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2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers Review Specs Price


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The Indian Chieftain Elite, which was first introduced in 2017, combines traditional customization features with a powerful Thunderstroke engine and a variety of technology rider aids as part of the new additions for 2022. A 150-unit manufacturing run adds exclusivity, and the 2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers is full of Easter eggs from previous years.

2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers – Features and Specs

2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers

Performance and Capability

The Chieftain Elite is equipped with the Thunderstroke 116, which is flathead-tastic and true to its traditional style. Emulating engines dating back to the early 1900s produced an up-to-date performance.

What kind of numbers are we considering? The 2022 Chieftain Elite has a torque output of 126 pound-feet. With the peak coming in at 2,900 rpm, it’s very early in the rev range, so you can count on trackable power as soon as you press the gas pedal.

With a total displacement of 1,890 ccs and a compression ratio of 11 to 1, the bore and stroke measure out at 103.2 mm and 113 mm, respectively. Two parallel sets of outer pushrod tubes that actuate the rocker arms and poppets on top of the valvetrain replicate the old valvetrain. The beast is fed closed-loop fuel injection via a 54mm throttle body, which meters and atomizes the petrol.

The faux flathead rocker box cover has decorative cooling pins for vintage appeal. But the primary heat removal is done by polished cooling fins on the jugs and ends.

The nosecone/cam covers, pushrod tubes, and intake components all feature an oil-rubbed bronze finish, a perfect example of a bespoke touch. The rest of the drivetrain features an exhaust pipe and extensive blackout treatment.

Regarding electronics, selectable ride modes and rear cylinder deactivation are added as standard features. To dial in normal conditions, riding methods modify power delivery based on rider selection.

Power is transmitted from the mill via a gear-type primary drive, wet clutch, six-speed transmission, and carbon-reinforced belt and pulley final drive. The Chieftain Elite can reach a top speed of 115 mph in top gear because of the final drive ratio.


On its top-of-the-line bagger, the Chieftain Elite goes out of its way to integrate a ton of traditional Indian bespoke design elements. The front fender is cut back on the sides and extends its entire length, ending with a graceful flare at the rear.

2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers

Another oldie but a goodie is a bright battle bonnet adorning the front fenders. Rims, dark fork sliders, and black Birkin skirts are the first signs of blackout treatment.

The Cyclops lamp has multiple configurations thanks to its LED projectors, including an LED DRL ring for daytime bi-directional visibility. With the addition of an all-new set of saddlebag lights, you have comprehensive coverage all around, as LEDs are also used in the blinkers.

The top of your wind pocket can be customized with a push-button adjustable windscreen. The fork-mounted fairing is batting style, providing almost the same amount of rider protection as a frame-mount fairing and a more traditional look.

One can adjust the ventilation by using the vents in the fairing. Additionally, by removing the gap behind the glass, a less turbulent environment is created above, which is essential for effective head buffet mitigation.

The instrument is completed with a pair of analog gauges for speedo and tach, along with a distinctive arrangement of LED warning lights. RIDE COMMAND offers access to Apple CarPlay software, hands-free calling, navigation, and trip planning on a seven-inch color TFT screen.

With a seat height of just 25.6 inches from the deck, even those with the smallest inseam should feel comfortable. There are no backrests or grabrails on the base vehicle, but the seats have a plain cushion similar to the Mustang and fold-up footpegs to complete the seats. Only a radio whip cleanly departs from the rear end.


The double downtube/double cradle frame on the Chieftain Elite is made of tubular components, and the upright structure is completed with a yoke-style swingarm. The rake is 25 degrees, and the trail is 5.9 inches. Navigating pressure waves crosswinds or in front of larger vehicles creates a beautiful combination of turning action and stable tracking.

The lean angle maxes out at 31 degrees, but it’s unclear if that’s due to the tire’s tread limitations or the rise at which the bags start to drag. It’s not terrible for a big bike and enough to make your ride enjoyable.

Cast wheels with machined accents complement the stylishly rolling chassis. Whitewalls front 180/60-16s in 130/60-19s inside Metzeler Cruisetec hoops.

The front is swung by a pair of 46mm forks at 4.7 inches of travel, albeit with fixed parameters. The mono-shock has 4.5 inches of travel and has an air-adjust function at the rear. These are reasonably common statistics that will be pretty comfortable for the city.

To lower the front wheel, two four-bore calipers each bite into a 300mm front disc, while the rear wheel is secured by a 300mm disc and twin-pot anchors. ABS is pre-installed, although it appears to be the plain version without any cornering extras or an off switch. Enough, but there is still room for growth.

2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers

2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers – Price

Costing $32,999 is the 2022 Indian Chieftain Elite. The only color for this model year is Heavy Metal Smoke with Polished Bronze accents. Only 150 Chieftain Elites were built worldwide, so if you’re looking for one for sale, use the model finder tool on the Indian customer front end to identify the ones closest to you.

Indian Chieftain Elite vs. Harley-Davidson Street Glide ST

There is not a big difference between the two in terms of appearance. Similar origins and design evolution account for much of this.

Along with a cut front fender, front end, bearskin fork skirts, and lots of blacked-out paint, a batwing front end and dead clean bagger tastic rear end set the scene. The RDRS bundle, which adds lean-sensitive traction control, drag torque control, ABS, and vehicle hold control to the mix, is an optional feature from H-D in addition to its complete infotainment system and vanilla ABS feature.

While it’s a little disappointing that Harley, the king of paint, has doubled the number of paint packages with a black-on-brown and black-on-black palette, it is what it is. The Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine gives the Street Glide ST 126 pound-feet of torque, giving it the same grunt performance.

The H-sticker D is priced at $29,999, a discount. If you spend more money, Harley may offer a better value as the RDRS will only cost $1,000.

2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers – Technical Specifications

Engine & Drivetrain

Bore x Stroke 4.063-inch x 4.449-inch (103.2mm x113mm)
Compression Ratio 11:1
Displacement 116 cu in (1,890 ccs)
Drive/Driven Clutch Wet, Multi-Plate, Assist
Electronic Fuel Injection System Closed loop fuel injection / 54mm bore
Engine Type Air-cooled Thunderstroke-116
Exhaust Split Dual exhaust with Resonator
Peak Torque 126ft-lbs (171Nm)
Peak Torque RPM 2,900rpm
Transmission/Final Drive 2.2: 1
Transmission/Primary Drive Gear Drive Wet Clutch


Fuel Capacity 5.5 gallons (20.8L)
Ground Clearance 5.1 inches (130mm)
GVWR 1,385 lbs (628 kg)
Lean Angle 31-degree
Overall Height 54 inches (1371.6mm)
Overall Length 98.7 inches (2,506mm)
Overall Width 40.3 inches / 1023mm
Rake/Trail 25-degree / 5.9 inches (150mm)
Seat Height 25.6 inches (650mm)
Weight 797 lbs
Wheelbase 65.7 inches (1668mm)


Front Brakes Dual, 300mm Floating Rotor & 4 Piston Caliper
Rear Brakes Single, 300mm Floating Rotor & 2 Piston Caliper

2022 Indian Chieftain Elite Cruisers

Tires / Wheels

Front Tires Metzeler Cruisetec 130/60B19 61H
Front Wheel Precision Machined 19 in x 3.5 in
Rear Tires Metzeler Cruisetec 180/60R16 80H
Rear Wheel Precision Machined 16 in x 5 in


Front Fork Tube Diameter 46 mm
Front Suspension Telescopic Fork
Front Travel 4.7 in (119 mm)
Rear Suspension Single Shock w/ Air adjust
Rear Travel 4.5 in (114 mm)


Color/graphics Heavy Metal Smoke with Polished Bronze Accents
Factory Warranty 2 Years, Unlimited Miles
Gauges Fairing-mounted instrument cluster including analog speedometer and tachometer including fuel gauge, range, odometer, and current gear. 15 LED telltale indicators; cruise control enabled, cruise control set, neutral, ABS, high beam, turn signal, check engine, low tire pressure, battery, low fuel, security system, low engine oil pressure and MPH or km/h unit designation.
Infotainment 7 in touchscreen powered by RIDE COMMAND: The model year 2022 bikes include a complimentary 1-year trial for RIDE COMMAND+ (after which fees apply) which includes features like live traffic/weather, intuitive destination search, vehicle health, and vehicle locator. Seven in touchscreen display with a real-time clock; heading; ambient air temperature; audio information display; map/navigation; Bluetooth status for phone and headset; vehicle status (tire pressure, voltage, engine hours, oil change); vehicle info (speed, fuel range, RPM, gear position); current ride data (distance, moving time, stop time, altitude, altitude change); trip meters; ride mode selection; screen brightness; vehicle trouble code readout; Apple CarPlay integration.
Lights LED lighting, including Adaptive LED Headlamp, LED Saddlebag lights
Standard Equipment Premium Oil-rubbed Bronze Engine Finishes; Push button adjustable 13.7″ Tinted Flare Windshield; Billet Floorboards; Highway Bars; Rogue Seat; Tire Pressure Monitoring; Remote-locking Hard Saddlebags; Selectable Ride Modes; Rear Cylinder Deactivation; ABS; Cruise Control; Keyless Ignition; 400 Watt Audio System with AM/FM, Bluetooth®, USB, and Weatherband; 12V Charging Port

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