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2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike Review Specs Price

Honda’s road-legal dirt bike has earned a reputation in the dual-sport world because of its winning mix of performance, durability, and comfort. It also receives a prestigious title for 2021, commensurate with its degree of achievement. This powerful dual-sport motorcycle, now known as the CRF450RL, is powered by a trail-connecting technique that expands consumers’ ride-planning options. The 2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike now comes standard with lightweight handguards for improved comfort and protection no matter where the ride takes you. It’s powered by Honda’s renowned 449cc Unicam® engine and wide-ratio six-speed gearbox, with superior long-travel suspension and twin-spar aluminum frame.

It’s a simple concept: a full-fledged dirt bike with a license plate that allows you to go from trail to trail. The on-road portion is typically relatively straightforward, but the off-road amount distinguishes the most powerful motorcycles from the others. And it’s here that Honda’s incredible CRF450RL shines the best. It’s such a tremendous off-road bike that we’ve changed its name this year to reflect how closely it’s related to our CRF450R and CRF450X models. Factory handguards, new graphics, upgraded ECU and fuel-injection settings have all been introduced for 2021. Its 449cc solid Unicam engine, twin-spar aluminum frame, wide-ratio six-speed gearbox, long-travel suspension, and easy electric starting remain its most outstanding features. Then there are the specifications that no one can match: Honda’s quality and dependability.

2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike

2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike – Features and Price


The use of a specialized design to provide on- and off-road-specific power characteristics helps the compact architecture. Friction is reduced when the surface is treated with DLC. Valve timing is dedicated to smooth power delivery is tricky riding. For tractable power delivery in rugged terrain, the CRF450R has higher crank inertia (up 12% over the CRF450R).

With a compression ratio of 12.0:1, a new piston with a three-ring design has been developed. The broad-ratio six-speed gearbox can handle a wide range of off-road and on-road conditions. Light lever pull is possible because of a unique clutch design. Engine torque variations are suppressed by a primary damper system with friction springs, guaranteeing smooth operation—radiators with a large capacity and great heat-exchange efficiency for excellent off-road performance.

In extreme weather, an electric fan and thermostat regulate engine temperature—dedicated settings on the ECU. Covers on the left and right crank casings reduce noise emissions. For street-legal lights, a powerful AC generator is required. Box for air purification. A dedicated single-muffler exhaust system produces excellent sound while still fulfilling pollution standards.

2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike


The aluminum twin-spar frame is engineered for trail handling that is both agile and stable. The subframe was created to achieve the best rigidity-to-weight ratio for carrying tools. Showa fork has specialized trail-to-trail settings, measuring 49 mm. Shock has technical locations and link ratio for off-road riding based on the CRF450R. The front brake is based on the CRF450R but with more oversized discs and a more extensive reservoir for added fade resistance.

The elements are resisted by an endless sealed chain. The front and rear sprockets are robust steel and include a damper system for smooth, silent operation. Road noise is reduced by injecting urethane into the swingarm. If the bike is on its side, a gasoline tank lid with a cut-off valve stops petrol from leaking out of the tank.

Durable LED turn signals with flexible mounting. On the left side of the frame, there is an easily accessible electronic component box. Renthal 7/8″ black handlebar with a red pad. Small handlebar switches and light. Washing or abrasion does not cause the in-mold graphics to peel. The IRC GP-21F/GP-22R tires offer an excellent blend of on-road and off-road performance. For a powerful presence, black rims are used.

2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike


Fully Street Legal & Off-Road capable

The CRF450RL has a catalytic converter and is street legal in all 50 states, as well as off-road capable almost anyplace on the earth. That means you may ride it everywhere a motor vehicle is permitted, including state and national parks, highways, and public areas. Plus, you won’t have to transport your bike in a truck or on a trailer to the trailhead. The best part is that it makes getting gas (or lunch) a snap.

Convenience Electric Start

In all situations, an electric start system assures trouble-free starting. While providing a compact engine with a short, powerful crank, the electric starter also powers the clutch side of the crankshaft to give more lubrication to starter gears.


449cc Unicam® Engine

The Unicam® cylinder head of the CRF450RL blends the best of single- and double-overhead-cam designs and is based on the DNA of our championship-winning CRF450R. Compared to a dual-overhead-camshaft motor, the camshaft sits lower in the head, resulting in a more compact engine with a lower center of gravity. You also get a high compression ratio and a narrow included valve angle that flattens the combustion chamber for more excellent ignition flame propagation.

Fuel Injection

Our tried-and-true fuel-injection technology is featured on the CRF450RL. It’s one of the reasons the CRF450RL has such good torque and precise metering and responsiveness, particularly in the low-rpm zone. It also automatically adjusts for variations in height and weather.

2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike

Twin Radiators

Compared to traditional dual-radiator designs, the CRF450RL’s dual radiators have a streamlined core area for more excellent heat dissipation. For a better center of mass, a coolant recovery tank is installed in front of the engine between the frame downtubes, and a plastic skid plate protects the tank.

Electric Fan

The CRF450RL is a “ride anywhere” bike, and we’ve equipped it with a light electric radiator fan due to the broad range of circumstances. It keeps your engine cool whether you’re rock crawling or riding a scorching Arizona single-track.

Final-Drive Sprocket Damper

These unique drive sprockets are another example of the CRF450RL’s clever innovation, designed to make your bike quieter while adding no weight.

Inertia-Tuned Crank

The crank of the CRF450RL has 13% greater inertia than the CRF450R. Why? In tight, technical conditions, to smooth out power delivery and make the engine more user-friendly.

LED Headlight

The whole lighting kit of the CRF450RL, including the headlamp, is made of LEDs. It is significant since it reduces the work required on the front end. Furthermore, the lighting pattern has been specifically developed for both on- and off-road use.

LED Taillight

The rear fender has an integrated LED taillight. It’s small, light, and stiff.

Lithium-Ion Battery

Like the CRF450RL, it’s light, small, and performs admirably. Traditional batteries are bulky, but not this high-end one. It’s all part of the reason your CRF450RL performs so well.


18-Inch Rear Wheel

The 18-inch rear wheel of the CRF450RL allows you to choose from a wide range of on/off-road tires.

IRC GP Tires

The tires of the CRF450RL provide excellent off-road traction and on-road durability. Tires are an essential component of any on- or off-road bike, and we’ve got some terrific options for you here.

Low Center of Gravity

The CRF450RL’s center of gravity is kept low thanks to the tiny Unicam® engine and Honda’s well-known focus on center-of-mass engineering. As a result, the bike seems lighter, and it also aids handling.

Twin-Spar Chassis

It is the same design as our most recent CRF450X, which is a huge thing. It indicates that the CRF450RL is a real off-road machine, not a compromise. The CRF450RL’s superb handling is based on the twin-spar aluminum frame, which is both light and sturdy. The chassis geometry was explicitly chosen for responsiveness, and it is also broader than a typical MX frame to accommodate the six-speed gearbox.

Works-Style Front Brake

The lightweight 260mm front disc, compact twin-piston front brake caliper, and anodized aluminum brake pistons provide excellent stopping power while lowering unsprung weight for enhanced turning and handling.

Works-Style Rear Brake

A 240mm brake rotor is paired with an integrated rear master-cylinder and fluid reservoir in the HRC works-type rear brake system, eliminating the need for a separate reservoir and hose.

2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike


New factory handguards

You asked for it, and we delivered. The handguards are already fitted on the 2021 CRF450RL before leaving the factory. They’re also entirely integrated, unlike some aftermarket accessories. They attach directly to the pivots of the control levers, are color-matched to your new bike, and are even vented.

Black DID Rims

The gorgeous black DID DirtStar rims may not help you drive quicker, but they look fantastic.

2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike – Price

The new 2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike is available at $10,399 only.

2021 CRF450RL Honda Dual Purpose Bike – Technical Specifications


Type 449.7cc liquid-cooled 10º single-cylinder four-stroke
Valve Train Unicam® OHC, four-valve
Bore x Stroke 96.0mm x 62.1mm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Induction Programmed fuel-injection system (PGM-FI); 46mm throttle bore
Ignition Full transistorized
Starter Push-button electric starter
Transmission 6-speed wide ratio; manual
Clutch Multi-plate wet (6 springs)
Final Drive #520 sealed chain; 13T/51T


Front 49mm of fully adjustable leading-axle inverted telescopic Showa coil-spring fork w/ 12.0 inches of travel
Rear Pro-Link system; fully adjustable Showa single shock with 11.8 inches of wheel travel


Front 2-piston caliper hydraulic; single 260mm disc
Rear 1-piston caliper hydraulic; single 240mm disc


Front IRC GP21 80/100-21 w/ tube
Rear IRC GP22 120/80-18 w/ tube


Rake (Caster Angle) 28°30’
Trail 122mm (4.8 in.)
Length 89.6 in.
Width 33.3 in.
Height 49.9 in.
Ground Clearance 12.6 in.
Seat Height 37.2 in.
Wheelbase 58.9 in.
Fuel Capacity 2.0 gal.
Color Red
Curb Weight 291 lbs.


Honda’s road-legal dirt bike is known for its performance, durability, and comfort. Its achievements earn it a coveted honor for 2021. The CRF450RL is a strong dual-sport motorbike that connects trails to improve ride planning choices, and the CRF450RL has lightweight handguards for better comfort and protection. It has Honda’s 449cc Unicam® engine, six-speed transmission, long-travel suspension, and twin-spar aluminum frame.

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