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2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike Review Price Specs

The 2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike is a sleek new dirt bike with a beautiful yet functional design that caters to riders who cherish the enjoyment, freedom, and friendships vital to the whole riding experience. The Wabash RT’s natural beauty resides in its capacity to enable riders to leave the city and suburbs, explore new sites, and relish every second of the ride since it is as much about the journey as the destination.

With the Wabash RT, a unique e-bike, you can explore new rural trails and enjoy excellent tarmac performance while escaping the city. Furthermore, because of its advanced rider-assist electronics, sleek design, and cutting-edge Yamaha technology, this new dirt bike offers one of its class’s best price/performance ratios.

2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike

2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike – Features and Specs

Escape and Explore

This high-quality ebike is designed with every detail in mind to ensure you get the most out of every ride. The frame’s sleek design incorporates current school geometry for a light-handed, enjoyable, safe ride on pavement and dirt. Furthermore, the dropper post adds 40mm to 60mm of suspension for increased trail comfort. 60mm medium and large frames, 40mm miniature frames.

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With its 70Nm torque and innovative technology, the ultra-quiet Yamaha PW-ST drive unit provides enough help to deliver an entirely natural ride. When you start pedaling, zero cadence technology provides instant power, and the Display A interface displays information in an easy-to-understand style.

A new zero-emission age two-wheeled independent transportation

Yamaha pioneered personal mobility on land, sea, and snow. Yamaha has permanently impacted the motorcycle, scooter, marine, and snowmobile sectors with revolutionary new designs and game-changing concepts.

2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike

Yamaha is committed to creating cutting-edge new products that will give thousands of customers across the globe an exhilarating 360-degree lifetime experience. Yamaha has a long history spanning over 70 years, and it has earned a reputation for excellent quality, exceptional performance, and inventive design. The firm is now prepared to enter the electric future with next-generation concepts that will provide everyone with a brand-new, one-of-a-kind sensation of pleasure and freedom.

Yamaha: eBike pioneer since 1993

Over thirty years ago, Yamaha developed the world’s first production eBike. The original Yamaha PAS was a revolutionary concept designed for commuters and shoppers. It will be remembered as the new spark that ignited the eBike revolution. Thanks to the PA26 experience, Yamaha has developed as a critical provider of e-bikes for the Japanese market during the previous three decades. Furthermore, Yamaha is a well-known maker of e-bike systems, which power many e-bikes sold in Europe today.

Embracing the age of the two-wheel Electric Vehicle

Yamaha’s Switch ON plan, released in the first quarter of 2022, revealed the company’s entry into the electric personal mobility arena and outlined the company’s ambitions to be a top brand in the two-wheel electric vehicle business. The latest generation of Yamaha eBikes, scooters, and pedelecs raises the bar for personal mobility. It is designed to entice new customers looking for zero-emission private transportation for sport, enjoyment, and commuting.

Zero emissions with carbon neutrality

Yamaha has advanced its goal of being a carbon-zero manufacturer by 2035, which coincides with the launch of a comprehensive line of two-wheel EVs, including pedelecs, scooters, and eBikes. It demonstrates that the brand is ready to take on the challenge and fully embrace the new age of electric cars, which, among other things, is altering urban transportation.

2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike

It is an enjoyable ride with lightweight handling.

The 2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike’s sleek and attractive frame design and current school geometry deliver a lightweight feel for a smooth and comfortable ride on road and mud.

Yamaha’s best-selling PW-ST drive unit can aid with up to 70Nm of power by using Zero Cadence technology to give smooth torque to the drivetrain as soon as it recognizes rider pedal contact. Riders of the Wabash RT will also appreciate the Automatic Support Mode, which uses Quad Sensor and Inclination Sensor technology to offer additional power when riding uphill or against headwinds.

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Sleek style

The ergonomics of the chassis are designed for a smooth and simple ride, and the adjustable suspension dropper post allows the rider to find the optimal position to meet their body type and style. This new dirt bike has a streamlined design thanks to the integrated 500Wh battery, tiny engine unit, and ready-to-go tubeless wheels and tires.

Integrated development with a favorable price/performance ratio

All Yamaha bikes’ drive units and chassis, including the Wabash RT, were developed to give the best possible mix of power output and chassis handling abilities. It is critical in developing the Wabash RT’s smooth, light, and joyful riding experience.

This new dirt bike is an appealing option for riders who realize the value of Yamaha’s recognized design and manufacturing abilities since it offers a robust overall specification at a low price.

Easy-to-use interface

Yamaha’s Display A has been intended to fulfill the demands of gravel riders with a simple, big-format LCD that features a speedometer, battery capacity indication, assist mode setting, trip meter, odometer, and range. The assistance mode may be adjusted with a single button push for increased convenience.

2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike

Colors and sizes

2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike is available in three sizes in Blue Steel.

Gravel Specific Handlebar

Our wide-flare handlebar offers very comfortable ergonomics, excellent strength for stability, and enough space to accept larger handlebar bags for extended rides.

Dual Compound Tires

The combination of puncture prevention technology, tightly spaced center knobs, and more prominent side knob spacing may provide remarkable rolling efficiency and cornering control on pavement or hard-packed terrain.

Dropper Post

We’ve included it as a standard attachment to improve your off-road capabilities. It’s generally recognized as one of the best dirt bike upgrades you can make. It will be a game changer if you want to travel someplace off the beaten path.

Fork Rack and Fender Mounts

Our fork design enables you to customize your load-carrying capability for nearly anything while still leaving area for fenders to protect you from harsh riding conditions. It may be used with a variety of front rack and fender options.

All-New Modes, Display, and Switch

NEW Automatic Mode provides four powerful and smooth manual assistance choices. The Display A offers a simple, user-friendly display, as well as speed and battery capacity characteristics that may be used in several applications.

All-New PWSeries ST

Our Quad Sensor System with Automatic Mode combines power and dependable control. It is tough enough to handle the most difficult ascents while still providing the balance and traction required for exhilarating descents.


It is built specifically for dirt riding and features anti-slip brake levers and a rear derailleur originally made for extreme mountain biking. These characteristics reduce the likelihood of chain slap, improve chain retention, and reduce the possibility of hitting rocks on rough terrain.

Yamaha Power Assist Bikes are the only ones that include a speed sensor incorporated into the rear hub. Our speed sensor modifies motor input depending on the slightest difference in bicycle speed for the most incredible riding experience possible, resulting in a smooth and natural power assist impression.

Yamaha 500Wh Battery

Yamaha’s well-proven 500-watt-hour lithium-ion battery pack technology encased inside the frame and conveniently accessible for charging off the bike provides reliable and durable energy to power your trips.

2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike – Price

The new 2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike is available for $4,199 only.

2023 Yamaha Wabash RT Electric Bike – Technical Specifications

Colors Blue Steel Blue Steel
Size 54cm (S), 57cm (M), 60cm (L)
MSRP $4,199


Motor Yamaha PWSeries
ST 3-bolt Mount
Square Taper Spindle
Quad Sensor System with rear hub speed sensor
Weight 7.71lb
Rated power 250W (Nominal), 500W (Max.)
Max. torque 70Nm
Max. cadence support xxxrpm
Max. speed support 28mph

Control Switch and Multi-Function Computer

Computer control functions include: (4) Power-level control switch, stopwatch, distance units, power-level LED on/off, cycling function display items, time adjustment, LED headlamp power on/off, 3-color LED power assist level light indicator
Cycling function display includes the following: Speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip distance, odometer, cadence, battery capacity (%)


Battery Yamaha 500Wh with Charge-life indicator and Self-diagnosis display.
Side-exiting dock station with anti-vibration mounting plate
Weight 6.61lb
500Wh 36V
4-hour charge time


Frame Yamaha Hydroformed Aluminum
Integrated battery
Water bottle boss
Tapered Headtube
Internal shift/brake hose routing
Fork Fork One-Piece Aluminum
12x100mm Thru-Axle
Fender and rack-compatible
Internal brake hose routing
Headset Integrated bearing with 30mm of spacers
Stem Yamaha Alloy 4-bolt faceplate
31.8 diameter
80mm length (S)
90mm length (M)
100mm length (L)
Handlebar Flare drop
31.8mm diameter
44cm width
Grips / Tape Padded cork tape
Seatpost/Saddle Clamp Alloy 30.9 x 340mm (S), 395mm (M), 440mm (L) with 2-bolt adjustable tilt saddle rail clamp
Seatpost Collar Alloy 2-bolt 35.0mm
Saddle Yamaha Off-Road Cro-Mo Rail
Shifters Shimano GRX 11-speed RX600
Rear Derailleur
Shimano GRX
Crankarm Square taper
165mm (S, M)
170mm (L)
Chain KMC e11 Turbo EPT
Cassette Shimano CS-M7000
Shimano GRX 44t
Brakes / Rotors Shimano GRX RX600-rear, RX400-front
180mm Centerlock
Rims 32-Hole Dual Channel Welded Pin w/ Eyeleted Spoke
Spokes SUS304
Spoke Nipples SUS304 w/ brass nipple
Hubs Front: 12x100mm TA
Rear: 12x142mm TA with integrated speed sensor
Tires/Tubes Maxxis Rambler 700 x 45c TR EXO 120tpi


Accessories Yamaha keys
Yamaha battery charger
Warranty 3-Year on Frame, Drive Unit, Battery

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