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Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Bike Review

Sporty performance meets daily use in the aggressive, super naked Z style. The new Z650 naked sportbike has a lightweight frame and a powerful, torquey engine at its heart. The z650 is a joy to ride because of its smooth power and quick handling.

Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Bike – Features and Price

Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Bike


Power qualities that simplify control and inspire confidence across a wide variety of riding circumstances are achieved by tuning the engine to generate robust, smooth, and responsive power, particularly in the low- to mid-range. Camshafts maximize Low-to-mid-range performance with short working angles and valve overlap. It is also possible to improve low and midrange responsiveness and performance by altering the design of the intake port. As a result, a light airbox helps the bike’s overall slim form by enhancing the low and mid-range power feel. The internal architecture of the muffler optimizes low-to-mid-range power delivery via a small header and a streamlined design.

Engine weight is distributed more evenly when the muffler is located below it. The radiator fan cover of the Kawasaki Air Management System (KP) (KAMS) helps divert hot engine air away from the rider. The compact parallel-twin engine reduces the motorcycle’s overall size and makes it more agile. From the front to the rear, the engine is exceptionally compact due to a Triangular crank and transmission shaft configuration, a brand new semi-dry sump (KP) oil system, and the slight pitch of the chrome composite (KP) plated aluminum cylinders. Engines with a 180-degree crankshaft and a balancer shaft operate exceedingly smoothly. The pistons’ undersides are cooled by oil jets in the connecting rod’s large ends.

Digital Fuel Injection (KP)

Powerful low-to-mid-range torque is provided by 36mm Keihin throttle bodies, which have twin throttle valves (KP). To provide exact throttle response, the ECU controls sub throttles situated behind the main throttle valves. The fine atomizing injectors and the exhaust catalyzer considerably cut emissions. Using an automatic quick idle system makes starting and warming up simple.

Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Bike

Assist & Slipper Clutch

The new clutch hub and brand new pressure plate rotational forces are utilized during acceleration (Assist function) to bring the clutch together, allowing for smaller springs and a lighter lever feel. The Slipper feature permits some clutch slippage to aid avoid engine lockup and stalling, as well as rear-wheel hop when the back-torque is strong.

6-Speed Transmission

A linkage-type gear shift system provides a more immediate sensation. Transmission shafts and the shift drum are efficiently arranged in a cassette-style transmission. A distinctive Kawasaki innovation that enables the rider to shift into neutral while the bike is stopped effortlessly is the Positive Neutral Finder.


The adjusted dimensions and wall thicknesses of the high-tensile steel trellis frame lead to incredibly light handling and reduced weight.

As a result, the frame lines are kept as straight as possible by using components that follow the ideal pipeline. To distribute stress as evenly as possible, the angles of the bends were kept as modest as feasible. Stress members for the engine and footpegs are attached to the chassis using three-point rigid attachments.

Horizontal Back-link Rear Suspension

To improve mass centralization, a connection is positioned on top of the swingarm. For the rear shock to operate without being influenced by exhaust heat, it has been placed farther away from the exhaust. The gull-wing swing arm also provides room for the muffler while allowing for light, natural handling characteristics.

Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Bike

Triple Petal Design Brake Discs

The Bosch 9.1M control unit in the Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS) aids in braking under specific situations and saves space and weight. They are known for their athletic appearance, with front and rear brake clear pads, which provide powerful initial bite and excellent control and total braking force. Massive 27mm of pistons in the front brake calipers give a superb braking feel. The use of a petal-shaped design may achieve improved cooling and warp resistance.

Wheels and Tires

Wheels with a sporty five-spoke design-assist give the vehicle a quick and agile look. Excellent performance and increased fuel efficiency are achieved thanks to Dunlop Sportsman D214 tires.

Streetfighter Cockpit

A somewhat forward handlebar position enhances Sport-riding potential. To keep the rider’s knees open, the footpegs should be positioned lower and farther front. To make it extremely easy to ride and to reach the ground, the gasoline tank is located low on the chassis and has a sleek shape. Resin fuel caps have a more elegant look since they don’t have any attaching bolts. To make it easier for all-size riders to get their feet on the ground, the front seat is particularly narrow. Rubber-mounted handlebars help decrease vibrations on the rider. For improved comfort, the brake and clutch levers are each five-way adjustable.

High-Tech Instrumentation

The stacked instrument cluster has a simple arrangement that is easy to understand. Using LCD needles, the tachometer’s analog figures are shown on a brushed-aluminum screen. The tachometer is flashed with a shift-up indication when the user-selected shift point is reached. The gear position indicator lets riders quickly assess the transmission gear they’ve chosen. LCD with white characters on a black backdrop for speedometer, odometer/trip meters, clock, fuel level, fuel consumption, exterior and coolant temperature, and Economical Riding Indicator (ERI) (KP).

Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Bike

Distinctive Z Styling

The Z650 continues the sigmoid style of the latest Kawasaki Z series with its unique twist. To describe a person or thing of grandeur, Sigmoid refers to the tremendous aura or energy they emit, which the observer can sense. Suggomi is awe-inspiring, creates an unforgettable impression, is intimidating in height or ability, and compels respect. For an aggressive look, the gasoline tank’s headlight cowl and meter visor assist in creating a sleek, smooth line from the top of the tank. Engine shrouds enhance the compact, lightweight appearance with a crisp form and slight overhang. An aggressive front fender design and small, upswept tail cowl add to its athletic build. Z-shaped LED the taillights to illuminate taillights.

Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Bike – Price

The new Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Motorcycle is available at $7,399 only.

Kawasaki 2019 Z650 ABS Sports Bike – Technical Specifications


Engine Four strokes, Two cylinders, DOHC, water-cooled
Displacement 649cc
Bore x Stroke 83mm x 60mm
Compression Ratio 10.8:1
Maximum Torque 48.5 lb-ft at 6,500rpm
Fuel System DFI® with Keihin 36 mm of Keihin throttle bodies
Ignition TCBI, including electronic advance
Transmission 6-speed, return shift
Final Drive Sealed chain


Front Suspension / Wheel Travel Telescopic fork/4.9 inches
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Horizontal back-link having adjustable preload, swingarm/5.1 inches
Front Tire 120/70 ZR17 Dunlop Sportmax D214F Sportmax
Rear Tire 160/60 ZR17 Dunlop Sportmax D214
Front Brakes Dual 300mm petal-type rotors having two-piston calipers, ABS
Rear Brakes Single 220mm of the petal-style disc, ABS


Frame Type Trellis, high tensile steel
Rake/Trail 24.0°/3.9 inches
Overall Length 81.3 inches
Overall Width 30.5 inches
Overall Height 42.5 inches
Ground Clearance 5.1 inches
Seat Height 30.9 inches
Curb Weight 410.1 lb
Fuel Capacity 4.0 gallons
Wheelbase 55.5 inches
Color Choices Metallic Flat Spark Black/Metallic Spark Black, Stormcloud Blue/Pearl Storm Gray/Metallic Flat Spark Black
Warranty 12 Month Limited Warranty
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional) 12, 24, 26, or 48 months

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