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KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike Review Price Specs

Whether its power/weight or power and control, the new KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike is the perfect combination of everything that matters. The unique off-road features the high-performance 2-stroke engine installed in a state-of-the-art chassis, this powerhouse is undoubtedly the fastest 250 ccs 2-stroke engine on the right track. This proven racing weapon is the best option for those riders who thrive on its glorious 2-stroke sound while taking a hot turn after the next.

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike – Features and Price

Key Features

The KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike has a runnable appearance with brand-new graphics. It features a new WP XACT front fork configuration for better cushioning and new fork piston for better performance. It also features a proven, sophisticated air cushion design with separate cushioning functions. For better tuning, it comes with a new WP XACT rear shock configuration and a new compression adjuster. Light, high-tech chrome-molybdenum steel structure with optimized stiffness provides an excellent mixture of comfort and stability. One-piece cast aluminum swingarm has an extended rear axle groove for greater adjustability, offering better straight-line stability.

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike

Lateral Side counterbalance reduces engine vibration for less pilot fatigue at the top of the motorcycle. 38 mm flat sliding carburetor provides a smooth, controllable power supply and guarantees optimal performance across the range. The body features a slim design for optimum comfort, control, and freedom of movement. Airbox and air cover are designed in such a way that they provide maximum protection of the air filter against dirt and better airflow for optimal performance. The air filter is accessed without tools for quick maintenance. An all-new Brembo hydraulic clutch system offers lightweight operation and highly controllable modulation of the clutch.

High-tech Brembo brakes are standard equipment for 250 SX and are combined with lightweight Wave discs. The handlebar clamps come with a separate lower clamp and an upper bridge clamp for more torsional stiffness. The KTM “Dirt-free” dowel design prevents the pivot from becoming clogged, ensuring that the footprint is usually in the correct position. State-of-the-art Excel rims with Dunlop MX 3S tires, super light Galfer Wave rotors, and CNC machined hubs are used for this bike. “Dirt-free” shift lever prevents dirt from clogging the lever joint to confirm the proper shift at any disease. A cylinder including a double valve-controlled power valve for greater power that can be adjusted inside seconds for various track conditions.

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike

Engine and Chassis

The 2-stroke KTM has been destroying the MX tracks for many years and is undoubtedly the fastest on the track today. Due to so years of experience and continuous development, these engines are the benchmark in performance and technology, with the right combination of power, weight, and control. Through high-RPM melodic screams, the KTM 2-strokes still offers exciting high-performance harmonics. The reworked configurations provide a slightly smoother and more relaxing feel that, together with the dynamic and performance-oriented chassis, ensure that the KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike remains one of the most exciting attractions on the market.

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike

The chassis is the main and an integral part of the feeling that a rider has with his motorcycle. The chassis of the KTM 250 SX is designed to produce accurate feedback between the track and the rider while reducing the roughness of the typical motocross terrain. The high-tech steel structure is formed by chromium-molybdenum and has optimized flex characteristics that absorb the big blows. At the same time, it offers excellent agility and stability at high speed. In 2019, the engine was lifted within the frame by 1 ° around the swingarm pivot. It improves handling and therefore, front-wheel grip and remains the same in 2020. For 2020, the suspension has improved damping characteristics.

Ergonomics and Body

A rider’s ability to figure in unison with his bike depends on how quickly and effectively he can move his weight around the motorcycle. KTM has focused extensively on body design and ergonomics that provide the best levels of performance. It ensures that the natural riding position offers the most effective control possible and, through different handlebar locations, can also be adjusted to suit each driver and condition. The rider’s primary connection to the motorcycle comes through the seat, pedals, and handlebars. These three points of contact play an essential role in maintaining balance and control. Undiluted two-stroke simplicity, with an hour meter to control how long you’ve been destroying and an optional tachometer to help with the perfect setup.

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike

The KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike has become an icon among 2-stroke fanatics, except for this bike, the classic sound it delivers is where the nostalgia ends. The combined effort between KTM factory riders, KTM R&D and Kiska Design has resulted in a perfect modern-looking motorcycle with a body that achieves complete harmony between rider and motorcycle. The main objective of the designers is to produce the right contact points for the rider. It allows maximum freedom of movement and better control of the motorcycle. Samples of the intelligent design can be seen in the I-frame of the front and rear fenders, which guarantee maximum stability and therefore, the lowest possible weight.

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike – Price

The new 2020 250 SX is available at $8,299 only.

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike – Technical Specifications


Type Single Cylinder, 2-Stroke
Displacement 249 cc
Bore / Stroke 66.4 / 72 mm
Starter Kickstarter
Transmission 5 Gears
Fuel System Mikuni TMX 38 Carburetor
Lubrication Premix 60:1
Primary Ratio 26:73
Final Drive 14:50
Cooling Liquid Cooling
Clutch Wet Multi-Disc DDS-Clutch, Brembo Hydraulics
Ignition Kokusan

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike Specs


Frame Central Double-Cradle Type 25CrMo4 Steel
Sub Frame Aluminum
Handlebar Neken, Aluminum Ø 28/22 mm
Front Suspension WP XACT USD Fork, Ø 48 mm
Rear Suspension WP XACT Monoshock with Linkage
Suspension Travel Front/Rear 310 mm / 12.2 inches; 300 mm / 11.81 inches
Front/Rear Brakes Disc Brake 260 mm / 10.24 inches; 220 mm / 8.66 inches
Front/Rear Rims 1.60 x 21” / 2.15 x 19” Excel
Front/Rear Tires 80/100-21” / 110/90-19” Dunlop MX3S
Chain 5/8 x 1/4 in
Silencer Aluminum

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike Specs


Steering Head Angle 26.1º
Triple Clamp Offset 22 mm
Wheelbase 1,485 mm ± 10 mm / 58.5 ± 0.4 inches
Ground Clearance 375 mm / 14.8 inches
Seat Height 950 mm / 37.4 inches
Tank Capacity, Approx 7.5 L / 1.98 gallons
Weight (without fuel), Approx 95.5 kg / 210.5 lbs

KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike Specs


Usually, the rider is looking for a fast and competitive motorcycle with an excellent sense of controlled agility. The KTM 2020 250 SX Powerful Dirt Bike, like the entire SX line, fills in all the right boxes, especially when it comes to race-ready ergonomics.

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