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BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle Review Specs Price

With a nod to BMW’s past, the BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle is a contemporary cruiser. It has the look and feels of an early BMW touring cruiser. The white double pinstripe on the R 18 Classic First Edition also evokes a sense of time-honored motorcycling tradition. The most potent boxer engine we’ve ever manufactured is clearly at the core of this machine. Relaxation and pleasure are the primary goals of this motorcycle.

The 1802 cc twin-cylinder boxer engine of the BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle is the biggest we’ve ever developed, delivering immediate torque response. In a sense, it’s like a real-life engine. At 3,000 rpm, it reaches its peak torque of 116 lb-ft. It provides more than 100 lb-ft of torque between 2,000 and 4,000 rpm, typical of a boxer engine’s operating characteristics. The Big Boxer produces 91 horsepower at 4,750 rpm.

BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle – Features and Specs

BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle

BMW Boxer Engine

Big Boxer” is the name given to a newly designed two-cylinder boxer engine that forms the heart of the new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle and R 18 models. Since BMW Motorrad was founded in 1923, its air-cooled boxer engines have provided an exhilarating riding experience to countless enthusiasts. 1,802 cc is the largest two-cylinder boxer engine used in motorcycle series manufacturing.

In terms of peak power, the engine reaches a maximum of 67.5 kW (91 hp). A constant torque of over 150 Nm is provided from 2,000 to 4,000 rpm, along with a rich, resonant sound.

Double-loop Steel Tube Frame

In the new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle, the suspension’s heart is a steel tube frame with a double-loop design. Its design is a continuation of BMW Motorrad’s lengthy heritage of using this frame style.

Welded couplings between steel tubes and cast or forged pieces are only one example of the high quality and outstanding attention to detail found in the production process. Bolted connections secure the rear swinging arm, similar to the classic BMW R 5, to the rear axle gearbox in a realistic fashion.

BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle

Telescopic Fork with Fork Sleeves

The suspension components of the new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle Classic and R 18 do not have electronic adjustability. A telescopic fork and a directly attached central suspension strut with travel-dependent damping and adjustable spring preload provide improved wheel control and pleasant suspension comfort.

Instead, The telescopic fork tubes are covered in fork sleeves, like the famous BMW R 5. Front and rear suspension travel are 120 and 90 millimeters, respectively, with a fork tube diameter of 49 millimeters. Front and rear disc brakes, together with four-piston fixed-caliper calipers, are used to slow down the new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle and R 18. Furthermore, the wire-spoked wheels give the vehicle a distinctive look.

Harmonious Ergonomics

The new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle and R 18 have “mid-mounted footpegs,” which align with BMW Motorrad’s concept of laid-back footrest arrangement. Classic BMW positioning allows you an aggressive and relaxing riding posture for maximum bike control.

BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle

Three riding modes

BMW Riders will be able to choose from three basic riding modes on the BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle and R 18 – a rarity in this market – so that they may customize their ride based on personal preferences.

ASC (Automatic Stability Control, disengaged) is also included in the basic trim, ensuring a high degree of riding safety. Engine drag torque control is also included in the new R 18 Classic and R 18 models (MSR). In addition to the reverse assist, the Hill Start Control feature makes it easier to start uphill.

Iconic Style

The new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle expertly able to bring the distinctive aesthetic of bygone eras into the current day while maintaining a refined design in various areas heavily inspired by BMW R 5 classics. The double-loop frame and pear drop tank, open universal shaft and double line painting (ex-works option) all resemble a great boxer from 1936, and it is no accident.

The new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle has metal bodywork, as befits an actual classic design. Additionally, the suspension is evocative of the venerable R 5. Because of its cantilever suspension and double-sided swinging arm, the rigid-frame design of the R 5 has been appropriately updated for the present day.

BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle

Exclusive Look in Paint and Chrome

The new R 18 Classic First Edition and R 18 First Edition models will be available globally upon launch, with a standard model reserved for specific regions. Classic black with white double-lined painting mixes with the R 18 appearance and special equipment features.

A seat emblem and a “First Edition” chrome clasp on the side covers round off the chrome accents.

Conversion-friendly Architecture

Even in the early design stages of the primary vehicle structure, the new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle and R 18 provide a very conversion-friendly architecture, which sets them apart from almost every other motorbike on the market today.

Consequently, it has a detachable rear frame and a painted component set that are easy to disassemble. The hydraulic brake, clutch, and cable harness interface points were thoughtfully designed to enable the installation of higher or lower handlebars with matching hydraulic lines and cable harnesses without any issues.

For further convenience, the oil chamber is situated outside the areas where the cylinder head covers and belt cover are visible (engine housing covers).

Customizing parts and Roland Sands Design

The BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle has a wide choice of customization options available via BMW Motorrad’s equipment catalog. There are a wide variety of accessories available from the Original BMW Motorrad Accessories program that may be used to customize the R 18 Classic and R 18 substantially.

“Machined” and “2-Tone-Black” milled aluminum components are available for the market debut of the new R 18 Classic and R 18, produced in partnership with Roland Sands Design.

BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle

BMW Motorrad collaborates with several well-known suppliers, including the US company Mustang Seat, to provide a variety of high-quality hand-made seats for the new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle’s accessories and customizing program. Meanwhile, the exhaust system customization possibilities in collaboration with Vance & Hines are no less imaginative.

BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle – Price

The new BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle is available for $19,495 only.

BMW 2021 R18 Classic Heritage Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Design Air/oil-cooled two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine with two chain-driven camshafts above the crankshaft.
Bore x stroke 107.1 mm x 100 mm
Capacity 1,802 cc
Horsepower 91 hp at 4,750 rpm
Max. Torque 116 lb-ft at 3,000 rpm
Compression ratio 9.6: 1
Fuel delivery Electronic intake pipe fuel injection, BMS-K+ electronic engine management with overrun cut-off, twin-spark ignition
Emission control A regulated three-way catalytic converter

Mileage / consumption

Maximum speed Over 111 mph
Fuel type Premium unleaded

Electrical system

Alternator Permanent magnet generator 600 W (nominal capacity)
Battery 12 V / 26 Ah, maintenance-free

Power transmission

Clutch Single-disk dry clutch
Gears 6-speed transmission
Secondary drive Shaft drive

Suspension / brakes

Frame Double-cradle steel frame
Front suspension / spring elements Telescopic fork
Rear-wheel guide/spring elements Steel swingarm with central shock strut
Spring travel, front / rear 4.7” / 3.5”
Wheelbase 68.1”
Caster 5.9”
Steering head angle 57.3°
Wheels Spoked wheel
Rim dimensions, front 3.00″ x 16″
Rim dimensions, rear 5.00″ x 16″
Tire, front 130/90 B16
Tire, rear 180/65 B16
Brake, front Twin disc brakes, diameter 300 mm, 4-piston fixed caliper
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 300 mm, fixed caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad Integral ABS (partially integral)

Dimensions / weights

Seat height at, unladen weight 28.0”
Rider step length unladen 65.2”
Usable tank capacity Approx. 4.2 gal
Length 96.1”
Height (excluding mirrors) 52.8”
Height (above windshield, at DIN empty weight) 55.0″
Width (with mirror) 38.0″
Unladen weight, fully fueled/road-ready 805 lbs
Max. permitted weight 1,234.6 lbs.
Max. load (with standard equipment) 430 lbs

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