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Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

Triumph’s new Trident entry-level debut in 2021 has once again increased his interest in ‘first big motorcycles.’

However, although most users know what is available in class A1, 125cc and the 50cc bikes that 16-year-olds have on an AM license, the same is not valid for the A2 class.

The CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) license is offered to riders over 19 years old with a theoretical examination and a two-part testing. You must hold a FULL A1 permit for at least two years if you come to A2 from category A1/125cc.

A2 bikes must generally have a minimum output of 395cc, a minimum output of 27bhp and a maximum of 47bhp. One additional issue is that the maximum power/weight ratio of 0.2kW/kg should be maintained. More robust bikes decoupled into less than 47bhp by an official fabric limit also fall into A2, provided that they did not produce more than 70kW originally (90bhp).

The final effect, while many manufacturers are now offering limited versions of big biometrics, is that new models such as Trident and the Aprilia RS 660 tend to rise between 380 and 500cc and are generally lightweight, single or twin.

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021 – Top Rated

KTM 390 Duke (from £4299)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

While Austrian off-road experts KTM built their name for the off-road sport, their street “supermoto” relatives have also lately established a reputation for the finest of their breed.

The first sixty-one duke, essentially the wildest version of his great enduro, entered the road in 1995. And, with today’s doubles at 125, 390, 790, 890, and 1290, KTM hardly has the time to look back.

The 390 is the most A2 variant and masterfully retains tradition. It was updated in 2017 and was light and elegant, punchy with 44bhp, the high specimen with a fashionable TFT dash, LED headlamp and WP suspensions of quality, notably enormous hooliganism joy, particularly in the city or brief explosions.

BMW G310R (from £4875)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

Once a fine BMW motorbike, even for the most experienced of bikers, was out of reach — but no more. The G310 series of the German brand was debuted in 2016 and specially intended for first A2 drivers, which also does an improved job than usual. This series is designed to support this R Roadster.

In partnership with the Indian TVS, the R is sleek, willing, 313cc, 34bhp, has enough to satisfy BMW touches to drive (inverted forks, four-piston brakes, etc.).

Yamaha MT-03 (from £5198)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

The MT-03 has also been awarded an essential upgrade for 2020, making it one of the best, most stylish and more equipped of all A2 qualifying roadsters. It is a naked version of its R3 Sportster twin.

The R3 (underneath) delivers a respectable but less scary 41Bhp with the willing 321cc dual cylinder engine. The driving position has been modified somewhat to make the ride more attractive; the suspension is upgraded; the style is revamped to make it more aggressive.

Yamaha R3 (from £5458)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

What’s more good than an MT-03… Well, maybe the R3 won’t be “besser,” but surely it will make you realize more. If you are willing to be the next Rossi or Vinales A2 motorcycles following a real MotoGP Sportster, don’t be more authentic than your Yamaha R3.

It was first debuted in 2015, in naked, roadster MT-03 (above) after a year, and has since been extensively upgraded and revamped in 2019, resulting in more MotoGP replicas than ever before.

Royal Enfield Interceptor/Continental GT 650 (from £5699/£5899)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

Native Americans Since its long-awaited release in 2016, Royal Enfield’s all-new but British 650cc vintage twins (the Enfield R&D facility in the British Midlands) garnered sparkling praise and it is not hard to figure out why.

Both of them are retro-style, innovative roadsters akin to the Bonneville triumph. But when the cheapest victory, Street Twin, starts with £8,100, Continental begins with the very tenting interception roadster and coffee racer, £5,699, and is A2 complying with the need to boot.

KTM 390 Adventure (from £5499)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

The 390 Adventure is the smallest Austrian adventure machine thus far, based on the same punchy 390cc single, which is so much adored by its super motorcycle Duke and the sportsman RC 390 New-for-2020.

It is embedded in a light yet convincing adventure bike chassis taken from the KTM’s 790 Adventure. It features a lengthy suspension, a considerable dirt front tire of 19″ and a pretty high sitting so it suits big riders but is also slender and light enough to prevent novices from being too scary.

Honda CB500X (from £6119)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

Honda’s designed, 500 cc twin, A2 family, initially debuted in 2013, was one of the class’s success stories and was successfully upgraded as it managed to stay ahead of the pack.

The original introduction was three bike models, the CB500F roadster, the CB500X adventure cycle, and the CBR500R sporting sports car, all with an economical but practical chassis built on the exact ready, twin motor 47Bhp 471cc.

The X, being the most spacious and upright, was always the perfect one for high riders, being half-faired, and was also pleasant and multifunctional. In 2019, an upgrade with a bigger 19″ front wheel and better ground clearance without mentioning a refreshing and new dash improved their journey without compromising its simple, round-the-clock approach.

Kawasaki Ninja 400, (from £5599)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

The evergreen look of a Ninja is not denied. The sports motorcycle of Kawasaki has always had the ‘edge’ with few others when racing his ZX 10R has been the uncontested monarch of superbikes worldwide for the more significant part of the decade – and this status has fallen to the more diminutive Ninjas of Kawasaki as well.

It stands out from the 400 variant. Introduced in 2018, it comes from the previous Ninja 300, which was launched for the first time in 2012 and developed from the well-respected 2008 Ninja 250. They were re-invigoration, powerful two-cylinder engines and good chassis, making them the most trustworthy sportsmen.

Honda CRF250L/Rally (from £4949/£5649 new)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

Traditional trail motorcycles – a machine dual that can be ridden on both the roads and on mild “trail” dirt – are few and far from the famous peak of their time in the late 1979s and early 1980s, but one is worth mentioning here.

In the classic trail bike movement, Honda’s CRF250L, released in 2012, is a lightweight, single-cylinder 250 ccs ‘mud plugger.’ It is A2-qualified by producing just 23 horsepower but also a complete machine that is easy to ride, is suitable for more significant drivers.

Honda CBR500R (from £6149)

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021

Honda’s sportbike history is long and excellent – the best-selling CBR600F from the 90s testified – and later day, the newest example is A2 license-compatible CBR500R.

It is built on the same bright, simple to go, flexible and fun, and fast twin 500cc, which gives the impression of a complete sports equipment (which, indeed, is the whole point of an A2 class machine). The CBR, which was initially released in 2014, was easy to use and was excellent news with its relatively fundamental and essential design, which was the main critique.

Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021 – Top list

Sr. # Top Ten Best Bikes for A2-License Riders in 2021 Price
1 KTM 390 Duke £4299
2 BMW G310R £4875
3 Yamaha MT-03 £5198
4 Yamaha R3 £5458
5 Royal Enfield Interceptor/Continental GT 650 £5699/£5899
6 KTM 390 Adventure £5499
7 Honda CB500X £6119
8 Kawasaki Ninja 400 £5599
9 Honda CRF250L/Rally £4949/£5649
10 Honda CBR500R £6149


In the end, team Bikes Catalog would love to say that our today’s like is ideal for those who want to have an ideal partner for A2-license riders. These bikes have got plenty of features that make them unique and unforgettable. Furthermore, these bikes offer great riding pleasure and offer fun riding experience.

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