2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike Review Specs Price

2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike

The 2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike combines a strong motocross mentality with a refined and forgiving chassis. Consequently, the motorcycle feels like a 250 yet kicks up dust like a 450 – and has the handling qualities of a true racer. In a nutshell, it’s one of KTM’s most comprehensive offroad weaponry.

2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike – Features and Specs

Engine & Exhaust

When it comes to power output and performance, the exhaust on all 4-stroke models plays an important part and delivers a powerful punch. It includes a model-specific header pipe with an improved resonator known as the FDH (Flow Design Header), a tiny chamber around the line. The design allows the exhaust to be removed without removing the shock absorber, as well as better access to the shock. The silencer’s new aluminum sleeve, end cap, and internal design lets for thinner ergonomics making the motorcycle seem smaller without sacrificing regulatory noise limitations.

2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike


The engine of the KTM 350 XC-F is small and lightweight (60 pounds). Its DOHC (double overheard camshaft) design, lightweight titanium valves, and DLC-coated cam followers result in a lively yet powerful engine. It features an extensive useable speed range, strong performance, and highly efficient rideability thanks to the newest electronic fuel injection system and an E-starter. The engine arrangement of the KTM 350 XC-F is the same as on the 250 XC-F, resulting in lively handling akin to a 250 machine.


The engine is mated to a smooth 6-speed semi-close PANKL gearbox constructed of new and more challenging materials. An all-new sophisticated ‘No Dirt’ gear change lever design prevents dirt and sand from clogging the lever joint and ensures trouble-free shifting. All 4-stroke engines have a gear position sensor, which allows for varied engine characteristics for each gear. The transmission shaft is equipped with a C4 bearing, which has a more significant overlap and guarantees excellent dependability even under intense working circumstances.


The KTM 350 XC-F comes equipped with a revolutionary E-starter, a significant advantage in crunch time in the heat of battle. Mitsuba’s powerful starting motor will repeatedly fire at the stroke of a button. Because of its higher heat-resistant O-ring, it can withstand harsh circumstances.

2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike



The KTM 350 XC-airbox F’s guarantees excellent flow dynamics, which, when combined with the intake snorkels, produce optimal power and throttle responsiveness. Despite the evident performance improvements, the design provides optimal protection against air filter soiling. The massive new Twin-Air air filter is installed on a cleverly built strong cage, which reduces the possibility of incorrect installation. As with prior models, filter maintenance is rapid and uncomplicated and requires no tools – an essential, original KTM feature.

Frame Features

The new high-tech, lightweight chrome-moly steel frame excels in handling, rideability, precision cornering, and overall stability. You may also rely on carefully calculated frame rigidity. It results in superior energy absorption from the front and rear suspensions, sucking up jumps and bumps. In a nutshell, better comfort and less strain for the cyclist. Laterally mounted lightweight aluminum engine head stays (the connection between the cylinder head and the frame) help to improve handling and minimize vibration. All this was accomplished while keeping the structure 2.2 pounds lighter than the lightest competitor on the market. It is also simpler to maintain and operate on and provides more room for the tank and other components. The bike also has an ultra-lightweight aluminum subframe that weighs less than 2 pounds.


The lightweight, CNC-machined hubs, high-end Giant rims, and black spokes with lightweight aluminum nipples on the KTM 350 XC-F provide optimum stability at the lowest weight. The new Dunlop Geomax AT81 tires offer excellent traction and performance.

Front Suspension

The WP XACT front fork with AER technology is a lightweight 48 mm USD air-sprung fork developed in close cooperation with KTM. It is a split fork with distinct functions for each leg. It shows that the damping functions are on the right, while the air spring is on the left. This left leg contains a two-chamber system with a capsuled air cartridge to avoid air pressure loss. If the exterior seal fails, the internal cartridge pressure will retain the bike in place. A single air valve enables the air spring to adjust quickly to any rider’s weight. No additional tools are required; the fork air pump comes with the bike. The right fork leg features a damping cartridge that caters to all of your damping requirements. With the twist of a dial, it may be adjusted to the track conditions and the rider’s preferences. This fork (with modified damping characteristics and a new piston) is more comfortable and responsive than ever right off the showroom floor. But you may still pound away at it.

Rear Suspension

The new WP XACT shock absorber was designed to work with the entire frame and swingarm architecture, featuring the linkage system and WP XACT front forks. Compared to roughcast reservoirs, it is a valued, high-end product with machined and anodized components. A new, confidence-inspiring setting with better damping characteristics complements the front-end setup nicely, and its WP color scheme lets everyone know you have superb suspension taste.

2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike


These cutting-edge Brembos are paired with lightweight Wave brake discs. It was impossible to brake any harder, better, quicker, or stronger.

Fuel tank

All XC-F versions include lightweight polyethylene tanks with a 2.25-gallon capacity and an integrated gasoline pump system. The inside threads on the filler cap allow for a simple and durable sealing. Because it is made of see-through plastic, you can always see how much gasoline is left at a look.

Ergonomics & Comfort


Ergonomically designed, the seat features a large foam volume that provides excellent comfort and durability while being lightweight.


The new high-strength aluminum tapered NEKEN handlebar is standard on all KTM XC models. The handlebar may be adjusted to four different places. The handlebars come equipped with an ODI vulcanized grip on the right and a comfortable ODI lock-on grip on the left that doesn’t need any wire or adhesive. The bike also has a map-select switch on the handlebar for choosing different engine maps. From this switch, the rider can also engage traction control, a unique function that assures more efficient traction, particularly in slippery circumstances. It can be triggered with the stroke of a button while riding.

Bodywork & Graphics


Onlookers are drawn to the KTM 350 XC-F by riding it, but the new inlay designs make them take a second look.

Software and Electronics

Handlebar Map Select Switch

The map switch lets the rider choose between a conventional map configuration and a more aggressive map for loamy, high grip dirt situations, including the push of a button. It is suitable for changing track conditions or for a rider seeking greater control when he starts to fatigue.

Battery & wiring harness

A powerful lithium-ion battery powers the engine and helps the vehicle’s lightweight. The lightweight battery and wire harness are housed in a compartment above the air filter box, enabling the technician to eliminate the subframe without relocating the electronics. A contented mechanic is a good mechanic.

2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike – Price

The new 2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike is available at $10,799 only.

2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike

2022 350 XC-F KTM Off-Road Bike – Technical Specifications


Transmission 6-speed
Starter Electric starter
Stroke 57.5 mm
Bore 88 mm
Clutch Wet multi-disc DS clutch, Brembo hydraulics
Displacement 349.7 cm³
EMS Keihin EMS
Design 1-cylinder, 4-stroke engine


Weight (Without Fuel) 100.5 kg
Tank Capacity (Approx.) 8.5 l
Front Brake Disc Diameter 260 mm
Rear Brake Disc Diameter 220 mm
Front Brake Disc brake
Rear Brake Disc brake
Chain 5/8 x 1/4″
Frame Design Central double-cradle-type 25CrMo4 steel
Front Suspension WP XACT-USD, Ø 48 mm
Ground Clearance 370 mm
Rear Suspension WP XACT Monoshock with linkage
Sear Height 950 mm
Steering Head Angle 63.9 °
Suspension Travel (Front) 310 mm
Suspension Travel (Rear) 300 mm


The KTM 350 XC-F blends motocross attitude with a forgiving chassis. The KTM 350 XC-F blends motocross attitude with a forgiving chassis. A ‘No Dirt’ gear change lever design prevents dirt and sand from blocking the lever joint. The lightweight chrome-moly steel frame excels in handling, rideability, and cornering. The lightweight WP XACT front fork with AER technology was developed with KTM. It’s a split fork with separate legs.