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2021 Triumph Trident 660 vs 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 Comparison Review

Give it a try; the Triumph Trident 660 and Aprilia Tuono 660 design teams a vacation. Creating an entry-level bare middleweight is a daunting task that embodies the legacy and knowledge of premium companies. Such bikes should strike a balance between accessibility for novice riders and athletic performance for experienced riders, reflecting the emotional characteristics of their manufacturers’ flagship models and being polished and priced well. It should be appropriate. If someone gets it right, he will have brand loyalty forever. If you do not, you will be notified by the brand’s most loyal customers—no need to worry, team.

Triumph and Aprilia have a lot to live for. Each brand has built a fan base based on its design approach, which has resulted in two completely different machines. Triumph, on the other hand, reflects pure British design with a focus on elegant simplicity. Aprilia, on the other hand, performed at no cost, enjoying the pedigree of Italian racing and the accompanying technical feats.

On paper, the same displacement of these bikes requires head-to-head competition, but the different purposes of the two machines make us wonder if buyers will cross-shop Triumph and Aprilia. So, what started as a brand new 660 middleweight fight changed rapidly compared to the entry-level options of two great manufacturers with very different design philosophies. With that in mind, we traveled to the central coast of California to test everyone.

2021 Triumph Trident 660 vs 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660

2021 Triumph Trident 660 vs 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 – Comparison Review

Aprilia Tuono 660: $10,699

Labeling any new model as the Tuono is a bold move, a manicure that the legendary Aprilia V-4 Power has made famous with a special nasty exhaust note and is one of the most exciting motorcycles on the market right now.


Think of the 660 as a smaller, cutter version of the V-4. Engineers removed the rear-facing cylinders of the 1100 V-4, pulled out the other two, and tweaked the mill to form a slit DOHC 659cc parallel twin. 18% more horsepower than Trident with an extra 1,000 rpm before reaching the red line.

2021 Triumph Trident 660 vs 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660

Inside the Tuono 660 is a species of animal that you can feel and hear. It has more difficulty pushing its front wheel than the Triumph, worthy of the Tuono 1100. And it’s less risky for your driving privileges than Big Brother. After all, he needs to be treated with the same respect as anyone else.

The sleek, sporty shape of the Toono is also evident in the chassis. The Twistys is appreciated for its fast and agile handling while charging, but it also has straight-line stability, making it a well-rounded vehicle. Measurements of a relatively high 24.1-degree steering head angle and 4.1-inch trail directly sense the front patch’s contact screws. Tuono’s box-stock KYB suspension settings are aimed at shelling, hard enough to compensate for minor road irregularities in the initial stroke but with more sense and support when pushed. The Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II rubber enhances feel and grip, further enhancing Aprilia’s harvesting abilities.

2021 Triumph Trident 660 vs 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660

Because of its beggarly ergonomic currency, you will never forget Tuono’s great purpose. The up and back footpeg position requires an athletic lower body posture that allows Aprilia to make rapid changes and live riding. It has more commanding and firm access to the one-piece handlebar than the Trident but with more pressure on the wrist. So, although we like Tono’s reduced position to cut through the valleys, it is less comfortable for everyday travel.

The way to know Aprilia’s superbike is spread across the Tuono, right down to the aerodynamic winglets built into the side cowlings and the lap timer function available through the entire color TFT display. Aprilia’s intentions are clear, and she has nailed it. The 660 is inspired by the brand’s history and the bullying of the famous Tuono, but in a more accessible and rider-friendly middleweight package, it’s all at a reasonable $ 10,699 MSRP.

Triumph Trident 660: $8,095

The Trident 660 is Triumph’s attempt at a cheap and accessible entry into the British brand’s sports side, utilizing the superior performance of the online triple, popular with the Street Triple and Speed Triple platforms, at a whopping $ 8,095. It was tested at a reasonable price.

2021 Triumph Trident 660 vs 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660


The Trident is powered by a liquid-cooled DOHC 659cc inline-triple engine, an effective de-stroke version of the original Street Triple 675, and it is equipped with several state-of-the-art amenities including ride-through wire technology, traction control. , TFT display with ABS and even Bluetooth connectivity.

Trident’s engine has benefited from years of continuous improvement in Triumph’s online triple range, evidenced by its silky smooth linear delivery of 6,700 rpm. The torque curve is wide and flat enough to provide synchronous right-here-now power. It is a high-speed bike but smooth delivery with a primary and interchangeable TC system with light interference will not be a problem.

The handling is also beautifully neutral in Trident’s overall balance and adaptation. Yes, the steering geometry is more comfortable and the measured dry weight is 25 pounds more than Aprilia. Still, it provides effortless steering and confidence-adjusting alignment in its front-to-back balance. Despite the fork’s lack of adjustability, the well-tuned shocks and the 41mm fork offers a good balance of small collision compliance with ample hit support for slight chirping and back road screaming. It is attractive to dismiss the lack of adaptation but remember Triumph’s purpose.

The Triumph provides better day-to-day comfort than the Aprilia, thanks to the easy access to the straight handlebar and the position of the relatively low and front footpegs. It has a tight sensation between its legs which makes the 32.2-inch seat height (like a tonne) feel low when handling slow moves. Its beautiful engine, lightweight clutch bridge and flexible power distribution take it further.

2021 Triumph Trident 660 vs 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660

The fit and finish are worthy of our testers’ attention. The thin, smooth lines point to Triumph’s modern-day Bonneville, yet sharp accents, such as contrasting radiator cowl paint, point to Trident’s playfulness.

It is a fair overview of Triumph’s overall currency, a combination of simple modern roadster design and sporty overtones that have made the triple line so popular. As a result, Trident offers an exciting and informative option for first-time riders and experienced veterans.

2021 Triumph Trident 660 vs 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660 – Technical Specifications Comparison

Bikes \ Specs 2021 Triumph Trident 660 2021 Aprilia Tuono 660
MSRP $8,095 $10,699
Engine DOHC, liquid-cooled inline-triple; 12 valves DOHC, liquid-cooled parallel twin; 4 valves/cyl.
Displacement 659cc 659cc
Bore x Stroke 74.0 x 51.1mm 81.0 x 63.9mm
Compression Ratio 11.95:1 13.5:1
Transmission/Final Drive 6-speed/chain 6-speed/chain
Fuel System Fuel injection w/ ride-by-wire Fuel injection w/ 48mm throttle bodies; ride-by-wire
Clutch Wet, multi-plate slipper/assist Wet, multi-plate slipper
Frame Tubular-steel perimeter frame Double-beam aluminum
Front Suspension 41mm Showa inverted fork, nonadjustable; 4.7 in. travel 41mm inverted KYB fork, spring preload, rebound damping adjustable; 4.7 in. travel
Rear Suspension Showa mono-shock, spring preload-adjustable; 5.3 in. travel KYB monoshock, spring preload, rebound damping adjustable; 5.1 in. travel
Front Brake Nissin axial-mounted two-piston caliper, 320mm disc w/ ABS Brembo radial-mount 4-piston caliper, 320mm discs w/ ABS
Rear Brake Nissin single-piston caliper, 255mm disc w/ ABS 2-piston caliper, 220mm disc w/ ABS
Wheels, Front/Rear Cast aluminum; 17 x 3.5 in. / 17 x 5.5 in. Aluminum alloy; 17 x 3.5 in. / 17 x 5.5 in.
Tires, Front/Rear Michelin Road 5; 120/70R-17 / 180/55R-17 Pirelli Diablo Rosso Corsa II; 120/70-17 / 180/55-17
Rake/Trail 24.6°/4.2 inches 24.1°/4.1 inches
Wheelbase 55.2 inches 53.9 inches
Seat Height 32.2 inches 32.2 inches
Fuel Capacity 3.7 gal. 4.0 gal.

Final Thoughts

The Triumph Trident 660 shines in various ways, especially for the perfect combination of accessible and enjoyable elements. The motorbike can be recommended to less experienced or even first-time riders to introduce them to a variety of the premium British brand’s smooth, rider-friendly performance and exquisite quality that has made it so popular. ۔ the variety of Triumphs, Elegance affordability and adaptability should appeal to all riders, including the most experienced.

Aprilia’s Tuono 660 clears the range of being the younger and more economical sister of the famous 1100 V4. Although its Thirty performance doesn’t make it the best rider machine for the first time, it does push the extreme weight performance of the medium weight into the Italian brand as a step-by-step approach for flagship models. Tuono’s version will shake your spine.

Both devices ultimately succeed and achieve their goals. Demonstrates the simplicity and purity of riding a motorcycle. The second makes the most of the medium-weight capabilities. Great job, team.

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