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BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster Review Price Specs

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster comes with a modern and compelling design that simply demands challenge on every ride. It is a dynamic roadster that offers the rider an opportunity to enjoy adrenaline racing.

The motorcycle responds with accuracy and precision, which means the rider can engage its power intuitively as if it is translating the rider’s thoughts directly into riding pleasure.

The BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster fully supports the ultimate riding pleasure with its lighting technology, fantastic connectivity, and maximum safety. The review of the BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster with its price and specification is written below.

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster – Features and Price

Maximum Fun

The rider will enjoy the maximum riding pleasure because, behind the muscular gesture of BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster, the rider will get pure fun. Its precise edges focus on the athleticism of the machine-like tensed tendons. It appears incredibly focused and finely tuned.

The front section of the best is kept aggressive that includes headlight and indicators. The cockpit and headlight sit compactly on the handlebars, just like the fists of a fighter, covered and ready to attach every split second.

Its fuel tank is kept towards the front section offering optimal mass distribution and a short tail—the compact underfloor silencer aids in an attractive appearance.

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster

More Torque

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster is an intuitive, spontaneous, and dynamic riding pleasure. The rider will not have to wait for the happy moments and take them to his heart desires.

The high-torque two-cylinder in-line engine of BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster delivers 4,500 to 8,500 rpm for 87 Nm. It is the right speed range to get the most fun out of the power.

Adaptive Headlight

The new and highly adaptive headlight switches on automatically at a lean angle of 7 degrees. It comes with a separate LED element in the main headlight, ensuring the best possible illumination of the inside of the curve, thus giving more comfort and safety in every turn.

Adapted – but in terms of ergonomics

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster has got new front-wheel ergonomics and sporty design. Its six different seat heights and fully adjustable hand lever, and high handlebars enable pretty much anyone to find their ideal riding position.

The windshield is also available in the tall version, thus offering comfortable wind protection even on longer rides. Everyone can find the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster that best suits them, which makes it a dynamic roadster.

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster

Riding Enjoyment

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster comes with standard and pro riding modes that quickly turn every curve and ride pure enjoyment even faster. It includes safety-related assistance systems like Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) ABS Pro, Dynamic Brake Control (DBC) and Engine Braking Control (EBC).

The Dynamic Braking Control ensures more safety when braking, while the new Engine Braking Control prevents the rear wheel from stamping or sliding. There is also an optional Gear Shift Assist Pro or the Electronically Adjustable Suspension (ESA) that combines sporty dynamics with comfort.

The BMW Motorrad is has added new models in the adventure sports segment, i.e., Dynamic Roadster F900R and F900XR. Both models give sporty riding fun, straightforward handling, and a unique range of equipment options, packaged to offer attractive value for money. It is based on a robust shared backbone, and both models differ significantly in terms of character and positioning.

Purist Riding Fun

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster offers a self-confident sporty and active dynamic riding experience. It gives a perfect sense of freedom and a modern lifestyle. At the emotional level, aggressive and sports-style design meets motivating performance in engine output, torque, and sound.

Furthermore, there are aspects such as a wide range of potential uses, the highest level of suitability for everyday riding and ergonomics that makes the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster experienced sports riders and newcomers.


The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster set the technological benchmark in the mid-range segment with its high-quality standard equipment and its wide range of optional extras.

In addition, the enhanced riding dynamics are ensured by the further development of the 2-cylinder in-line engine that was first introduced in 2018 in the F 850 GS, now with 77 kW and an even additional torque curve.

The main factor here is a rise in capacity to 895 ccs. With an ignition distance of 270/450-degree and an all-new underfloor silencer system, the engine gives a dynamic sound.

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster

Moreover, the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster comes with engine drag torque control (MSR) for the first time. It prevents the rear wheel from slipping due to abrupt throttling or downshifting, ensuring even greater safety.

Two Standard Riding Modes ASC and ABS

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster already offers Rain and Road riding modes as standard, but the standard trim also includes ABS and ASC, disengageable. The Riding Modes Pro provides a sporty riding experience.

In contrast, additional riding modes, i.e., Dynamic and Dynamic Pro, Dynamic Traction Control, and ABS Pro, are available along with the Dynamic Brake Control and new engine drag torque control.


The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster comes with attractive chassis that features a steel bridge frame, lightweight plastic tanks, and new electronic suspension. Like the BMW GS models in the F Series, the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster uses a steel bridge frame that integrates the engine as a load-bearing element, and the new fuel tank is now back in its classic position the front of the rider.

An upside-down telescopic fork takes the front wheel control care while the double-sided swingarm arm guides the rear with a central suspension strut.

An all-new lightweight plastic-welded fuel tank has a capacity of 13 liters. The bolt-on steel rear frame is newly developed for the BMW F 900 R to ensure its visually short and slim rear. The BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster is a dynamic roadster that focuses only on sporty uses. That’s why it comes with more temporary spring travel.

Thanks to the new BMW Motorrad Dynamic ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) available and almost unique in these motorcycle segments, it is possible to enhance the dynamic riding experience further, riding comfort and touring, and passenger suitability.


The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster comes with an all-new adaptive cornering light exceptional in the mid-range segment as part of the optional extra Headlight Pro. It is the powerful LED lighting units all round as standard. The rider can feel the more excellent safety by using an Adaptive Cornering Light as a component of Headlight Pro, which is distinctive in the mid-range and comes as an option ex works.

Here, the rider benefits from enhanced road illumination when cornering for even safer riding at night. All lighting units in the new BMW F models are based on LED technology as standard.

The motorcycle has got perfectly readable color 6.5-inch TFT screen with BMW Motorrad Connectivity as standard. The engineers have attached great importance to optimum readability for the instrument cluster, even in tough lighting conditions.

Additionally, information diversity, display quality, and user-friendliness are matchless. The screen graphics are visually adapted to the sporty on-road needs. Additional Core screens come in conjunction with optional Pro riding modes. The standard BMW Motorrad Connectivity is a distinctive feature in the mid-range roadsters that can easily talk on the smartphone, listen to music or navigate during the ride.

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster is a perfectly designed motorcycle for dynamic riding fun, and it has excellent segment-specific wind and weather protection for touring and traveling. The dynamic roadster offers a particularly sporty and active seating position. Various low and high seats, along with an optional lowering feature, allow an individual adjustment to different body heights.

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster is available in San Marino Blue metallic, Blackstorm metallic, and Style Sport in Hockenheim Silver metallic/ Racing Red.


The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster comes with all sort of technological advancement that improves the performance of the new in-line 2-cylinder engine in terms of torque, power and emotional appeal in particular due to a capacity growth. Meanwhile, the designers maintain positive characteristics like running smoothness and low fuel consumption. In addition, the 2-cylinder in-line engine with increased capacity, power, and pulling power for sporty riding dynamics.

In the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster, further development of the 70 kW 2-cylinder in-line engine first introduced in 2018 F 850 GS ensures even more powerful propulsion.

The primary objective was to significantly increase the power output to 77 kW at 8,500 rpm. With the maximum torque up to 92 Nm, it was possible to achieve a fuller torque curve over the entire speed range.

The increase in fuller torque and performance was achieved by improving the capacity to 895cc by enlarging the cylinder bore by 2mm to 86mm and stroke of 77mm. Furthermore, the cylinder heads were machined, and all-new forged pistons were used.

Moreover, the engine features a compression ratio of 13.1:1, a crankshaft with 90-degree offset crankpins, and an ignition distance of 270/450-degree. It creates a compelling and emotional sound similar to a 90-degree V2 engine, and the sound is rounded off by a completely new underfloor silencer system made of stainless steel.

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster is also available in a smaller version that suits the A2 license class. For the first time, a different type code with 70 kW/95hp is required for a European A2 graded license due to legal requirements to offer throttling to 35 kW. A subsequent change between the 70 kW and 77 kW versions is not possible.

The engine of the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster also absorbs an unwanted vibration via two counterweight shafts in front of and behind the crankshaft. To prevent unwanted churning loss and maximum operation reliability, the engine is fitted with dry sump lubrication that does not require a separate engine oil tank: the new two overhead camshafts, four-valve-per-cylinder operated by rocker arms, and an anti-hopping clutch.

The cylinder head of the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster contains two overhead camshafts that are powered by a toothed chain actuating four valve-per-cylinder via lightweight and therefore speed-resistant cam followers.

The new clutch is designed as a self-reinforcing anti-hopping clutch. It can not only offer the rider low operating forces at the adjustable clutch lever but also enhance riding safety by reducing engine drag torque, especially during braking maneuvers with simultaneous downshifting.

Moreover, the engine is equipped with the latest engine drag torque control (MSR) for the first time in history. Electronically controlled, the MSR stops the rear wheel from slipping due to abrupt throttling or downshifting. An all-new anti-hopping clutch is opened from a mechanically present threshold to avoid the rear wheel from stamping, for example, with shifting down.

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster comes with Shift Assistant Pro as an optional extra to enable the 6-speed transmission to shift up and down without clutch actuation quickly. There are two unique riding modes available in the F 900 R, i.e., Rain and Road, including ABS and ASC, for a high degree of riding fun and safety.

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster


The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster comes with a steel bridge frame for optimum stiffness, robustness, and riding precision. When it comes to suspension, the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster is based on a completely newly developed concept, as were GS models for the F series launched in 2018.

The bridge frame integrates the twin-cylinder in-line engine as a load-bearing element and comprises deep-drawn and welded sheet steel parts.

The new light fuel tanks were welded from plastic as a world first in motorcycle construction and are now repositioned. The previous 2019 BMW F 900 R model had a tank located below the seat.

Currently, the fuel tank is located in the classic position between the heart and steering head. By comparing with the GS models, the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster is the world’s first motorcycle that features welded plastic fuel tank with a carrying capacity of 13 liters. It reduces weight up to 60% when comparing with steel tanks.

Bolt-on Rear Frame

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster features a bolt-on steel rear frame that has been newly developed for F 900 R to create a visually short and slim rear. The attachment of the passenger footpegs has been changed compared to the F 750 GS and F 850 GS.

The footpegs are not attached to the rear frame but integrated into the rider’s footrests support plate. Together with the short underfloor silencer, it results in a typical athletic appearance with a free-standing rear wheel.

The wheel control at the front via an upside-down telescopic fork and the rear via a double-sided aluminum swingarm with a central suspension strut. In the new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster, front-wheel control is taken care of by the new torsion-resistant upside-down telescopic fork with a slider tube diameter of 43mm.

The spring travel is 135 mm, while a double-sided aluminum swingarm guides the rear wheels in conjunction with a directly articulated central strut.

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster – Price

The new BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster is available for $11,550 only.

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster – Technical Specifications

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster Specs


Type Four-stroke, Liquid-cooled, four-valve-per-cylinder, in-line two-cylinder engine, dual overhead camshafts (DOHC), dry sump lubrication
Bore x stroke 86mm x 77mm
Capacity 895cc
Rated output 77 kW (105 hp) @ 8,500 rpm
Max. Torque 92 Nm @ 6,500 rpm
Compression ratio 13.1:1
Mixture control Electronic injection
Emission control The closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-5

Performance / fuel consumption

Maximum speed 216km/h
Fuel consumption / 100 km based on WMTC 4.2 l/100km
CO2 emission based on WMTC 99 g/km
Fuel type Unleaded super, minimum octane number 95 (RON)

Electrical system

Alternator Permanent magnetic alternator 416 W (nominal power)
Battery 12 V / 12 Ah, maintenance-free

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster Specs

Power transmission

Clutch Multiple-disc wet clutch (anti-hopping), mechanically operated
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox integrated into crankcase
Drive Endless O-ring chain including shock damping in rear wheel hub


Frame Bridge-type frame, steel shell construction
Front-wheel location / suspension Upside-down telescopic fork, Ø 43 mm
Rear-wheel location / suspension Cast aluminum dual swing arm, central spring strut, spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable, rebound damping adjustable
Suspension travel, front/rear 135 mm / 142 mm
Wheelbase 1,518 mm
Castor 114.3 mm
Steering head angle 60.5-degree
Wheels Cast aluminum wheels
Rim, front 3.5″ x 17”
Rim rear 5.5″ x 17”
Tire, front 120/70 ZR 17
Tire, rear 180/55 ZR 17
Brake, front Dual disc brake, floating brake discs, Ø 320mm, Four-piston radial brake calipers
Brake, rear Solo disc brake, Ø 265mm, single-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS

BMW 2020 F 900 R Powerful Roadster Specs

Dimensions / weights

Seat height 815mm
Inner leg curve 1,820mm
Usable tank volume 13 l
Reserve 3.5 l
Length 2,140 mm
Height (excl. mirrors) 1,130 mm
Width (excl. mirrors) 815 mm
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled 211 kg
Permitted total weight 430 kg
Payload (with standard equipment) 219 kg

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