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2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers Review Specs Price

The 2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers, a 500cc parallel twin-cylinder small cruiser that qualifies for an A2 license, will have three new color choices for 2023. Standard equipment includes an assist/slipper clutch, LED illumination, and gear position indication. A Rebel SE model with factory-installed equipment (headlight cowl, all-black fork covers and gaiters, and diamond-stitch style seat) is still on the market in 2023, and it now comes in a Titanium Metallic paint job.

Many motorcyclists in their twenties, members of Generation Z who have grown up with computers, see their bikes as more than simply a mode of transportation. They need to stand for a way of life, an outlook, and the freedom to be oneself. The bikes that appeal to them reflect that their needs and desires are distinct from those of the typical motorcyclist. They must coordinate with the rest of their lives and provide room for customization. The CMX500 Rebel set out to be that motorbike by fusing heritage with ground-breaking new ideas and viewpoints.

The CMX500 Rebel was an immediate success when it debuted for the 2017 season because of its classic, timeless design that has been updated with a forward-thinking, modern flair. Since then, it has been the best-selling European model in the ‘custom’ category, with 17% of its 2021 purchasers coming from the female riding demographic.

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers

In 2020, the 2020 Rebel 500‘s seat and suspension settings were modified to improve comfort, and a gear position indicator was added for convenience. All the lights, including the new headlamp, taillight, and indicator lights, are now LED. The exhaust system was upgraded to meet EURO5 standards and a new exhaust sensor was installed.

The Rebel is a blank slate that can be customized any way its owner sees fit; it is user-friendly, comfortable to ride, and simple to maintain. Its internal workings remain the same in 2023, but it now comes in three fresh, appropriately hip regular color options and a new, edgy hue for the ‘SE’ Edition. One can also view comparison review of 2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE vs 2023 Kawasaki Eliminator SE ABS.

The concept for the Rebel was conceived in North America to inspire the next generation of riders in a manner that conventional cruiser bikes fail to do. The Rebel has a 471cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, making it suitable for anyone with an A2 license thanks to its high bottom-end torque and linear power delivery. It’s sleek and has a low seat, making it easier to control at moderate speeds. The riding posture is comfortable and neutral, with arms spread slightly and foot pegs in the middle of the bike.

The tubular steel frame of the Rebel infuses modern aesthetics with the classic ‘bobber’ look of skinny tires. The bike can be transformed from a one-person rider to a two-person rider with the flip of a switch and a couple of bolts.

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers – Features and Specs

A Smoother Ride

Front fork stanchions are 41 millimeters in diameter and are spaced far apart to provide a stable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing ride. They also use different spring and damping rates. The brand-new dual nitrogen-charged Showa shock absorber comes with robust spring rates to match an all-new front fork and is monitored by a tubular steel swingarm with a 45mm diameter.

A Natural Ride

The footrests are centrally located so the Rider can kick back and relax. Coupled with the Rebel’s compact dimensions, low 690mm seat height, and the improved comfort afforded by the bike’s redesigned seat design, lengthy rides become more tolerable than ever.

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers

Minimal Velocity Indicator

The new digital gear position indication has been added to the ‘one button’ speedometer, a tiny 100mm dial with a negative LCD and blue backlight.

Side Key

The ignition is mounted in the usual place—below the left of the gasoline tank, as in most conventional bikes.

Custom Look

Front and center, the circular LED headlamp mounted in die-cast aluminum features a stunning new interior design that harkens back to a bygone period. Now, even the indicators are LED!

Stop On Sight

The front brakes and a two-piston caliper look great with the giant ‘bobber’ type rims and tires. ABS brakes with a two-channel system are standard equipment, as is the single-piston design used in the back.

Make a Rider mark on it.

The CMX500 Rebel is all about independence, and that’s why it’s perfect for bikers with an A2 license. It’s a beautiful bike that can be customized for any Rider’s wants, thanks to its sturdy liquid-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine, low chassis, modern suspension, lighting, comfort, and instrumentation.

The Rebel takes a Different Road.

If Riders upgrade from a smaller bike, they’ll appreciate the pleasant, smooth, and linear response provided by the proven parallel twin-cylinder engine. It now features an all-new exhaust that complies with EURO-5 standards, and the inclusion of an assist-and-slipper clutch makes shifting gears 30% easier. With rider arms spread at the low seat height, the Rider may have a stress-free ride along the highway. The Rebel is manageable and pleasant even while traveling slowly.

Low Rider

A new PGM-FI fuel injection map has given the Rebel’s engine a very different personality from the CBR500R’s, centered on high rpm performance. The combination of its peak power of 34kW at 8,500rpm and its hefty bottom-end output with 43.2Nm@ 6,000rpm makes for pleasing acceleration and excellent cruising performance.

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers

Sounding right

The 2-1 exhaust system has a ‘shotgun’ muffler with a 120 mm in diameter and two resonator chambers. The engine’s internal rebuild and new LAF sensor make it EURO5 compliant, and the 180° phased firing sequence gives the sound a deep pulse. When put through the 6-speed transmission, the power of this engine becomes apparent.

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers – Price

The new 2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers is available at $6,949 only.

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers – Technical Specifications


Type 471cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke
Bore and Stroke 67.0mm x 66.8mm
Induction Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI); 34mm throttle body
Valve Train DOHC; 4 valves per cylinder
Compression Ratio 10.7:1

Drive Train

Transmission Six-speed
Final Drive O-ring-sealed chain; 15T/40T

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension 41mm fork; 5.5-inch travel
Rear Suspension Dual shocks; 3.7-inch travel
Front Brake Single 296mm disc; ABS
Rear Brake Single 240mm disc; ABS
Front Tire 130/90-16
Rear Tire 150/80-16


Rake 28.0°
Trail 4.3 inches
Wheelbase 58.7 inches
Seat Height 27.2 inches
Curb Weight 416 pounds
Fuel Capacity 3.0 gallons
Miles Per Gallon TBD

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers


Model ID CMX500A2
Emissions Meets current EPA standards. California version meets current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment.
Available Colors Titanium Metallic

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Transferable – unlimited-mileage limited warranty
Optional Extended Extended coverage is available with the HondaCare Protection Plan

2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers


The 2023 Honda Rebel 500 ABS SE Cruisers will still be a fashionable and adaptable choice for riders, and they will likely be trendy among members of Generation Z due to their blend of cutting-edge technology and traditional styling. It’s an excellent option for individuals searching for freedom on two wheels, as it mixes tradition and modernity by offering three new color options, a smooth ride, and compliance with EURO5.

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