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Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers Review Specs

The Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers and 2020 Honda Rebel 300 motorcycles are designed to meet a motorcyclist’s most basic demands. Maximalism, customization, and outstanding performance in every environment—whether it’s an urban street or a winding backroad—are the hallmarks of the models. The 2020 versions keep the distinctive gasoline tank and narrow-style frame. Still, they include LED illumination front and back, performance-enhancing improvements for the chassis and engine, and an expanding accessory range to enhance the whole experience. A new assist-slipper clutch for the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 improves handling and deceleration control while reducing clutch lever effort by 30%. These vehicles are already well-known for their pleasant operation and ability to swiftly Traverse City streets.

When the city streets give way to winding backroads, the new forks stiffer spring rates and reduced oil levels enhance handling, while the new shock’s more robust spring rates offer comparable support. In addition to providing valuable data like gear selection and fuel level, a more unique, thicker, and denser seat provides enhanced support. New LED turn signals and a reworked LED taillight accompany a relocated and reshaped LED headlamp to enhance the two models’ appealing appearance further. Powerful bottom-end torque and smooth, linear power delivery are provided by a 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin engine in the Rebel 500 and 286cc single in the Rebel 300, respectively.

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers – Features and Price

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers

Chassis / Suspension

Both models ride in a comfortable and neutral stance, with their arms extended and their feet resting on the pegs at the midpoint. Sporty lean angles may be achieved with high ground clearances. The Rebel’s low-slung aesthetic is supported by its beautiful tubular-steel frame, which carries the engine in three locations and is intended to be as thin around the rider’s inseam as possible. The rake is 28 degrees, and the trail is 110mm wide. It has 41mm fork stanchions, which are spaced 230mm apart for a combination of rigidity, comfort, and aesthetics, and blacked-out lower legs.

Steering is balanced and neutral thanks to the 30° fork angle, 58.7-inch wheelbase, and 27.2-inch seat height. The seat is separated from the stamped-metal rear fender by a unique back loop on the frame, and 16-inch cast-aluminum wheels are fitted with 130/90-16 front and 150/80-16 rear Dunlop tires. Standard and ABS variants of the Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 are also readily accessible. Refined styling, a distinctive fuel tank design, and thick tires on large-diameter rims add a stripped-down look that exudes quirky originality. Dual side-mounted dual shocks with two-step preload adjustments on a 45mm tubular swingarm. Below the gasoline tank, the ignition is located.

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers

Engine / Drivetrain

An 8-valve, parallel-twin engine with powerful bottom-end torque and a linear power delivery power the Rebel 500. Using roller rocker arms, the Rebel 500-cylinder head employs shim-type valve adjustment, which reduces valve-spring load and friction. The cam chain of the Rebel 500 (SV Chain) is coated with Vanadium, which reduces friction by protecting the pins from dust. Its inlet valve is 26 millimeters in diameter while its exhaust valve measures 21.5 millimeters. The piston skirt of the Rebel 500 features striations to minimize friction.

After isonite nitriding, an AB 1 salt bath procedure creates a protective oxidization membrane. With the main couple-balancer tucked down below the cylinders, near to the motorcycle’s center of gravity, the Rebel 500 crankpin phase is 180 degrees. Reduced noise is achieved by using scissors gearing for primary and balancer gears. With its low inertia and free-spinning capability, the engine’s crank counterweight is optimized for couple-balance. Centrifugally cast thin-walled sleeves are used in Rebel 500 crankcases. With a 180° phased firing sequence, the internal design decreases the “pumping” losses. 3.2 liters are the capacity of a deep oil sump. The Rebel 300 has a single-cylinder 286cc engine. Smooth gear shifts may be achieved using a six-speed gearbox. Mechanical parts are blacked out for a robust, minimalist appearance. The muffler has been intended to look beautiful and provide a pulsing exhaust sound.

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers

Honda Accessories

It is possible to identify the appearance of the Honda Rebel 500 and Rebel 300 with a wide choice of genuine Honda accessories. A new saddlebag that can be removed without the need of tools and comes with a shoulder strap for easy use when you leave the bike is just one of the many accessories available.

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers – Price

The new Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers is available at the price of $7,299 only.

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers – Technical Specifications

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers Specs


Type 471cc liquid-cooled 20-degree parallel-twin four-stroke
Valve Train DOHC; four valves per cylinder
Bore x Stroke 67 mm x 66.8 mm
Compression Ratio 10.7:1
Induction PGM-FI; 34 mm throttle bodies
Ignition Computer-controlled digital transistorized w/ electronic advance
Starter Electric
Transmission Six-speed manual
Clutch Multi-plate wet
Final Drive #520 chain; 15T/40T


Front 41mm telescopic fork; 4.8 inches travel
Rear Twin shock; 3.8 in. travel

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers Specs


Front Single 296 mm disc with hydraulic calipers; ABS
Rear Single 240 mm disc with hydraulic calipers; ABS


Front 130/90-16
Rear 150/80-16

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers Specs


Rake (Caster Angle) 28º
Trail 110 mm (4.3 in)
Length 86.2 inches
Width 5.3 inches
Height 42.9 inches
Seat Height 27.2 inches
Ground Clearance 5.3 inches
Wheelbase 58.7 inches
Fuel Capacity 2.95 gal. (0.6 gals. Reserve)
Color Matte Armored Silver, Graphite Black, Matte Blue Jeans Metallic
Curb Weight 414 lbs.

Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers


The new Honda Rebel 500 ABS 2020 Cruisers is an impressive cruiser with plenty of unique features. Its powerful yet fuel-efficient engine is responsible for delivering instant throttle response, while an attractive and stylish chassis always demand to have another view.

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