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2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers Review Specs Price

The 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers will make every mile an unforgettable adventure. You can now ride at night with greater confidence than ever before, owing to the standard extra headlight and the complete LED headlight with adaptive headlight. The ability to swivel ensures the light cone is always directed in the same direction, even as you round corners. What would be better than seeing the horizon no matter how late it gets?

The new 2.0 audio standard also adds depth. The antennae have been hidden, so all you see is an easy-to-navigate menu and a wide variety of audio profiles. It enhances the impressiveness of listening to the music. Just how you’d hope!

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers

The 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers is the peak of high-performance, luxury touring, and cruising. It has been a mainstay of BMW’s touring lineup since the first model debuted in 2010. The BMW K 1600 GT is the sportier, more dynamic six-cylinder engine, while the K 1600 GTL has optimized for longer rides thanks to its richer ergonomics and standard top case.

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers – Features

Engine Features

The new 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers features the world’s lightest and thinnest six-cylinder in-line engine at 21.9-inch wide and 226 -lb. It still has the same 1,649cc displacement as before. Its engine offers the latest six-cylinder engine with supreme touring qualities and riding capabilities, as well as advanced levels of performance.

The six-cylinder engine used in the new 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers has been updated to obey EU-5 standards. The technological focus of the changes in the application of BMS engine control involves using two knock sensors and two different lambda probes. Cylinders 2 and 5 feature knock sensors on the back of the cylinder bank, letting for exact ignition timing.

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers

The brand-spanking-new engine drag torque control (MSR). Unfavorable riding situations, like those caused by excessive rear-wheel slide while downshifting, may be avoided with the help of MSR. When this happens, the bike’s engine drag torque control will open the throttle valves to match the drag torque.

Engine drag torque control ensures optimal riding stability in “Road” and “Rain” riding modes. The power output may vary according to the riding mode. Yet, when set to “dynamic,” the method allows for a little more excellent rear wheel slip.

Next-Generation electronic suspension that is both dynamic and load-adaptive is available on the ESA.

BMW Motorrad’s new 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers features Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) that adjusts the suspension’s damping based on the road conditions and the preferences of the rider.

The 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers may be fine-tuned to the rider’s preferences with the help of inputs from the front and rear sensors, as well as the new 6-axis sensor box. The spring compression, deceleration, and acceleration of the rider are all recorded and used to calibrate the Duolever rear and front suspension’s damping forces.

In a few seconds, these modifications are accomplished through control valves powered by electricity. Higher damping comfort and stability are achieved even when the user lies on their stomach.

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers


BMW Motorrad has been an industry leader in motorbike safety for many years. Therefore, LED lighting is standard on the new 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers. The latest complete LED headlamp has a low-beam LED module with nine LEDs and two high-beam LED modules, each emitting a brilliant, clean light beam into the road.

All-new LED headlights, by default Low-beam that pivot into the corners at a proper angle, are part of the essential “adaptive headlamp” standard functions. As the light beam is traveling in the same direction as the bike, it nearly wholly illuminates the curved path. The light’s horizon stays mounted and is effortlessly adjusted to the sloped position thanks to a revolving function that has been increased to 35 degrees (from 24 degrees).

Additionally, the whole headlamp assembly may be turned up or down by 2-degree to maintain ideal lighting during acceleration and braking.

Audio system 2.0

The new 2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers have a high-quality audio system 2.0 as standard. The BMW K 1600 GT and the BMW K 1600 B have an audio system that may be purchased as an extra. One notable improvement in the new audio system 2.0 is the incorporation of the radio antennae into the exterior design.

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers

The new audio system 2.0 is included in the motorcycle’s electrical system, replacing a previously separate audio component. The distinctive display displays and flexible menu choices provide a streamlined listening experience.

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers – Price

The new 2023 BMW K1600 Grand America Cruisers is available at $27,645 only.

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers – Technical Specifications


Type Oil/water-cooled, six-cylinder, Four-stroke, in-line engine including four valves-per-cylinder
Capacity 1,649cc
Bore x Stroke Ratios 72mm x 67.5mm
Rated output 160hp at 6,750rpm
Peak Torque 132.7lbs-ft @ 5,250rpm
Compression ratios 12.2: 1
Mixture control All-new electronic intake pipe injection digital EMS: BMS-O including throttle-by-wire
Emission control A closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter

Performance/fuel consumption

Maximum speed 100 mph
Fuel type Unleaded super (max. 15 % Ethanol, E15) / ROZ 95 / 90 AKI

2023 BMW K 1600 Grand America Cruisers

Electrical system

Alternator Three-phase alternator including 700 W (nominal power)
Battery 12 V / 16 Ah

Power transmission

Clutch Multiple-disc clutch in oil bath
Gearbox 6-speed, helical, gearbox
Drive Shaft drive


Frame All-new bridge-type frame, cast aluminum, load-bearing engine
Front-wheel location/suspension BMW Motorrad Duolever; central spring strut
Rear wheel location/suspension Cast aluminum single-sided swing arm including BMW Motorrad Paralever; central spring strut
Suspension travel, front/rear 4.5 inches / 5.3 inches
Wheelbase 63.7 inches
Castor 4.2 inches
Steering head angle 62.2-degree
Wheels All-new Cast aluminum wheels
Front Rim 3.50 x 17“
Rear Rim 6.00 x 17“
Tire, front 120/70 ZR 17
Rear Tire 190/55 ZR 17
Front Brake Dual disc brake, diameter 320mm, 4-piston fixed calipers
Brake, rear Single disc brake, diameter 320mm, double-piston caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad Integral ABS Pro (part-integral, slant-layer-optimized)


Seat height 29.5 inches
Inner leg curve 69.3 inches
Usable tank volume 7 gallons
Reserve approx. 1 gallon
Length (over the top case) 100.8 inches
Height (at the windshield) 56.7” – 62.2”
Width (incl. side cases) 39.4”
Unladen weight, road ready, fully fueled 809.1 lbs.
Permitted total weight 1,234.6 lbs.
Payload (with standard equipment) 425.5 lbs

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