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Review of 2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter

An ultimate Sport Scooter with a liquid-cooled engine that is fuel-efficient and has proven performance. With a brand new 292cc engine, the 2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter is the largest Yamaha scooter available in the US. This model is rich in rider aids, such as traction and ABS control, LED lighting throughout, adjustable steering wheel and windshield.

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter – Features and Price

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter

Top features

More than a practical walk-in, the sleek XMAX features an aggressive, angular body for a high-quality look that makes the XMAX stand out beyond expectations. Featuring technology developed for Yamaha high-performance sports bikes, the XMAX engine is smooth, efficient, and ready for anything from everyday commuting to fun weekend rides.

With a fully automatic transmission, the 2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter is straightforward to drive and comes standard with an extensive list of additional guides, including traction control and ABS. Combined with a bezel designed for light and neutral handling, XMAX builds confidence inspired by any road.

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter

High-tech features take the XMAX away from the standard bare-bodied scooter, including LED lighting and advanced instruments. With ample storage space with a lockable, 12V power port for recharging small devices, and an adjustable steering wheel and windshield, the XMAX is ready to go whenever you are, whether you need groceries on the road or heading across the state.


The 2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter is powered by an advanced liquid-cooled, 292cc four-valve valve that develops smooth, detectable power. The cylinder is made of Yamaha DiASil aluminum for excellent heat dissipation, with a light forged piston and forged crankshaft. A compensator ensures minimal vibration, while the offset roller assembly and the semi-dry-sump lubrication system help reduce friction and traction inside the engine.

Thanks to Yamaha’s continuously variable transmission, the Yamaha XMAX offers the convenience of real “turn and go” driving without gears and clutch. It gives the XMAX an easy-riding character ideal for the busy city traffic on weekdays and enjoying a relaxing weekend getaway. The CVT system also has a long air-cooling path for the drive belt, significantly reducing heat and engine noise.

The modern fuel injection features a 12-hole injector for excellent response, and just like Yamaha’s state-of-the-art supersport and sport-touring engines, the XMAX has a traction control system. The system continuously monitors wheel speeds, and if the system detects rear tire slippage, the engine cuts power smoothly to prevent the wheel from spinning uncontrollably. Thanks to efficient engine design features and advanced engines, the Yamaha XMAX provides 75 mpg. Combined with a huge 3.4-gallon fuel tank, the Yamaha XMAX has an impressive range of cruising.

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter

Chassis / Suspension

The XMAX pushes the design portfolio with advanced sporty style, and aggressive, angular elements that set this Yamaha ahead of the competition for a high-end look that elevates the XMAX beyond expectations—designed for light and neutral handling, the XMAX steel frame results in a liquid weight of only 397 kg fully powered for exceptional flexibility.

Unlike most scooters, the XMAX has a large motorcycle-type front fork that is screwed to the handlebar shaft and the top and triple bottom clamps. It provides an ideal balance of strength and rigidity of the frame, allowing better damping of sensation and shock absorption than standard scooter forks.

The XMAX features large 15- and 14-inch front wheels for improved handling and sporty style. XMAX also installs the latest Dunlop® Scoot Smart tires for good traction in wet and dry conditions. With huge 267mm and 245mm front and rear disc brakes, the XMAX provides the rider with controlled braking power backed by the safety of the Yamaha anti-lock braking system for confidence in all road conditions.

Additional Features

The Yamaha Smart Key system removes the need to use the key to access the machine. Starting the scooter, accessing the storage compartments and the fuel tank, and locking the steering wheel can be done using the Proximity Smart Key.

Further amplification is a vast storage space under the meat that locks securely to keep valuable belongings safe, is large enough for two full-face helmets, and comes standard with LED lighting. The fairing also includes two additional storage compartments, one of which locks electronically and has a 12V DC socket.

Enhancing both style and visibility, the XMAX uses LED lighting, with sharp LED taillights and bright all-LED headlights. All-new LEDs also use less power and last much longer than conventional light bulbs, reducing maintenance needs. Personalize your XMAX with genuine Yamaha accessories such as luggage, accessory stands, backs, and more.

The XMAX includes an adjustable steering wheel with a 20 mm rear adjustment, which can be changed quickly with zero accessories. The XMAX also has a two-position windshield that can be moved two inches higher for extra wind protection. Finally, the carved saddle makes it easier to reach the ground at stops and works with the floorboards for a relaxed driving position throughout the day.

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter – Price

The new 2020 Yamaha XMAX is available at the price of $ 5,699 and it is available in the Gray Shadow color option.

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter – Technical Specifications


Engine Type 292cc liquid-cooled 4-stroke, SOHC single-cylinder; 4 valves
Bore x Stroke 70.2mm x 75.9mm
Compression Ratio 10.9:1
Fuel Delivery Fuel Injection
Ignition TCI: Transistor Controlled Ignition
Transmission Automatic CVT
Final Drive V-Belt

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter Specs


Suspension / Front 33mm telescopic fork; 4.3-in travel
Suspension / Rear Dual shocks; 3.1-in travel
Brakes / Front Hydraulic disc, 267mm; ABS
Brakes / Rear Hydraulic disc, 245mm; ABS
Tires / Front 120/70-15 Dunlop® Scoot Smart
Tires / Rear 140/70-14 Dunlop® Scoot Smart

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter Specs


L x W x H 86 inches x 30.5 inches x 55.7 inches – 57.7 inches
Seat Height 31.3 inches
Wheelbase 60.6 inches
Rake (Caster Angle) 26.5°
Trail 3.7 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 5.3 inches
Fuel Capacity 3.4 gallons
Fuel Economy 75 mpg
Wet Weight 397 lb

2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter Specs


Warranty 1 Year (Limited Factory Warranty)


The 2020 Yamaha XMAX Powerful Scooter includes locked internal storage and proximity Smart Key, all wrapped in a corner body. The increased power and the abundant features make it a suitable choice for those who expect a little more than a daily scooter ride.

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