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2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike Review Specs Price

The 2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike keeps your fists in the air and eyes on you thanks to its distinctive bike-inspired design. The bike is stylish, confident, really comfortable, and powerful. It’s great for weekend rides and has the storage you need for long trips. It is modern, secure, really comfortable, and robust. It’s great for weekend rides and has the storage you need for long trips.

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike – Features and Specs

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike

Air-Cooled V-Twin

Thunderstrike’s award-winning engine produces outstanding torque. Additionally, your bike’s three riding modes—Touring, Standard, and Sport—give it the feel that’s best for you.

Classic American Styling

Indian Springfield honors the tradition of America’s first motorcycle manufacturer, whether you decide to chrome the bike or black out the finishes.

Superior Handling

Riders will immediately feel comfortable—and impressed—thanks to the Indian Springfield’s cast aluminum frame, low seat height, and ergonomic controls.

Secure Storage

The sturdy, virtually bottomless hard saddlebag holds down. Additionally, remote locking ensures that your belongings are always secure.

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike

Every Road is yours

The Indian Springfield is built for the long haul thanks to its renowned combination of power from the Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin engine, advanced engineering, and premium touring features.

Classic V-Twin Style

There are many traditional American designs, including a famous bright headdress on the flat front fender: Eye-catching, jewel-like chrome accents, and finishes.

Thunderstroke 116 V-Twin Engine

The excellent air-cooled Thunderstroke 116 engine produces 171 Nm of torque for solid passing and acceleration.

Keep it and keep it going

Rigid saddlebags with remote locking offer secure storage for day outings or weekend getaways. If more storage is needed, the frame can accommodate a trunk.

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike

Performance and Capability

With a massive 119 pound-feet of torque and a top speed of just 3,000 rpm, India’s Thunderstroke 111 outshines Springfield. With an all-new Ride Modes function for 2019, the factory gives you complete control over that power and offers three performance profiles so you can adjust to the environment and your preferences.

Even though it is an entirely modern engine, Indian goes to great lengths to make it look like a vintage side valve engine. While the parallel pushrod tubes contribute to the aesthetic appeal, the forged cooling fins on the rocker boxes, reminiscent of classic flathead engines, make the design stand out.

The 2019 addition of rear cylinder deactivation is another example of the engine’s finesse. To reduce heat wash from the engine, the RCD shuts off the rear jig when it is idling to a stop.

It has a displacement of 1,811cc with a relatively moderate 9.5-to-1 compression ratio, and induction control is the responsibility of only a 54mm throttle body and, in some cases, factory cruise control. A standard clutch connects the engine’s output to a six-speed transmission, with a belt-final drive transmitting the engine’s power to the rear wheels. All this adds up to an Indian Springfield with a top speed controlled at around 110 mph.


India’s Springfield model offers a charming taste of nostalgia. At the same time, the vintage-looking design of the Chief Vintage is the only other option that comes close to Springfield’s nostalgic aesthetic. The flat fender, with its chrome brow and recognizable, bright battle bonnet crest, leads the way. The headlight nacelle and whisker bar, which carry two passing lamps and front turn signals to complete the front lighting, add bulk to the trunk with their chrome bearskin fork skirts.

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike

The Springfield sports a large, quick-release windshield, similar to early American tour bikes. Instead of an actual fairing, it has a hole in the weather for the rider, giving you virtually the same level of protection but a much better view up and down.

The 5.5-gallon fuel tank is supported by a chrome instrument panel with an on/off switch, a round fuel gauge, and a large analog speedometer gauge. Several indicator lights are mounted on the speedometer face, and a small LED screen serves as both an interface for the Ride Modes feature, and a means to handle the rest of the data.

A deep scoop seat pulls you into the machine, defining a comfortable windsock rider’s triangle with pullback bars and front footboards. To keep your passenger happy, the pillion perch has its fold-up footboards. The hard bags include a remote locking mechanism to prevent you from fumbling with your keys in the parking lot and are painted to match the rest of the sheet metal.

The rear lights are complemented by an LED taillight, turn signals, and a tag mount under the rear fender. Nothing extraordinary, but it has a clean profile. Overall, Springfield looks like it was designed in the 1930s, and until fiberglass fairing was invented, this arrangement was the pinnacle of comfort for long rides.

The Thunderstroke 111 powers both the Springfield and the Chief, but the two bikes have different aesthetics. The Chief’s MSRP is $8k less than the Springfield because it has one seat, no windscreen, no luggage, and little to no bling.


The cast aluminum structure of the Indian Springfield is what holds everything together. Even though it undoubtedly sheds some weight, it still weighs 835 pounds. It certainly wouldn’t qualify as a “light” bike.

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike

With a maximum lean angle of 31-degree on either side, the rack and trail should measure at 25 and 5.2 inches, respectively, for good tracking. That should be enough to take care of business and give you some fun on the curves.

16-inch cast aluminum wheels with 67-inch centers complete the rolling chassis. The wheels are pre-configured to communicate with the factory tire pressure monitoring system. It’s fantastic, but I’m sure some chromeless wheels would be much better. With 130/90 up front and 180/60 across, Dunlop Elite 3 hoops make contact with the pavement.

About 70% of the overall stopping power is provided by dual, four-pot anchors and approximately 300mm discs that slow the front wheel. A two-piston rear caliper mainly helps keep your back end where it belongs.

Regardless of your color scheme, ABS protection is included as standard equipment, which will also help you keep the dirty side down. The mono-shock in the back and 46mm fork have damping values. However, the mono-shock features air-adjustable preload and stepless adjustment for a plush ride.

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike – Price

If basic black is your thing, you must buy the 2020 Indian Springfield. The MSRP for the 2022 Indian Springfield is $22,499 and will be available in two-tone colors in 2021.

Indian Springfield vs. Harley-Davidson Road King & Road King Special

MoCo, a long-time domestic rival of Indian, arrives at the same common ground with design cues that date back to the 1940s. The Harley’s front fender has skirting and chrome trim, but the sides are cut back to give it the reverse look of the Indian valanced fender.

While the Harley-Davidson Road King comes with non-adjustable forks, the stems feature Showa’s dual-flex valve units, providing a better ride than plain vanilla. The headlight nacelle, whisker bar, and brand new pimp lights are all permanent across the board. However, Harley electronics is catching up. As of 2020, the Road King adds brakes and ABS as standard equipment, and Harley also offers its excellent ReflexTM Defensive Rider Systems (RDRS) electronics package as an option.

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike

Harley-Davidson’s Milwaukee powers the Road King—both engines lose significant influence as the eight 107-millimeter 111 pound-feet of torque. This difference won’t move the needle on the finely calibrated Heaney dyno. H-D offers the Road King in Vivid Black for $19,499, comparable to Springfield’s $20,999 list price. You can get there if you add $995 for the RDRS system.

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike – Technical Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain

Bore x Stroke 3.976 inches x 4.449 inches (101mm x 113mm)
Compression Ratio 9.5:1
Displacement 111 cu in (1,811 ccs)
Drive/Driven Clutch Wet, Multi-Plate, Assist
Electronic Fuel Injection System Closed loop fuel injection / 54mm bore
Engine Type Air-cooled Thunderstroke 111
Exhaust Split Dual Exhaust featuring Cross-over
Gear Ratio (1st) 9.403:1
Gear Ratio (2nd) 6.411:1
Gear Ratio (3rd) 4.763:1
Gear Ratio (4th) 3.796:1
Gear Ratio (5th) 3.243:1
Gear Ratio (6th) 2.789:1
Peak Torque 119 ft-lbs
Peak Torque RPM 3,000 rpm
Transmission/Final Drive 2.2: 1
Transmission/Primary Drive Gear Drive Wet Clutch


Fuel Capacity 5.5 gal (20.8 L)
Ground Clearance 5.6 in (142 mm)
GVWR 1385 lbs / 628 kg
Lean Angle 31-degree
Overall Height 56.6 inches / 1439 inches
Overall Length 101.7 in (2,583 mm)
Overall Width 42.5 in (1,080 mm)
Rake/Trail 25° / 5.2 in (133 mm)
Seat Height 26 in / 660 mm
Weight 797 lbs
Wheelbase 67 inches (1,701mm)

2022 Indian Springfield Touring Bike


Front Brakes Dual 300mm floating rotors featuring 4-piston calipers
Rear Brakes Solo / 300mm Floating Rotor / 2 Piston Caliper

Tires / Wheels

Front Tires Metzeler Cruisetec 130/80B17 65H
Front Wheel Highlight Machine Tour 17-inch x 3.5-inch
Rear Tires Metzeler Cruisetec 180/60R16 80H
Rear Wheel Highlight Machine Tour 16-inch x 5-inch


Front Fork Tube Diameter 46 mm
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork/4.7 inches (119mm)
Front Travel 4.7 in (119 mm)
Rear Suspension Single Shock w/ Air adjust
Rear Travel 4.5 in (114 mm)


Color/graphics Black Metallic / Dirt Track Tan, Maroon Metallic / Crimson Metallic
Factory Warranty 2-Year, Unlimited Miles
Gauges Tank-fixed electronic speedometer including odometer; dual trip meters; digital tachometer; ambient air temperature; average fuel economy; fuel range; battery voltage; gear position display; real-time clock; vehicle trouble code readout; heated grip level; low engine oil pressure; & 9 LED telltale indicators: neutral, cruise control enabled, cruise control set, high beam, ABS, turn signal, check engine, and MPH or km/h unit designation; tank-mounted electronic fuel gauge including low fuel LED indicator
Infotainment N/A
Lights Halogen Headlamp/Driving, All-new LED Tail/Brake/Turn Signal
Standard Equipment Selectable Ride Modes, Quick Release Windshield, Genuine Leather Seat; Remote-Locking Hard Saddlebags, Highway Bars; ABS; Tire Pressure Monitoring; Light Bar; Cruise Control; Keyless Ignition; Indian® Script Tank Badge; 12v Charging Port

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