that is primarily black with a hint of orange accents.

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle

KTM 890 Adventure vs. Ducati Multistrada 950.

The “950” carries itself with the customary swagger you’d expect from the Italian powerhouse Ducati, much as KTM’s “929” does with its apparent Ducati DNA. KTM’s sensual lines match technological features like Traction Control, Cornering ABS, and Riding Modes. For climbing steep terrain, Duc’s Vehicle Hold Control (which holds the brakes) and Power Modes (which let you adjust the power delivery) give it a minor advantage.

The Italian entry has a 937 cc engine, whereas the KTM’s is just 889 cc. Because of this, the 950 now has 113 horsepower, up from the 890s 103.2, which is a noticeable increase on the dyno.

However, there is usually some kind of compromise to be made. The Ducati’s $14,495 starting MSRP means you’ll have to leave some cash on the table, which is challenging considering the bikes’ equal performance and electronics.

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Transmission 6-speed
Cooling Liquid-cooled with water/oil heat exchanger
Power In KW 77 kW
Starter Electric starter
Stroke 68.8 mm
Bore 90.7 mm
Clutch PASC™ anti-hopping clutch, mechanically operated
Displacement 889 cm³
EMS Bosch EMS with RBW
Design 2-cylinder, 4-stroke, parallel twin
Lubrication Forced oil lubrication with two oil pumps

KTM 2022 890 Adventure Motorcycle


ABS Bosch 9.1 MP
Front Brake Disc Diameter 320 mm
Rear Brake Disc Diameter 260 mm
Chain 520 X-Ring
Frame Design Chromium-Molybdenum-Steel frame including an engine as a stressed element, powder coated
Front Suspension WP APEX 43
Rear Suspension WP APEX – Monoshock
Steering Head Angle 64.1-degree

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