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Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle Review

It’s a little thing. Fun is a top priority. An agile streetfighter, the Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle is built to challenge expectations of what a lightweight motorbike can do. This simple-to-ride motorcycle gives both novice and expert riders a taste of the fun and freedom that comes with riding. The Z125 PRO is a rider ticket to the rebellious side of fun, thanks to its distinctive Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle “Z” design.

The Z125 PRO from Kawasaki is the perfect urban motorcycle since it’s small and light. Despite its little stature, the Z125 PRO is just as capable as its bigger Z sister counterparts. The quick-revving engine was designed to have a sporty character and pulls smoothly from the bottom to the redline, providing excellent passing performance for managing city traffic.

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle – Features and Price

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle

Engine Features

The air-cooled, SOHC, 2-valve Single is designed to provide excellent acceleration throughout the rpm range despite its simplicity and reliability.

Cam profiles and intake port design enhance the smooth, quick-revving nature of the engine. Stable fuel delivery is guaranteed with fuel injection since it doesn’t matter what the outside air temperature or atmospheric pressure is like. It also ensures a dependable engine start, regardless of how hot or how cold the engine is. An upper-and-forward-positioned airbox contributes to a sporting power sensation while also helping to reduce intake noise. With its long-nose type injector, the 24 mm throttle body contributes to the quick-revving nature.

Under-engine muffler design adds to compactness and mass centralization for easy handling and improved maneuverability with the stainless steel exhaust pipe. While the battery is ultimately charged or when the engine is accelerating, the competent regulator with a built-in microprocessor cuts the producing current to reduce wear and tear on the generator.

There’s been a blackout. In addition, the technology aids in increasing fuel economy. Manual clutch on a four-speed gearbox Larger displacement versions have a link-type shift lever, which lowers the input force needed to change gears for a lighter shift touch.

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle

Chassis Features

The lightweight, agile handling is made possible by the undersized chassis, sporty suspension, and low-profile tires. The backbone frame made of high-tensile steel is sturdy enough to handle two-up riding.

Rear offset laydown suspension aids in compactness while also improving handling performance. The angle at which the shock is mounted is specifically chosen to offer excellent shock action and optimum ride comfort for the driver. The rear shock’s preload may be adjusted in four different ways, enabling riders to customize the preload for their weight as well as for passengers. The passenger-carrying strength of a box-section swingarm is enhanced by its rigidity. Excellent stiffness and low unsprung weight are provided by the 30mm inverted front fork’s lightweight aluminum triple clamp. The Z125 PRO’s responsiveness may be attributed in part to the fork settings.

For excellent sporty street performance, use tubeless tires on lightweight cast-aluminum wheels. The tread pattern and tire sizes were chosen to provide a sporty, agile feel. A 130 mm rear tire will fit on the rim since it is more expansive. Braking strength matches the Z125 PRO’s dynamic handling thanks to dual disc brakes upfront and back. Like its bigger siblings in the Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle line-up, the petal discs give this bike a sportier appearance.


The Z125 PRO has the appearance and builds the quality of a much more expensive bike. The styling pays homage to Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle’s aggressive Z model series, resulting in a unique package that seems like it’s ready to take off even when it’s just sitting there. The bold Z design’s compact headlight cowl is a significant aesthetic feature. With a sporty single-headlamp design, the rider may seem trimmer. The headlamp’s many reflectors provide a focused beam of light.

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle

The compact engine shrouds enhance the bike’s hourglass shape and aggressive appearance. With flared top edges and a lean forward, the slender fuel tank adds aggression to the build. The front-mounted ignition switch adds to the bike’s athletic appearance while also contributing to a clean cockpit design. A sculpted under-cowl in the super naked style gives an aggressive look to the wearer’s muscular persona. The integrated fork protectors on this sporty front fender assist riders keep the fork tubes clean by catching road debris. Turn signals on the front and rear provide a sporty look thanks to the clear, translucent lenses and crisp design.

The athletic appearance of the stepped seat is enhanced while also seating a rider and a passenger. A crisp LED taillight with LED lights arranged in a “Z” design completes the sleek tail section. As well as helping to keep the under-tail and rear suspension clean, an inner rear fender completes the look. Machined footpegs for the rider and passenger add to the bike’s athletic appearance while also providing the rider with immediate input. The sleek appearance is further enhanced by the addition of a stylish front sprocket cover. It has a multi-function LCD screen and a racing analog tachometer on the console. Standard features such as a speedometer, clock, and odometer are available in addition to premium extras like a gear position indication and a fuel gauge as well as a trip counter.

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle

Convenient Features

Long riding range is made possible by a large gasoline tank and excellent fuel economy. To prevent tampering, secure the gasoline tank cap. Riders benefit from low seat height since it makes it simple to touch the ground on both feet. Because of its nominal size and low weight, the Z125 PRO is a breeze to manage, even while the rider size strolling alongside the bike. Convenient urban driving due to the small turning radius traffic.

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle – Price

The new Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle is available for $3,199 only.

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Engine 4-stroke, one cylinder, SOHC, 2-valve, air-cooled
Displacement 125cc
Bore x Stroke 56 mm x 50.6 mm
Compression Ratio 9.8:1
Maximum Torque 7.1 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm
Fuel System DFI® with 24mm throttle bodies
Ignition TCBI with electronic advance
Transmission 4-speed, return shift
Final Drive Sealed chain

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle Specs


Front Suspension / Wheel Travel Telescopic fork/3.9 inches
Rear Suspension / Wheel Travel Swingarm, single shock/4.1 inches
Front Tire 100/90-12
Rear Tire 120/70-12
Front Brakes Single 200mm petal-style disc
Rear Brakes Single 184mm petal-style disc

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle Specs


Frame Type Backbone
Rake/Trail 26.0°/2.7 inches
Overall Length 66.9 inches
Overall Width 29.5 inches
Overall Height 39.6 inches
Ground Clearance 6.1 inches
Seat Height 31.7 inches
Curb Weight 224.8 lb
Fuel Capacity 2 gallons
Wheelbase 46.3 inches
Color Choices Ebony, Candy Steel Furnace Orange
Warranty 12 Month Limited Warranty
Kawasaki Protection Plus™ (optional) 12, 24, 36, or 48 months

Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle Specs


The new Kawasaki 2019 Z125 Pro Street Motorcycle is among those motorcycles known for their high-performing fuel-efficient engine. Its compact chassis helps achieve maximum riding pleasure, while the perfectly tuned braking and suspension system ensures that riders always receive non-stop riding pleasure.

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