2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike Review Specs Price

2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

The 2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike, a brand new concept between bicycles and motorbikes, opens up new possibilities for future innovative, urban travel. It is one of five concept cars that BMW Group will showcase at IAA Transportation 2021 in Munich to demonstrate its vision of mobility in and around cities.

These five trailblazing concepts combine mobility with a comprehensive and sustainable plan on two and four wheels that meet the various demands of mobility under the standard banner of electric mobility, digitization and sustainability.

2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike – Features and Specs

BMW Vision AMBY and BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY

AMBY simply stands for “Adaptive Mobility.” The new 2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike and the BMW I Vision AMBY take different approaches to the basic concept of adaptive urban mobility on two wheels. Both cars are electric and have three-speed settings for different types of roads. The speed limit on cycling lanes is 25 kilometers per hour, 45 kilometers per hour on inner city roads, and 60 kilometers per hour on multi-lane roads and outside the city.

2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

Move the way you want.

BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY is an idea. Our thoughts on future movements. We call this “adaptive mobility.” In the future, one will use precisely the path one wants. The sooner or the easier you will reach your destination with one vehicle. Some aspects of this approach are already a reality: an electric drive, high individuality, and a unique design.

There are No Restrictions

Breaking Out of the city is being turned into an escape room. There are places where you want to stay for a while and there are places where you want to go. Because of this, the 2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike has a range of about 68 miles. Design and technology are creating brand-new possibilities.

On Two Wheels, a New Impetus for Emotional Movement

“With BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY, we’re going to an unknown area.” For us, the focus is on consumer behavior – how will consumers want to travel in the future? What would they expect from their car? That was the starting point of our conversation. Our goal was to create an incredibly moving vehicle for intelligent mobility in and around the city that provided the most freedom.

BMW Motorrad’s DNA is its design.

BMW Motorrad Vision denies AMBY classification: While it may seem like a bicycle, it is a motorcycle at heart. Its narrow proportions reflect hardness and adventure, while its design reflects the impressive shape and configuration of the BMW Enduro motorcycle. The BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY e-bike clearly shows that it is comfortable and can go anywhere, both on the 26-inch front wheel, which has a narrow tire and the 24-inch rear wheel, which has more round tires.

2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

Color and material concepts that include depth and unexpected details

Compared to conventional combustion engines, the idea of electric drive in the 2022 BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY means much less in the way of visible mechanics.

Because of this, its technical heart has been deliberately disguised as a fantastic machine. It emphasizes the highly detailed color and material concept, which goes far beyond the traditional black basic color scheme and the use of white highlights.

2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

The sides of the vehicle are disproportionately designed

According to BMW Motorrad Vision AMBY’s unique, self-confident personality, both sides are deliberately designed differently. The white “AMBY” text catches the eye above its light-colored drive unit on both sides, creating a bold statement as a stylized design on the trim of the energy storage unit. While a colorful, glossy drop shadow enhances the text on the left, the reader on the right is deliberately left out of the drop shadow. Two rugged bits at the bottom of the energy storage unit emphasize more.

2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike

2022 BMW Vision AMBY Electric Bike – Technical Specifications

Battery TBD
Output TBD
Vmod1 up to 25 km/h
Vmod2 up to 45 km/h
Vmodmax up to 60 km/h
Range approximately 110km (combined according to WMTC)
Wheels Studded spoke wheels, including 26-inch front and 24-inch rear
Seat height 830mm
Unladen weight approx. 65 kg