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BMW S1000RR and Ducati Panigale S

Today’s article is about the comparison review of BMW S1000RR and Ducati Panigale S. In number 3944 of Re-examined Motorcycle, we tested the BMW S1000RR HP4 and Ducati Panigale S. We even went until confronting them on circuit. Here what one thinks?

BMW S1000RR and Ducati Panigale S – Features

BMW S1000RR and Ducati Panigale S on track

Would you have resists a call of the circuit Paul-Ricardo? … Impossible! Then imagine a beautiful morning of November bathing in a atmosphere of blue sky heated at about fifteen degrees … Also imagine that in the interior pocket of your leather, necessary with the trainee the unpacking of these two planes a casters. Without returning in an impartial confrontation which would have implied every other organization as well as a stopwatch, we furtively have Tate of Ricardo history to check two/three small things…

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The first, it is that one like the other, once returned full, they sends extremely! Very Strong! The large couple of the 4-cylinders German, leaves palpable on road and in 100 ch, receives maintaining a serious blow of mortar pass 8,000 tr/min! The BMW S1000RR HP4 is clearly a ball.

The second thing say a thanks to the full power cartography, Ducati Panigale S leaves its lethargy! In bottom of the rev counter, it always remains relatively hollow but this time, it hangs the 7,000 tr/min, the twin burp and the beautiful one buck wildly!

Ultra-rigid and firm, it takes time to apprehend the more so as the “Racing” mode configures it most radically possible out of engine and suspensions. It is necessary to roll and still roll to reach the degree of confidence which encourages a “to type to him inside”. And precisely, if one “does not type” not inside, it constrained one step and it does not communicate sufficient feeling to you. With it, if the turns miss to us to take measurement of it, will prefer the “Sport” mode.

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Opposite, the S1000RR HP4 passes for a motorcycle- school! Comfortable as much of saddle than of suspensions, German puts continuation in confidence. Its ultra-powerful engine outdistances Ducati Panigale in pure acceleration but especially, less brutal (also less brutal than a S1000RR HP4 standard RR), it makes it possible to easily give the online motorcycle (thank you also with the wheels Lightweight) in exit of curve. Very quickly, the BMW S1000RR HP4 enables you to return in your best stopwatches.

However, to reach that point, it is only on the “Slick” mode that evolves, is needed because the same “Race” mode exaggeratedly attaches the motorcycle in matter of electronic.
Find the inerrability of this comparative on road in the Re-examined Motorcycle n°3944 in kiosk until December 12th.

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