2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter Review Specs Price

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

“It’s morning.” The city is waking up. I still take a deep breath of cool air as I walk to my garage. I am wearing a casually cut parka which is both attractive and valuable. Patrons are unshakable, yet they give me a sense of security. I’m looking to the start of the day. My 2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter is currently parked in the garage. Its futuristic design style has piqued my interest. The low battery space gives the scooter a new geometry, a fundamental break from previous standards. I’m glad to see it again. It’s a beautiful feeling every day.

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

First, the birds are singing, and the urban jungle is coming to life. The sounds of the city fill the air. Everything is set in action. People move – both together and in unity. The paths meet.

What will the new day bring? Tapas with friends at the riverside hotel? What about the show at the Museum of Modern Art? First, there are appointments in the office. Workshops, meetings, and client visits feel like this. I connect my smartphone to the scooter and turn my wrist to activate the park. Its LED is bright. I’m silent, yet I want to pay attention. Everything is straightforward and smooth.

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter – Features and Specs

New BMW CE 04 – Silent Revolution

A New Chapter in Urban Two-Wheel Electric Movement. BMW Motorrad continues its electro-mobility strategy for metropolitan conversions with the new BMW CE 04 model. The BMW CE 04, the last series production vehicle of the BMW Motorrad Concept Link, which debuted in 2017, and the adjacent series BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04, launched in 2020, are two-wheeled urban transport. I am starting a new era.

Enough power and range

The new BMW CE 04 boasts a strong motor with a maximum output of 31 kW (42 hp) and provides excellent ride enjoyment. The traditional “traffic light start” at a speed of 0 to 50 kilometers per hour takes only 2.6 seconds. Even in the lower production L3e-A1 car class, 23 kW (31 hp) of driving power is available.

With liquid Cooling Electric Motor

The new 2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter has a permanent magnet electric motor fixed in the frame between its new battery and the rear wheel, as seen in BMW vehicles like the 225xe Active Tourer. BMW Motorrad tested rigorously to establish a different type of recovery for each riding mode, giving the user a higher level of ease.

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

The charging period is short, and the charging technology is based on the system used in the automobile. The built-in charging device charges a lithium-ion battery on a conventional home socket, wall box, or public charging station. When the battery is completely depleted, the charging time should not exceed 4 hours and 20 minutes. When the battery is completely flat, charging time is reduced to 1 hour 40 minutes with a fast charger, which is available as an optional extra and produces up to 6.9 kW (2.3) KW is the average level).

Slip control using ASC has enhanced ride stability (automatic stability control). DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is available as an aftermarket option.

This traction control technology, similar to the automatic stability control used with combustion engines in BMW motorcycles, is featured in the new BMW CE 04 model. ASC limits engine torque in response to the rear wheel slide. As an optional addition, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) further improves ride safety. DTC allows for much safer acceleration, especially in banking positions.

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter – Price

The new 2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter is available for $11,795 only.

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter – Technical Specifications


Drive Type Liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous
Rated power hp 20 @ 4,900 rpm
Maximum power h 42 @ 4,900 rpm
Torque lb-ft. 46 @ 1,500 rpm
Maximum motor speed rpm 12,000
High-Voltage battery type Air-cooled lithium-ion
Battery capacity Ah (kWh) 60.6 (8.9)
Battery voltage volts 147.6
Charging capacity kW 2.3 / 6.9

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter


Charging time 0-100% 4:20 hours @ 10A / 2.3 kW
1:40 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
Charging time 0 – 80% 3:30 hours @ 10 Ah / 6.9 kW
1:05 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
Charging time 20 – 80% 00:45 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
Generator DC/DC integrated converter
Headlight LED high/low beam, LED daytime riding, and parking
Rear light LED brake light and rear light
Drive Type Toothed belt
Total gear ratio 10.5


Frame type Tubular steel frame
Front Suspension Telescopic fork, 35 mm
Rear Suspension Single-sided swingarm with shock absorber and adjustable spring base
Spring travel, front/rear inches (mm) 4.3 / 3.6 (110 / 92)
Wheel castor inches (mm) 4.7 (120)
Wheelbase inches (mm) 66 (1,675)
Steering angle deg. 26.5
Brakes, front inches (mm) Hydraulic twin-disk brake 10.4 (265)
4-piston calipers
Brake, rear inches (mm) Hydraulic single-disk brake 10.4 (265)
single-piston caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS
Wheel, front inches 3.50 x 15 die-cast aluminum
Wheel, rear inches 4.50 x 15 die-cast aluminum
Tires, front/rear 120/70R15 / 160/60R15

2022 BMW CE 04 Scooter

Dimension and Weight

Length inches (mm) 90 (2,285)
Width with mirrors inches (mm) 33.7 (855)
Height inches (mm) 45.3 (1,150)
Seat height inches (mm) 30.7 (780)
Unladed weight lbs. (kg) 509 (231)
Permitted total weight lbs. (kg) 904 (410)


Top speed mph (kph) 75 (120)
Acceleration, 0 – 30 mph (50 kph) seconds 2.6
Acceleration, 0 – 62 mph (100 kph) seconds 9.1