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Ducati Scrambler Motard 2020 Concept Motorcycle Review

They are introducing the new Ducati Scrambler Motard 2020 Concept Motorcycle. Also on display are two brand new Ducati Scrambler ideas, “Motard” and “DesertX,” presented by the famous Ducati Scrambler brand unit and made by Centro Stile Ducati. Ducati Scrambler Land of Joy, Hall 15, Booth N20, features live music and a charming environment.

Milan, November 8, 2019 – The Seventy Seventh edition of the International Motorcycle Show, EICMA is already in full swing: every year, fans and operators from around the world gather here to preview next season’s trends and models.

Ducati Scrambler Motard 2020 Concept Motorcycle

The latest releases, fantasy motorcycles, live music, and a charming atmosphere can all be found in the Ducati Scrambler Land of Joy at Hall 15, Booth N20. The two new ideas, conceived by the Ducati Scrambler Brand Unit and built by Centro Stile Ducati, were unveiled to the global audience for the first time at EICMA – a testament to the free expression, pleasure ride, and personality building as the core principles of the brand. Undoubtedly, it has significant features—the “Yellow” section.

The idea for the “motorcycle” came from the Ducati Scrambler 800, a stylist. It is a race-style off-shot from the famous Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled, inspired by 1980s supermotards. For road use, it features SCR grooves and string tires. The front license plate is made with the help of a classic Scrabbler headlamp. An all-new brushed sheet metal tank is hidden under two covers, revealing its teardrop shape.

The second Ducati Scrambler Evolution model has been dubbed “DesertX” and was inspired by popular racing models from rallies such as the Paris-Dakar in the 1990s. Its retro-tech, with its neat design lines, makes an everlasting, everlasting concept.

Ducati Scrambler Motard 2020 Concept Motorcycle

The new Ducati Scrambler model is also on display at EICMA. It aims to fully exemplify the main character of this classic bike: two wheels, a simple engine design, a wide handlebar, and much more fun. It is the well-known Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark and is the entry-level bike of the “800” series. The model, with its distinctive “Matt Black” tanks and mudguards, is an ideal starting point for designing remarkable cars by choosing from the many original accessories available in the Scrambler universe.

Ducati Scrambler Motard 2020 Concept Motorcycle

Ducati Scrambler Icon Dark Ducati Scrambler Icon is included in Full Throttle, Desert Sled, and CafĂ© Racer models. The Ducati Scrambler 800 and 1100 models will be on display at EICMA 2019, with all versions coming with original line accessories and two “Motard” and “DesertX” ideas.

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