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Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle Review Price Specs

Some people cannot accept the “no” answer, Some motorcycles cannot. Enter the 2019 Honda African twins and African twins adventure campaign. Designed for endless possibilities, they know no borders. Both have the same legendary engine and frame. But the “African Gemini adventure sport” is optimized for range and comfort with a larger fuel tank, more suspension travel, larger skid plates, and more full foot pedals, bigger windshield, etc. This year, Africa twin launched the stunning matte black metallic and blue/white/red, while Africa twin adventure sports have now started light silver/gray metallic. So, whether you are preparing for the weekend of the year, the Honda African twins are ready and competent. Our today’s article will throw the light on the review and specification of Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle.

When the CRF1000L African twins were launched in 2016 to pay tribute to the successful XRV650 and XRV750, it is a full-size adventure motorcycle immediately could cruise through the continent and highway. For 2018, the “true adventure” spirit of the award-winning model expanded with the launch of the CRF1000L2 African Gemini Adventure Movement. The platform pushed it further into the field of remote off-road. The overall design of the two is similar, and both models will return in 2019 to achieve an excellent balance between power and lightness. It is a vital part of the platform’s success and user-friendliness.

The Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle has a dual-clutch gearbox, in-line throttle, and three driving modes. It also has G switch, Honda optional torque control, and engine braking, 18.8-liter fuel tank, and fully adjustable SHOWA suspension system. Combining the peak power of 70Kw @ 7,500rpm and 99Nm torque @ 6,000rpm, you can get enough strong acceleration when you need it.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle – Features and Price

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle


The style of the African Twins’ adventure sports is not as simple as that of the African Twins. The double headlights are shared, but Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle has a larger fairing and a screen 80 mm high. It provides more excellent wind resistance. It also comes standard with a heated handle and a 12V accessory socket for more extended travel under a wide range of conditions.

The new adventure sports model comes with standard more giant oil tank guards and headlight bars. An all-new brushed aluminum fairing panel adds a strong appeal and taste to this adventurous machine, while the rear fenders and steel frame can be easily removed. Aluminum sideboxes are provided, as well as aluminum top boxes equipped with CRF1000L2 African Gemini Adventure Sport special installation equipment. Thanks to the 1.4 gallon and 6.37-gallon fuel tank (standard model is 4.97 gallons). The cruising range of the adventure sports model has been extended.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle


For long periods of off-road use, Adventure Sports seats are flatter than standard models and have a seat height of 1.2 inches. The seat is adjusted to 0.8 inches, and the seat height is 35.4 inches or 36.2 inches. There is also a rear storage bag hidden on the right side. To sync with the raised seat height, the handlebar position is kept 1.3 inches higher than the standard model and back 0.2 inches, making the sitting posture more upright.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle

Chassis / Suspension

The 2019 African Twins and African Twins Adventure Sport share a steel semi-double cradle frame. Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle provides a flexible way to go, stable high-speed characteristics, and genuine off-road capabilities. Adventure sports offer 10.6 inches of ground clearance (0.8 inches more than African twins). Each of them has a wheelbase of 61.2 inches, and the front/rear tilt angle is 27.5°/4.5 inches. The containment weight of adventure sports is 533 pounds (556 pounds DCT). The standard model weighs 507 pounds. (529 pounds DCT).

Adventure Sports’ 45mm Showa bullet type inverted fork has an 8.9-inch suspension stroke (0.9 inches higher than the standard African twins). It has the excellent long-distance driving performance. At the rear of Adventure Sports, the Showa shock absorber provides 9.4 inches of travel. Both models of the shock absorber come with the lower upper mount for mass concentration. The new rebound and compression damping are also fully adjustable.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle

The compact two-piece radial-mounted four-piston caliper can work with a 310mm double “wave” floating rotor through a sintered pad. It provides a consistent braking force, which can be felt on the road or off-road. The rear one has a diameter of 256mm and has a “waveform” design. An all-new and lightweight two-channel ABS can be turned off at the back. Adhering to the off-road tradition, the Africa Twin models use 21, and 18-inch spoke front and rear wheels, respectively. The new wheel comes with 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 tires. The spokes are made of stainless steel for improved durability and easy maintenance.


The 998cc SOHC eight-valve parallel twin-engine engine used in the two African twin models is paired with a 2-in-1 downpipe that sends exhaust gas through two catalysts into a simple two-chamber muffler. The hole and stroke are set to 92 x 75.1mm, and the compression ratio is 10.0:1; the 270° phase-controlled crankshaft and uneven ignition interval create the engine’s unique, dynamic, and rear-wheel traction.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle

The crankcases are vertically separated. The water pump is housed in the clutch housing, and the thermostat is integrated into the cylinder head. The balance shaft of the engine drives the water pump and oil pump. These features help make the engine compact and shorten the ground clearance, which is essential for off-road performance.

The four-valve cylinder heads fueled by PGM-FI fuel injection each use dual spark plugs and dual and sequential ignition control to achieve uniform combustion. Honda’s SOHCUnicam valve mechanism is characteristic of the CRF450R. The low position of the cast camshaft contributes to the compactness of the cylinder head. The diameter of the intake valve is 36.5 mm, and the width of the exhaust valve is 31 mm.

The engine uses a semi-dry oil pan and a built-in low crankcase oil storage device. It allows shallow chassis depth and reducing the overall engine height. Since the pressure pump is located in the oil tank, no pressure input channel is needed, thereby saving weight and space. The reciprocating motion of the piston cancels the secondary vibration. The dual-axis balance shaft cancels the inertial and coupled primary vibration. The front balancer shaft uses two counterweights, and the rear uses only one counterweight. An optional quick shifter is available.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle

On the manual transmission version, the aluminum clutch center and pressure plate use “assist” cams to simplify shifting (with a light joystick feel)—the “slip” cams to slow down and downshift. The oil collecting ribs on the primary gear neck side ensure that the gears, shock absorber springs, and central and auxiliary gears are uniformly lubricated. The lightweight six-speed manual transmission uses the same shift cam design as the CRF450R to ensure positive changes. The light-weight (5.1 lb.) lithium-ion battery has a long service life in terms of service life and charge retention.


The entire African twin platform uses an electronically controlled throttle (TBW) system with four independent riding modes and a Honda optional torque control (HSTC) system. The use of TBW provides multiple options for managing engine output, feel, and rear-wheel traction. The system has seven levels, from level 1 (for active riding with large tread tires in off-road mode) to level 7. HSTC can be turned off completely, and there are three levels of power and engine braking.

In the settings used for the first time in the RC213V-S (a street-legal version of Honda MotoGP racing). The three riding modes can provide a preset combination of each parameter, suitable for different riding environments and scenarios.

  • The TOUR mode uses the highest power (1), engine brake (2), and high HSTC (6).
  • The URBAN method uses intermediate power (2), engine braking (2), and high HSTC (6).
  • The GRAVEL mode allows minimum control (3), engine braking (3), and high HSTC (6).

The fourth mode-user-allows the rider of the Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle to set and save his or her power, the preferred combination of engine braking and HSTC levels. You can use the controls on the left switch cabinet to change the riding mode and HSTC levels at any time.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle – Price

The new Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Bike is available in $13,599 only.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Engine and transmission

Displacement 998.0 ccm (60.90 cubic inches)
Engine type Twin, four-stroke
Power 95.0 HP (69.3 kW)) at 7,500 RPM
Torque 98.0 Nm (10.0 kgf-m / 72.3 ft.lbs) at 6,000 RPM
Compression 10.0:1
Bore x stroke 92 mm x 75.1 mm (3.6 inches x 3 inches)
Valves per cylinder 4
Fuel system Injection
Fuel control Single Overhead Cams (SOHC)
Ignition Full transistorized ignition
Cooling system Liquid
Gearbox Automatic
Transmission type, final drive Chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate has coil springs, aluminum cam, assist and slipper clutch
Driveline O-ring sealed chain
Emission details It meets current EPA standards. Those Models that are sold in California meet current CARB standards, and they may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle Specs

Chassis, suspension, brakes, and wheels

Frame type Steel semi-double-cradle type with high-tensile strength steel rear sub-frame
Front suspension Inverted telescopic fork
Front-wheel travel 9 mm (0.4 inches)
Rear suspension Pro-Link® system w/ single shock
Rear-wheel travel 9 mm (0.3 inches)
Front tire 90/90-21
Rear tire 150/70-18
Front brakes Double disc. Switchable ABS. 4-piston calipers and sintered metal pads
Diameter 310 mm (12.2 inches)
Rear brakes Single disc. Switchable ABS. 2-piston caliper and sintered metal pads.
Diameter 256 mm (10.1 inches)
Wheels Wire spoked

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle Specs

Physical measures and capacities

Weight 229.9 kg (506.8 pounds)
Seat height 851 mm (33.5 inches)
Alternate seat height 851 mm (33.5 inches)
Overall length 1575 mm (62 inches)
Wheelbase 1575mm (62 inches)
Fuel capacity 18.77liters (4.96 gallons)

Other specifications

Color options Matte Black Metallic, Blue/White/Red
Starter Electric
Factory warranty One year

Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle Specs


The CRF1000L’s engine provides a perfect balance of feel and rear-wheel traction. Compared with the Adventure Sports model, the appearance is simple. 2Kg reduces the weight, but Honda Africa Twin 2019 Adventure Motorcycle has the same liquid cooling, 998cc 8-valve parallel-twin engines, and improved exhaust.

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