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2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle Review Specs Price

The new 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle is aimed directly at their respective audience, even more than their prior models. The F 750 GS is intended for riders who appreciate a travel enduro’s feeling and conceptual design combined with a relatively low seat height, abundant power availability, excellent cost-effectiveness, and solid all-around attributes.

The new 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle, on the other hand, not only has greater power and torque but also has even more unique touring characteristics combined with exceptional off-road prowess.

2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle – Features and Price

2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle


The primary development goal was to boost both power and torque. Furthermore, considerable emphasis was placed on lowering fuel consumption levels. The 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle has an 853-cc displacement and a power output of 57 kW (77 hp) at 7,500 rpm, which is more than enough. The new F 850 GS produces 66 kW (90 hp) at 8,000 rpm, equating to exceptional engine power.

By using a crankshaft with a 90-degree journal offset and a 270/450-degree firing period, the designers could generate a strong and emotionally attractive sound. The new engine’s two counterweight shafts reduce unwanted vibrations.

A self-amplifying, anti-hopping clutch reduces hand clutch working force significantly, while the decrease in engine drag torque improves road safety. The 6-speed gearbox with a secondary drive, located on the left side, transmits power to the rear wheels.

Electrical System and Electronics

BMW Motorrad has long been considered a safety pioneer in the motorcycle industry. A complete LED headlamp, for example, is standard equipment on the new F 750 GS and F 850 GS.

It not only illuminates the road with a beam that is unrivaled in its brightness and purity, but it also improves visibility in traffic. With its optional LED optical styling element in the shape of an inverted tuning fork, it also gives the two mid-range luxury enduros a distinctive appearance.

2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle

Extremely Powerful

These two opposing balancing shafts are situated in front of or behind the crankshaft, a little below its axis, and are powered by spur gears from the crankshaft’s left side. It, along with the newly designed crankshaft and a firing interval of 270/450 degrees, resulted in a significant increase in operating smoothness, complimented by a thrillingly spectacular engine sound.

Exhaust System

The exhaust system of the 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle has been moved to the right by situating the secondary drive on the left side of the motorbike. It is beneficial when maneuvering the motorbike by hand, which the rider usually performs from the left side.

The exhaust pipe that is now on the right and, like the rest of the system, is constructed of stainless steel, gives you a lot more room to move the motorbike, and decreases the chance of being burned by the hot exhaust. As a factory option, the new F 750 GS and F 850 GS may be outfitted with an HP exhaust system with a very sporty look.

2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle


In terms of suspension, the new F series GS vehicles offer an entirely new idea. Even though the preceding models had already impressed riders with their high riding accuracy, riding stability, and light handling, the developers prioritized enhancing these features in their technical specifications.

The bridge frame, designed specifically for the new F 750 GS and F 850 GS, incorporates the twin-cylinder in-line engine as a supporting element and deep-drawn, welded sheet steel components. Unlike prior versions, which used a tubular steel spaceframe, the new revolutionary frame is a monocoque in design, resulting in greater torsional stiffness.

The gasoline tank was also repositioned as part of the new frame idea. Previously positioned behind the seat bench, the 4-gallon fuel tank of the new F 750 GS and 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle now takes the traditional location between the seat and the steering head.

It is primarily due to the optimum wheel load variations and center of gravity location, as well as the overall vehicle packing. Furthermore, the whole back area of the motorbike might be made thinner while maximizing the storage space behind the seat bench.

2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle

Aluminum was purposefully avoided as a material owing to the harsh circumstances in which an enduro vehicle often finds itself. Robust steel and the dimensioning of the new mainframe and the steel rear frame that is screw-attached to the mainframe give significant benefits, particularly with more extensive off-road usage. The more excellent off-road capability is also seen in the screwed-on pins of the passenger footrests.

Wheels and Tires

Aside from engine power and travel lengths, wheel/tire combinations are a significant feature that distinguishes the two-premium travel enduros for the middle class. For example, on the road-oriented, entry-level 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle, die-cast aluminum wheels with 2.5×19 at the front and 4.25×17 at the rear are standard.

The 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle, on the other hand, has cross-spoke wheels with aluminum rim rings that measure 2.15 x 21 in the front and 4.25 x 17 in the back. The optimum front wheel size for sports-oriented off-road usage is 21 inches; this gives even more riding stability due to higher gyroscopic forces, which offers specific benefits on loose terrain.

Powerful Brake System

In combination with a two-piston floating caliper, a twin-disc brake on the front wheel with a diameter of 305 mm delivers excellent and stable deceleration. The rear wheel is equipped with a single disc brake with a diameter of 265 mm and a single-piston floating caliper.

The new 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle, like all BMW motorcycles licensed for road usage, come standard with BMW Motorrad ABS, which the user may disable if desired, such as in off-road circumstances.

2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle

The new Ride Modes Pro optional equipment and ABS Pro functions provide additional safety measures for bikes. ABS Pro takes one step further than the BMW Motorrad ABS by allowing ABS-supported braking in banking position, which increases safety while stopping on curves.

ABS Pro prevents both wheels from locking even when the brakes are applied fast, reducing sudden changes in steering force on shock-braking movements and preventing the motorbike from rising unexpectedly. ABS Pro provides the rider with more excellent braking and rides stability, as well as exceptional deceleration on curves.

Electrical System and Electronics

The conventional full LED headlights’ look may be improved by adding an optional LED style element in the shape of an inverted tuning fork as an extra design feature. The new 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle come standard with a new instrument cluster design, which includes an analog speedometer and a multifunctional display, as well as many control LEDs.

Design and Color Concept

The new 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle have been overhauled and more energetic and muscular appearance. The design, with its characteristic elements like the asymmetric headlamp and the GS-typical fly line, quickly identifies them as members of the BMW Motorrad GS family.

The distinctive fly line extends from the front GS “beak” (top wheel cover) across the fuel tank and seat bench to the functionally built and now noticeably smaller rear. This rear portion, with a black painted rear frame that exudes quickness and lightness, adds to the dynamic character of the new BMW GS models.

2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle – Price

The new 2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle is available at $13,345 only.

2020 BMW F 850 GS Motorcycle – Technical Specifications


Type Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke parallel-twin engine, four valves per cylinder, double overhead camshafts, dry sump lubrication
Bore x stroke 84mm x 77mm
Capacity 853 cc
Rated output 90 hp (66 kW) at 8,000 rpm
Max. torque 63 lb-ft (86 Nm) at 6,250 rpm
Compression ratio 12.7: 1
Mixture control / engine management Electronic fuel injection
Emission control The closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter, emission standard EU-4

Performance / fuel consumption

Maximum speed 125 mph
Fuel consumption 57 mpg (WMTC)
Fuel type Premium Unleaded

Electrical system

Alternator Three-phase 416 W generator
Battery 12 V / 10 Ah, maintenance-free

Power transmission

Clutch Multi-plate wet clutch, mechanically operated
Gearbox Constant-mesh 6-speed gearbox with straight cut gears
Drive Chain drive


Frame Tubular steel space frame, load-bearing engine
Front-wheel location / suspension Upside-down telescopic fork, Ø 43 mm
Rear-wheel location / suspension Cast aluminum 2-sided swing arm, WAD strut (travel-related damping), spring pre-load hydraulically adjustable (continuously variable) at handwheel, rebound damping adjustable
Suspension travel front/rear 8″ / 8.6″ (204 mm / 219 mm)
Wheelbase 62.7″ (1593 mm)
Castor 4.9″ (126 mm)
Steering head angle 62°
Wheels Wire spoke wheels
Rim, front 2.15 x 21″
Rim, rear 4.25 x 17″
Tires, front 90/90 – 21 54V
Tires, rear 150/70 – 17 69V
Brake, front Dual floating disc brakes, dual-piston floating calipers, diameter 305mm
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 265mm, single-piston floating caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS (can be switched off)

Dimensions / weights

Length 90.8″ (2,305 mm)
Width (incl. mirrors) 36.3″ (922 mm)
Height (excl. mirrors) 53.4″ (1,356 mm)
Seat height, unladen weight Rallye Seat: 35″, Comfort Seat: 34.4″, Standard Seat: 33.9″, Low Seat: 32.9″, Low Suspension Kit: 32.1″
Inner leg curve, unladen weight Rallye Seat: 78″, Comfort Seat: 76.8″, Standard Seat: 75.2″, Low Seat: 73.6″, Low Suspension Kit: 72″
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled 504 lbs (229 kg)
Permitted total weight 981 lbs (445 kg)
Payload (with standard equipment) 476 lbs (216 kg)
Usable tank volume Four gals (15 l)
Reserve Approx. 0.9 gal (3.5 l)

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