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2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike Review Specs

SWITCH/MTN combines trail-worthy technology and off-road-optimized geometry to create a competent off-road vehicle. Serial 1’s latest electric mountain bike model, the SWITCH/MTN, allows riders to vary their routines. The 2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike is a versatile and pleasurable backpacking tool for active adventurers. It’s brand new from the ground up and was made with the same technical precision and meticulous care that went into Serial 1. While the SWITCH/MTN’s off-road prowess is sufficient to wow a professional rider, the bike’s accurate fit and attention to detail make it accessible and accommodating for riders just beginning their foray into e-mountain biking.

The SWITCH/MTN has been upgraded with off-road-tailored geometry and a slew of trail-worthy technologies to make it a competent off-road vehicle. It has the same mid-mounted Brose S Mag motor and patented, super-compact battery system as Serial 1’s critically renowned /CTY bikes, allowing for excellent mass centralization and handling. The TranzX dropper seat post and SR Suntour’s premium ZERON35 BOOST AIR fully adjustable suspension fork allow the SWITCH/MTN rider to quickly and easily find a position that maximizes comfort and confidence regardless of the terrain or weather.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike – Features and Specs

SRAM’s SX Eagle series of drivetrain components have an electric bike-tailored 112 gearing combination driven by single-click trigger shifters. It enables the best gearing for any terrain to be selected instantly. High-end stopping power is also provided by the TRP Slate T4 hydraulic disc brakes, which are designed with eMTBs in mind. Large rotors, measuring 203mm in diameter and 2.3mm in thickness, are held down by powerful four-piston calipers to ensure fade-free performance even on exceptionally lengthy and speedy descents.

Serial 1 was established to provide state-of-the-art eBicycles that make riding fun and exciting every time. Serial 1 introduces the second motorcycle in its “SELECT SERIES” line, powered by Harley-Davidson. The single-speed, rigid BASH/MTN eBike from Serial 1 was developed to mimic the feel of cycling on rough terrain as closely as possible. Serial One has just released BASH/MTN, the second edition of its Select Series. It features unique runs of the company’s regular eBikes that have been upgraded with high-end materials, cutting-edge hardware, and meticulous craftsmanship. (The first model in the Select Series, the white-tired MOSH/TRIBUTE, sold out in record time.) Only 1050 units will be built by BASH/MTN, with 525 going to Europe and 525 to the US.

Serial 1’s brand director Aaron Frank echoed this sentiment, saying, “Less is more.” That’s a promise from BASH/MTN. Two wheels, one gear, and one goal provide the purest possible link to the road ahead. There is no intricate drivetrain or suspension to fine-tune. The less time you spend tending to electronics, the more time you can devote to appreciating each trip.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike

The simplicity of the massively popular MOSH/CTY has for off-road exploration on the BASH/MTN, which has knobby, high-volume Michelin E-Wild tires, a shock-absorbing SR Suntour NCX suspension seat post, and extra-powerful, four-piston TRP hydraulic disc brakes. The immediate feeling that only a rigid frame can deliver and the rapid acceleration a single-speed transmission provides are still in the MOSH/CTY. Everything is in the straightforward, easy-to-understand style that Serial One fans have come to expect.

Yucca Tan paint job, Gloss Graffiti graphics, maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt, and a mid-mounted Brose S Mag motor that generates 90Nm of knee-saving torque characterize BASH/MTN. All 2022 Serial 1 eBikes, including the BASH/MTN, are compatible with the Serial 1 App, developed in partnership with Google Cloud to capture vital ride data and improve security and safety.

Serial 1’s premium eBicycles are guided by smart, human-centered design and built using the most cutting-edge cycling technology to provide the simplest and most intuitive way to experience the pleasure, freedom, and immediate adventure of riding an electric bicycle with pedal assistance.

Today, a new eBicycle brand co-founded by American motorcycle industry icon Harley-Davidson, Inc. unveiled the long-awaited specifications of its first line of electric bicycles.

Serial 1 eBicycles are available for pre-order and will begin delivering to consumers in the United States and Germany in the early spring of 2021.

Serial 1’s first offering is comprised of four City (/CTY) category pedal-assist electric bicycles designed for urban commuters and casual recreational cyclists. All three models of the MOSH/CTY, RUSH/CTY, and RUSH/CTY STEP-THRU, as well as the top-tier RUSH/CTY SPEED, are built using state-of-the-art bicycle technology and have 250W of power and electric assistance at speeds of up to 20 miles per hour.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike

The line-up includes some of the most advanced technological features available, such as:

The hydroformed aluminum used in the frame is both lightweight and strong. Select models feature the Enviolo AUTOMATiQ intelligent automatic transmission; other notable features include the quiet and maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belts; the sleek, integrated batteries; the Brose mid-mounted motors; the integrated LED lighting; the intelligent sizing; the integration of a dedicated mobile app; the digital display; the data center; and the four different levels of assistance, from minimal to substantial.

The BASH/MTN is Serial 1’s second Select Series model. These limited-edition, special-production variants of the company’s standard eBikes include high-end materials, cutting-edge hardware, and meticulous craftsmanship. (The first model in the Select Series, the white-tired MOSH/TRIBUTE, sold out in record time.) Only 1050 units will be built by BASH/MTN, with 525 going to Europe and 525 to the US.

About Serial 1, Powered By Harley-Davidson

Inspired by the pioneering nature of Harley-Davidson’s first motorcycle, “Serial Number One,” and its lasting impact on the industry, Serial 1 manufactures state-of-the-art electric bicycles that make every ride memorable. In 2018, a small group of avid motorcyclists and bicyclists began working on the eBicycle project with a single goal: to design and produce the best, most reliable eBicycles on the market. Harley-Davidson’s Product Development Center was the original skunkworks for this endeavor. Combining Harley-Davidson’s expertise in two-wheel electric propulsion with the skill and independence of a new brand dedicated only to the eBicycle product and customer, establishing the standalone Serial 1 brand in 2020 represents the best of both worlds.

Serial 1 Switch/Mtn Key Features & Technology

All Serial 1 eBicycles are designed and assembled in a dedicated lab on the Harley-Davidson® campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, following the same protocols and standards as the creation of electric motorcycles. Serial one has made great efforts to create an eMTB with a low center of gravity, resulting in responsive and stable handling in all riding conditions, especially off-road. Excellent vehicle dynamics and secure handling depend on centralizing the vehicle’s mass. The SWITCH/MTN, like other eBikes in the Serial 1 range, is sleek and sophisticated. It features the same excellent look that consumers have come to expect from Serial 1, with integrated lighting front and rear, wiring and connections contained inside the frame, and smooth, clean lines.

Suspension Fork

Since it was developed with the heavier load and faster speed of a high-performance eMTB in mind, the ZERON35 BOOST AIR suspension fork from SR Suntour can handle any terrain with ease. The ZERON35 BOOST AIR is built to last and is engineered to provide a plush ride, pinpoint handling, and unwavering toughness. It features a forged crown, 35 mm alloy stanchions, magnesium lowers, and a high-performance sealed cartridge that provides 120 mm of movement, all mounted on a sturdy chassis. Thanks to the easily adjustable air spring and the click-to-set rebound and compression damping, the suspension characteristics can be fine-tuned instantly to suit the rider’s weight, riding style, and chosen terrain.

Integrated Battery

Because the 529Wh lithium-ion battery is built into the frame, the eBike has a lower center of gravity and a more streamlined design than competing models. It’s compact and durable, made to automotive-grade standards for reliable operation in any environment, including extreme off-roading. It may be quickly detached for charging at a wall outlet, and an on-bike charging connection is located on the underside of the frame’s left side.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike – Price

The new 2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike is available for $4,499 only.

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike

2023 Harley-Davidson Serial 1 Switch/MTN E-Bike – Technical Specifications


Type: Brose S Mag, mid-drive mounting
Torque: 90 Nm/66 ft. lb.
Battery: 529Wh, integrated, removable
Range: 30-95 miles/48-153km
Charge Time: 0-75 % charge = 2.6hrs, 75-100 % charge = 2.1hrs
Peak Assistance Speed: 20mph (US)/ 25km/h (EU) / 32km/h (CAN)
Drivetrain: SRAM SX Eagle 1×12
Final Drive: Chain, 11-50 cassette


Frame: Hydroformed aluminum, welded construction, internal routing
Fork: SR Suntour ZERON35 BOOST AIR suspension fork
Brakes: TRP hydraulic four-piston disc brakes front & rear, 203 mm x 2.3 mm rotors
Wheels: 27.5 x 35 mm alloy rims & Sapim stainless steel spokes
Tires: Michelin E-Wild E-GUM-X 27.5 x 2.6-inch
Front Light: LED headlight
Rear Light: Integrated LED taillights with brake light
Signature Light: Illuminated headtube light
Connectivity: Available through the Serial 1 App
Integrated Device Charger: All-new integrated USB-C plug capable of charging mobile devices
Controller: Brose Remote
Seat Post: TranzX dropper seat post


Frame Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Weight: 53.0 lb/24.0 kg (Size Large)
Kickstand: Rear-mounted, adjustable length
Color: Wasatch Green/Gloss Orange, Uinta Gray/Gloss White

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