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Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter Review Price

Aprilia enlightens its proposal for the world’s lightest mobility electric scooter named Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter. The scooter features dual front suspension, dedicated App for managing all functions. The brand new 10 inches wheel, 350W brushless motor, aluminum alloy frame and racing graphics make it an ultimate electric bike to ride. Thanks to eSR2, electric mobility has never had such a sporty spirit.

Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter – Features and Price

Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter

Sporty Spirit

The range of lightweight electric scooters is born from the licensing agreement between Aprilia and MT Distribution, resulting in the formation of eSR2, the new electric scooter with a sporty spirit. It is supported by the double front suspension and the connection to the integrated App; eSR2 is designed for those city riders who want to feel ready to go outside and take on the challenges in the city.

Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter

Awesome Design

The new Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter is impossible to ignore due to its original design and graphics. The front section is strongly characterized by the chrome-plated forks of the new front system that can cushion the blows and vibration transmitted by the road surfaces. The overall performance of the Aprilia 2022 eSR2 E-Scooter is always under control thanks to its excellent integrated app, which is designed and developed by Italdesign, a global leader in providing services for the mobility industry.

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Dedicated App

The App is already available on Google Play and App Store and is designed as a true “Virtual Garage.” One can register multiple products and easily access technical support services in real-time with the help of WhatsApp chat. Thanks to the dedicated App, it is now possible to stay constantly up to date on the primary function and performance of the bike. It can easily monitor all parameters like a battery, distance traveled, charge level and bike’s last known position.

Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter

Motor and Battery

The new Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter is driven by a powerful 350W brushless motor that only needs minimal maintenance and ensures a shallow level of wear. The motor is powered by a strong 288 Wh battery that can travel up to 25 km on a single charge.

Riding Experience

The new Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter gives an extremely comfortable riding experience with the help of its 10 inches of tires. The brand new front drum brake and rear electric brake ensure optimal stopping force. Road safety is provided by using LED lights, front and back, which offer visibility at night or in conditions of poor visibility.

Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter

Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter – Price

The new Aprilia 2022 eSR2 Electric Scooter is available in large-scale retail distribution in the major consumer electronic stores and leading online stores with the recommended price of 559 Euros.

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