Test Kawasaki er6f 2012 for a Few Euro

Test Kawasaki er6f 2012: and for a few Euros moreover…

Four months after having discovered the new Kawasaki er6n 2012 on sublimes roads in Portugal, bikescatalog.com tests the ducted version of the small Kawasaki roadster on the more picturesque secondary roads of Normandy. For 500 € moreover, which does propose the Kawasaki er6f?

Test Kawasaki er6f 2012: and for a few Euros moreover…

Foul weather for Kawasaki er6f:

The weather is fresh, it is gray, and the roads are dirty, my motorcycle as well… It is not about a counting rhyme for child of motorcyclists, but indeed of the summary – or rather of the caricature – of our last Kawasaki test in date: that of the third version of Kawasaki er6f!
Indeed, contrary to the Kawasaki er6n 2012 presented as for the month of October 2011 to the whole of the European press in the paradise for motorcyclist is the coast of Algarve (in the south of Portugal), his ducted sister had to be satisfied with launching presses national later and less sumptuous.
“So in France, the version “F” accounts for only approximately 20% of the total volume of the Kawasaki ER6f sold (that is to say 800 units, note), on the other major markets the ratio is rather about 35 “F” for 65 “N”, except notable for the United Kingdom where it is sold 60% of “F” for 40% of “N “”, however the person in charge illustrates presses French.

Test Kawasaki er-6f 2012: and for a few Euros moreover…

To discover the equipped Kawasaki ER6f, less important than the stripped “model top” – in terms of sales -, Kawasaki France had thus concocted us a small rolling in the Nantes area.
But Because of the bad weather – and with the perfect conscious that the journalists are animals to be cherished in the direction of their silky and delicate hairs… -, the French subsidiary of Kawasaki preferred to cancel this test envisaged earlier this month!
It should be admitted that the snow piled up on the west coast would have strongly compromised on the dynamic test of this fourth Kawasaki innovation of the year… “How, the adjustable bubble does not go down sufficiently to serve as snow plough?”
The windshield is precisely the element which holds in priority the attention of MNC at the time to discover “for truth” of this Kawasaki er6f 2012. On the black model placed at our disposal, the bubble is clearly higher than on the two other models of test of green color.

Test Kawasaki er-6f 2012: and for a few Euros moreover…

“There exist three positions for the bubble while the amplitude between the two extremes reaches 6 cm”, exposes us a member of the Kawasaki engineering team. Useless unfortunately to draw or push the bubble to modify the height of it: it is fixed by the four screws in charge of fork and can be moved only by means of one Allen wrench!
“Generally people do not play a long time with the adjustments of their bubble, they choose all that before ,which is appropriate for their gauge, whatever the course considered”, it the Greens believe… But the argumentation does not allure us completely: a bubble more easily adjustable – as on the Kawasaki Z1000SX, for example! – would have been the welcome!
The preparation of the news about small road motorcycle, on the other hand, is inspired deliberately by those of his/her famous big sisters: “the projection of the frontal careenage takes again the lines inherited by the Kawasaki Z1000SX”, the Japanese describe, while in top of the sides “of deep openings the Kawasaki ZZR1400 recalls, new floret of the range Ninja”.

Test Kawasaki er-6f 2012: and for a few Euros moreover…

In its great kindness, MNC points out the principal changes to you: engine torque reinforced with bottom and average modes, new framework finer, new double arm oscillating tubes, clearances of the suspensions lengthened, saddles more comfortable and new console of edge.

Test Kawasaki er-6f 2012: and for a few Euros moreover…Invoiced does 500 Euros moreover than the Kawasaki er6n 2012 – but also 500 Euros moreover than the Kawasaki er6f 2009 at its exit (ah, inflation, the parity yen-euro, etc)