2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle Review Specs Price

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle

The triumph improved its Bonneville Bobber platform ahead of the 2021 model year. Brake and suspension components were enhanced, as was the larger fuel tank and the other range it provides. The engine of the 2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle is cleaner than ever and spools up faster than before for a double whammy in the powertrain, while the suspension and braking components are upgraded to round off the reasonable modifications. Despite Triumph’s efforts to harness the essence of a decades-old design, new color packages and a more comprehensive blackout treatment offer this year-model a distinct look. It accelerates quicker than ever for a double whammy in the powertrain, while the suspension and braking components are sourced from a higher shelf to round out the practical upgrades.

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle – Features and Specs

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle


There’s a lot to unpack on the Bonneville Bobber, with various Easter eggs hidden throughout for viewers with a sharp eye and some historical knowledge.

This rolling tribute piece pulls design influence from Triumph’s legendary past, notably the home job customs that popped up in the early post-war years.

This current variant, like the old bobbers, has distinctive chopped-down fenders front and back that give it its name and tries to increase performance by decreasing the weight of the sheet metal. The single round headlight housing is likewise a throwback; however, it, like the rest of the illumination, depends on LED brightness for good two-way visibility and has a DRL function to assist you in being seen during daytime hours. To tackle all of the instrumentation in one spot, a single circular gauge with an analog speedometer, idiot lights, and an LCD screen is located beneath the light.

Hands are pulled forward and down by short handlebar risers and a low-rise handlebar, almost drag-bike-like but not entirely, with mid-mount pilots foot pegs and a contoured solo seat to complete the comfortable rider’s triangle. For cyclists of medium height, this enables an upright riding posture with a great neutral leg position. In terms of size, Trumpet equips the Bobber with an adjustable seat that can be set at 27.2 inches off the deck or jacked up to 27.6 inches high to offer you more control over the final form of the triangle.

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle


While it is true that the frame is the foundation of every bike, the bones of the Bonneville Bobber go well beyond mere support.

Rather than employing the mill as a stressed element, tubular steel members are welded together in a double-downtube/double-cradle system that entirely cups and supports the engine. Rake and trail are dead short at 24.5-degree and 3.6-inch, respectively, giving the Bobber snappy handling characteristics that belie its home-cobbled appearance. The drop from the steering head to the backbone is evocative of the geometry of old hardtails.

Then, despite its antique appearance, a triangular swing-cage unit retains those old-school styling with an under-seat shock that sustains the rear end for a contemporary ride. The big new 47 mm front forks and an expansive 16-inch front hoop provide visual weight to the front end, which is matched by 16 inches of rim out back with Avon Cobra hoops to connect to the pavement.

Even though the Bonneville Bobber weighs just 553 pounds wet, the manufacturer doubled down on the front brakes with twin-piston anchors biting dual 310mm of discs. Out back, a single-pot Nissin caliper and 255mm disc handle the job. ABS protection is included as standard equipment on both ends.

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle


The electronic fanfare on the Bonneville Bobber extends into the engine-control equipment, with a ride-by-wire throttle enabling the switchable traction control function and a Ride Modes system with two profiles – Road and Rain – that let you set up to suit rapidly.

When I say that the factory went to great lengths to make this new Bonnie Bobber appear like an antique, I mean it. A vertical parallel-twin powertrain with origins dating back to the middle of the previous century is tucked within the faux-rigid frame. The manufacturer even created unique throttle bodies that resembled the traditional mechanical-slide carburetors. Exceptionally, the only thing Trumpet could do to increase the Bobber’s vintage chops would be to launch a Kickstarter campaign, which I don’t think will happen for a long time. Perhaps the aftermarket?

Unlike its forefathers, this engine has a 270-degree firing sequence, which gives it a lope at idle and eliminates the “mad lawnmower” sound familiar with 180-out lumps. The bore and stroke are over the square at 97.6mm and 80mm, respectively, to offer the Bonneville its 1,200 cc displacement and 10-to-1 compression ratio, which should happily run on mid-grade fuel.

Another difference between it and its predecessors is the valve train. Instead of the conventional pushrod method, this engine uses a single over-head cam to time the 8-valve head. The cooling fins are characteristic of air-cooled engines, but this plant is liquid-cooled, so the fins are primarily cosmetic, though they do, without a doubt, take off some waste heat.

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle

A torque-assist wet clutch transfers power from the engine to the six-speed gearbox, which distributes power to the rear wheels through a robust chain drive. This engine produces 76.9 horsepower at 6,100 rpm and a deep torque well of 78.2 pound-feet grunt at an even four grand. The top speed is said to be limited to 112 mph (180 km/h).

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle – Price

This bike’s price and color scheme are tightly related. It starts at $13,400 for the glossy Jet Black, which, combined with the stock blackout treatment, results in a highly dark computer. Even the “color” kits include gloss black front and back fenders, the only color seen on the fuel tank. The Cordovan Red gasoline tank paint is priced at $13,700, while the two-tone Matt Storm Grey/Matt Ironstone is priced at $13,900. The new Gold Line variant, with hand-painted accents, is priced at $14,200.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber vs. Harley-Davidson Softail Slim

The aesthetic similarities between the Bonneville Bobber and the Softail Slim are striking. Cut-down fenders are universal, as are spherical cyclops headlights and old-school-style instruments. For one pretty significant design difference, the Triumph tank is distinguished by its tapered shape, whereas the Harley tank is distinguished by its lack of leg room and teardrop shape in profile.

The Softball’s solo saddle nestles into the swale, in contrast to the Brit, which resembles the classic post-type seat springs but is attached to the main frame. Fat tires line-linked wheels with the same blackout hub and rim and polished wire spokes to bind everything together.

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle

With its 1,753 ccs Milwaukee-Eight 107 on power delivery duty, the Harley packs a lot more engine, nearly half-again more, and that translates to more excellent juice with 110 pounds of torque vs. Bonnie’s 78.2 pound-foot output. You’ll spend $15,999 for attractive Vivid Black and up to $16,749 for the two-tone treatment, and ABS is available as a $795 option, so don’t forget to take it in when comparing prices. H-response D’s to the Bobber’s traction control and ride settings are to fall further behind.

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle – Technical Specifications

Engine & Transmission

Type Liquid-cooled, SOHC, eight-valve, 270° crank angle parallel twin
Capacity 1200 cc
Bore 97.6
Stroke 80
Compression 10.0:1
Max Power EC 76.9 HP at 6100 RPM
Max Torque EC 78.2 LB-FT at 4000 rpm
System Multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection
Exhaust Brushed stainless steel two into two twin-skin exhaust systems with brushed stainless silencers
Final Drive Chain
Clutch Wet, multi-plate torque assist clutch
Gearbox 6-speed

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle


Frame Tubular steel, twin cradle frame
Swingarm Twin-sided fabrication
Front Wheel Wire 32-spoke, 16 x 2.5
Rear Wheel Wire 32-spoke, 16 x 3.5
Front Tire MT90B16
Rear Tire 150/80 R16
Front Suspension 47mm Showa cartridge forks
Rear Suspension Mono-shock RSU, including linkage
Front Brakes Twin 310mm of the disc, Brembo 2-piston sliding axial calipers
Rear Brakes Single 255mm of the disc, Nissin single piston sliding axial caliper
Instrument Display and Functions Analog speedometer including LCD multi-functional display

Dimensions & Weights

Width Handlebars 31.5 inches (800 mm)
Height Without Mirror 40.3 inches – 41.5 inches (1024mm – 1055mm)
Seat Height 27.2 inches – 27.6 inches (690mm – 700mm)
Wheelbase 59.1 in (1500 mm)
Rake 24.5 º
Trail 3.6 in (92.0 mm)
Dry Weight 553 lb (251 kg) Wet Weight
Tank Capacity 3.2 US gal (12 liters)

2021 Bonneville Bobber Triumph Classic Motorcycle

Fuel Consumption

CO2 Figures EPA Procedure CO2 emissions & fuel consumption data are restrained according to regulation 40 CFR Part 86 Subpart F.