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2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS Review Specs

Honda’s small 2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS is still the most popular motorcycle in the world, and a new version is set to debut in MY2022. Since the new engine is smaller and lighter, it uses less fuel to do the same amount of work. The timeless design hides all the mechanicals while paying proper homage to the original idea.

2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS

2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS – Features and Specs


The 2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS’s step-through is surprisingly deep for an actual motorcycle, giving it the moped-like attitude that makes it easy to ride and dismount even while wearing a dress. Pillion cushions and foldable footpegs are supposedly standard on the new model this year, but I haven’t seen any of them. You may bring a friend from the store to double the fun.

The Smart Key feature is still available, allowing keyless operation and interacting with the immobilizer as anti-theft protection. The LED lighting is also there for the whole exterior. Your pocket key not only unlocks the motorcycle electronically but also features an “Answer Back” feature that causes the bike’s turn signals to flash to assist you in finding it in the parking lot. Honda, nudge-nudge, too bad it can’t honk its horn as loudly.

2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS

The molded-in leg guards protect your stems from the wind and precipitation, and the “unit” steering mechanism dates back to the original 1958 model. The fenders, finishing off the classic S shape, are also quite faithful to their ancestors’ designs.

The instruments consist of two concentric rings, the outer one housing an analog gauge for the tachometer and the inner one housing an LCD screen with a few idiot lights.


The “backbone-style” underframe of the 2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS is crafted from tubular steel, and its steering stem is fine-tuned to achieve the optimal balance of rigidity and flexibility. Telescopic forks float the front end and are equipped with hydraulic damping and new springs to improve control. The front forks have 3.9 inches of travel at the axle, and the dual rear shocks have 3.3 inches of travel with a sleek cover that covers the spring to dress up the back end to match the front.

To ensure the pilot’s comfort, especially on long flights, rubber isolators are integrated into all three of the pilot’s points of contact. With a wheelbase of 49 inches and rake and trail figures of 26.5 degrees and 2.8 inches, respectively, lane-splitting quickness is possible. However, in windy conditions, especially in a crosswind, tracking might seem a little sloppy. We are stuck with it; it’s the price we must pay for progress.

The rolling chassis is finished with a set of symmetrical 17-inch tires mounted on die-cast and machined aluminum wheels with a 70/90 tread pattern in front and an 80/90 tread pattern in the rear. Connections like this to the earth are crucial. The front brake is a 220mm disc with a single-pot anchor for an anti-lock braking system (ABS), while the rear brake is a mechanical drum brake without ABS.

2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS


The new facility uses air cooling, yet it is still Euro-5 compliant and may be used legally in most countries. The engine’s power output is now 9.7 horsepower at 7,500 rpm and 7.7 pounds of torque at 6,250 rpm, an increase of 0.2 horsepower and 0.1 pound-feet, respectively. Even with the boost in power, the engine maintains excellent fuel efficiency, allowing for close to 150 miles per gallon. The energy output from the mill’s alternator is also increased.

With a claimed peak speed of 65 mph, but which may dip to the 50s for particularly huge loads, a centrifugal clutch and a four-speed semi-automatic gearbox give the twist-and-go motion needed to get the job done.

Honda claims that the bike’s lack of a hand clutch was intentional since it was designed for noodle delivery services that needed both hands to keep the soba boxes under control. The following is a list of interesting facts that you may find interesting. It has a 50 mm bore and a 63.1 mm stroke, giving it a displacement of 124 ccs at a compression ratio of 10 to 1. It should perform well on mid-grade gasoline.

2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS – Price

The new Super Cub C125 ABS will have a suggested retail price of $3,799 in the United States in 2022. It’s probably best if you don’t long for the legendary Honda Red. This model only comes in a single color option, a sleek Metallic Axis Grey Matte.

2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS

2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 124cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke 50mm x 63.1mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Induction PGM-FI with automatic enrichment Ignition Fully transistorized
Valve Train SOHC; two valves per cylinder

Drive Train

Transmission Four-speed semi-automatic
Final Drive #420 Chain; 14T/36T
Clutch Automatic centrifugal

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension 26mm telescopic fork; 3.5 inches travel
Rear Suspension Twin shock; 3.6 inches travel
Front Brake Single 220mm hydraulic disc; ABS
Rear Brake Mechanical drum
Front Tire 70/90-17
Rear Tire 80/90-17

2022 Honda Super Cub C125 ABS


Rake (Caster Angle) 26°
Trail 2.8 inches
Wheelbase 48.9 inches
Seat Height 30.7 inches
Fuel Capacity 1.0 gallon
Curb Weight 238 pounds
Miles Per Gallon TBD MPG


Model ID C125A
Emissions Meets current EPA standards. Models sold in California meet current CARB
Standards may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
Available Colors Matte Gray Metallic

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Included Unlimited mileage, limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage available with a HondaCare Protection Plan®

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