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2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike Review Specs

Intended for roads and cities. It’s an enjoyable trip from point A to point B now. Enjoy the breeze on your face, the oxygen in your lungs, and all that comes with living a life on two wheels. You’ll have more enjoyable everyday experiences with the new CrossCore RC. Step on it and push it. GO!

2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike

An e-bike that is adaptable, reachable, and prepared for everything the day may bring is the CrossCore RC. It is specially designed to handle a variety of activities, such as travel, fitness training, and leisurely city riding. In addition, it is the ideal choice because of several other factors, including low running expenses and no pollution.

2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike – Features and Specs

For Every Day, For Everyone.

This stylish e-bike is powered by Yamaha‘s best-selling PW-ST drive unit, one of its class’s quietest and most responsive motors. In addition to operating smoothly and silently, this ingenious motor uses sensors to determine your riding style and adjust the power assistance to deliver the most pleasant and natural ride possible.

The flat handlebars on the lightweight, robust frame allow for a pleasant and straightforward riding position, while the 63 mm of suspension travel on the front forks absorbs hits. The simple Display A interface makes checking the battery level and choosing between riding modes easy. You can personalize your CrossCore RC with a range of hiking accessories.

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The CrossCore is a multifunctional all-arounder that is reasonably priced, stylish, functional, and high-performance. For riders of all ages, it is designed to be the ideal everyday rider.

The CrossCore is an all-around accessible bike designed for a broad spectrum of users, mostly city dwellers who wish to modify their lifestyle and are considering taking public transport or their bike for commuting. It is a genuine substitute for an automobile. The CrossCore RC is an excellent bike for longer trips or days spent in the countryside since it has several easily installed trekking accessories.

2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike

A revolutionary independent two-wheeled vehicle that emits zero emissions

Regarding personal mobility on land, sea, and snow, Yamaha is a top brand. Yamaha has forever changed the motorcycle, scooter, marine, and snowmobile sectors with some of the most inventive new designs and revolutionary ideas.

Yamaha is committed to creating innovative products that might provide thousands of people globally with an exciting and motivational 360-degree life experience. Yamaha has a long and illustrious history that dates back over 70 years. It is known for its exceptional performance, high quality, and creative design. The firm is now prepared to take on the electric future with cutting-edge designs that will give everyone a fresh, individual feeling of happiness and liberation.

Yamaha: eBike pioneer since 1993

Nearly thirty years ago, Yamaha unveiled the first electric bike manufactured worldwide. The initial goal of the revolutionary Yamaha PAS was to assist shoppers and commuters. It will be regarded as the impetus behind the whole e-bike revolution. Because of the PA26 experience, Yamaha has been a significant provider of e-bikes to the Japanese market during the previous thirty years. Yamaha is also a well-known producer of e-bike systems, which are the source of power for a substantial portion of e-bikes now sold in Europe.

2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike

Accepting the era of electric vehicles with two wheels

In the first quarter of 2022, Yamaha launched its Switch ON strategy, outlining its entry into the electric personal mobility market and its objectives to become a leading brand in the two-wheel electric vehicle sector. A new generation of consumers looking for zero-emission private transportation for sport, pleasure, and commuting is expected to be excited by Yamaha’s next array of bikes, scooters, and pedelecs, which adds even more functionality to personal mobility.

Ready to create one of company history’s most exciting new chapters, Yamaha will launch three much-awaited new eBikes in 2022 that will appeal to the MTB, gravel, and urban markets.

The PW Series drive units were employed in the meticulous design of the new Yamaha range, which is imbued with the dynamic DNA of the company. The firm has produced e-bikes and compact drive units with unmatched skill.

The CrossCore RC, Wabash RT, and Moro 07 are built for a variety of riders, from those who appreciate the strong brand values of Yamaha and already own motorcycles and scooters to those who are searching for a decent price/performance ratio and dependable technology. Only Yamaha’s Powered Two Wheel dealers network will be able to sell these models.

Crosscore RC Features

When purpose and passion are combined, the possibilities are endless. Yamaha’s CrossCore RC raises the bar regarding dependability, design, and utility.

Creature comforts meet innate power.

With a range of power assist settings suitable for different riding styles and a maximum pedal assist power of 28 mph, Yamaha’s Quad Sensor System offers support in every weather condition.

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Hydraulic Disc Brakes

You can rely on robust, reliable stopping power in every circumstance thanks to hydraulic disc brakes and center lock rotors. Apply brakes as needed and exert power when required.

Large Volume Road and City Tires

Wide, 2″-wide tires with a large volume allow for better riding over rough terrain, making for a more enjoyable ride. You may now walk further or spend more time outside without experiencing any discomfort.

Easy Accessory Compatibility

Comes with tabs incorporated into the frame for extras like fenders and a rear rack, as well as an integrated kickstand for convenient stowing. Bring the necessities and enjoy your holiday.

Yamaha 500Wh Battery

Yamaha’s tried-and-true 500-watt-hour Lithium-ion battery provides excellent performance, reliability, and protection when kept inside the frame. When it’s time to plug it in, you may use the high-speed charger to recharge the battery pack or remove it for convenient storage.

Integrated Speed Sensor

Integrated inside the rear hub and exclusive to Yamaha bicycles, our speed sensor senses the slightest variation in rolling speed. It instantaneously adjusts motor input to deliver a seamless, organic power assist experience.

LED Headlight

This headlight has a bright LED to help guide the way and an ergonomic multifunction display switch for easy access to the on/off switches.

Comfort Focused Suspension

Bring along the easy-to-adjust, smooth SR SuntourNEX fork for comfort. You can reduce the impact on small bumps and bumpy roads without jeopardizing the optimized frame geometry’s quick handling capabilities thanks to the 2.5″ cushion.

All-New Modes, Display, and Switch

Our 4-mode system offers even more peace of mind with its NEW Automatic Mode, which utilizes our Quad Sensor System to deliver robust and smooth assistance. With its simple, easy-to-use LCD and speed and battery life features, our new Display is appropriate for a wide range of uses, such as riding on trails and in cities.

High-end Yamaha technology

The Yamaha CrossCore RC has many of the same cutting-edge features seen on certain expensive eMTBs. Riding a bike is made more accessible and enjoyable by these features, including Yamaha’s Zero Cadence technology and Automatic Support Mode with Inclination Sensor. These features are handy when riding in the wind and up hills.

The best-selling low-noise PW-ST drive unit, which powers a 500Wh battery and can transfer up to 70Nm of maximum torque to the quality Shimano SL-M2010-9R chain, offers strong performance on both street and dirt roads.

Smart and simple

Its elegant design gives it a modest aspect, appealing to many commuting riders who want a more understated appearance. The Display from Yamaha enhances the usefulness. A large screen display interface provides the necessary information.

Zero-emission personal mobility

The CrossCore RC is a beautiful solution for anybody looking for an every day, zero-emission personal transportation due to its exceptional price/performance ratio, smooth handling, and wide assortment of optional hiking and commuting equipment.

Colors and sizes

CrossCore RC is offered in three sizes and two colors: Urban Sage and Shiver White.

PWseries-ST drive unit

The Yamaha PWseries-ST drive unit is ideal for various riding situations because of its peaceful operation, compact size, and responsive performance. The CrossCore RC’s best-selling drive unit, which produces 70Nm of torque and offers a natural riding feel, makes the bike enjoyable on every excursion.

Natural ergonomics

Easy ergonomics are a feature you’ll appreciate on the CrossCore RC, whether you ride for fun, fitness, or transportation. Conventional handlebars provide a natural, smooth steering sensation with tiny bar ends and soft grips. Moreover, riding upright improves visibility in congested cities.

Adaptable chassis

With a front suspension system with 63mm of travel and durable 27.5 x 2.0 tires, the aluminum hardtail frame of the CrossCore RC is built to withstand everything that the city streets may throw at it. This adaptable e-bike is the perfect choice for year-round riders looking for a zero-emission vehicle that is dependable, flexible, and long-lasting because of its strong and lightweight construction, which enables it to navigate rough terrain easily.

2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike

Optional trekking components

Yamaha has developed a broad range of Genuine Accessories for the CrossCore RC, including easily installed trekking parts. This model is the most excellent choice for anyone looking for a bike they can use all year round because it is versatile and easy to operate.

Display A interface

The Display A interface provides easily readable information with a large format LCD that is simple to use and has a trip meter, odometer, speedometer, battery capacity indication, help mode setting, and range. You may alter the help mode with only a single button push for even more simplicity.

2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike – Price

The new 2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike is available for $3,099 only.

2023 Yamaha CrossCore RC E-Bike – Technical Specifications


Total Weight L: 52.6 M: 52.4, S: 52.2 (lbs.)

Battery and Motor

Battery Yamaha Lithium Ion 500Wh, 36V, 13.4Ah
Drive Unit Yamaha PW Series ST 3-bolt Mount, Display A
Crankarm Square Taper Spindle Length S-165mm, M and L – 170mm
Chainring SAMOX 44t
Shifter Shimano M2010 9-speed
Rear Derailleur Shimano M3100 SGS
Brakes Hydraulic front/rear
Rotors Center lock 180mm front, 160mm rear
Cassette SHIMANO HG400 9-speed 11-13-15-17-20-23-26-30-36T

Chassis and Frame

Frame Yamaha Hydroformed Aluminum. Integrated battery.
Water bottle boss. Tapered Headtube. Internal shift/brake
hose routing. Rack/Fender compatible
Fork SR Sun tour NEX E25. 63mm Travel. 12x100mm Thru-Axle
Chain KMC e11 118 links
Hubs Front: 12x100mm Quick-Release Thru-Axle (QRTA)
Rear: 12x142mm QRTA including integrated speed sensor
Rims 275 inches 32-Hole Dual Channel Welded Pin with Eyeleted Spoke
Holes 24.5mm External Width, 19mm Internal Width
Spokes SUS304 14G w/ brass nipple
Tires/Tubes CST C1996 27.5×2.0”
Headset Integrated bearing with 30mm of spacers
Stem 31.8 clamp dia. 6 deg rise 80mm
Handlebar 31.8 dia. 640mm width
Grips/Tape Two-tone ergonomic locking
Seat post 30.9 diam. Length: 345mm (L, M), 295 (S)
Seat post Collar Alloy 2-bolt 35.0mm diameter 2-bolt
Saddle Yamaha Urban Comfort CroMo Rail
Fitness-specific ergonomics and geometry
Accessories Included Kickstand Yamaha battery charger
LED Headlight


Warranty 3-Year on Frame, Drive Unit, Battery

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