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2020 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi Utility ATV Review Price Specs

Suzuki developed the world’s first four-wheel ATV in 1983. Suzuki ATVs may now be found almost everywhere. From the most distant locations to the most mundane chores, the KingQuad will propel a rider forward. Our KingQuad lineup is a fantastic collection of ATVs all around.

Whether you’re working hard or trying to get away from it all, the Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi is there for you. The fully automated QuadmaticTM gearbox offers 2WD and 4WD settings to tackle even the most demanding tasks while handling difficult terrain conditions. Its high-performance iridium spark plug and all-new Pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system assist offer excellent fuel economy and clean emissions, in addition to exceptional engine performance throughout the powerband.

2020 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi Utility ATV – Features and Price

2020 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi Utility ATV

Engine Features

The fuel-injected 376cc four-stroke, four-valve engine of the KingQuad 400ASi provides economic power and driveability. Suzuki’s industry-leading fuel injection smooths power production, mainly mid-to-high range, and offers excellent cold starting. For optimal ignition, the system employs 3-D maps, resulting in responsive yet environmentally friendly performance.

During heavy labor or freight carrying, the Suzuki Advanced Cooling System (SACS) utilizes an oil cooler and a thermostat-controlled cooling fan to remove heat from the engine. The start-in-gear feature of push-button electric starting allows you to start without changing to neutral (as conditions permit).

In loose/slippery circumstances, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) includes slip control circuitry, which changes fuel injector duration and timing to enhance drivability and grip. Iridium spark plugs are more efficient, resulting in improved combustion, fewer emissions, and longer plug life. The engine’s ability to ignite at low temperatures has also been enhanced. The ATV’s pulsed-secondary AIR-injection (PAIR) system and catalyst-equipped exhaust system enable it to satisfy pollution regulations while still providing excellent performance (eligible for California red-sticker registration).

Transmission Features

For optimum traction and fuel economy, the QuadmaticTM transmission is a fully automated CVT (continuously variable transmission), including selectable high/low sub-transmission and reverse. You may select high or low range, neutral, or reverse with ease using an automotive gate-type gearshift lever.

2020 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi Utility ATV

With the flick of a handlebar-mounted lever, you may switch between 2WD and 4WD. The shaft drive system is dependable, long-lasting, and almost maintenance-free. When in 4WD mode, the torque-sensing limited-slip front differential offers maximum traction and light steering. With the throttle off, a sophisticated engine-braking mechanism helps manage the ATV on steep descents by reducing free-wheeling. When getting out of mud or loose dirt in reverse mode, the ECU includes a Reverse Mode that checks vehicle speed so that greater engine RPM may be utilized.

Chassis Features

Sharply slanted, high-clearance fenders are featured on the sporty exterior. During sport or tough terrain riding, Suzuki’s soft T-shaped seat provides rider movement. The KingQuad’s overall length is under 82 inches (208 cm), making it simple to carry in a 6.5-foot truck bed.

With 6.7 inches (170.1mm) of wheel travel, the independent front A-arm suspension provides smooth performance and impressive ground clearance. A swingarm rear-suspension offers agile handling and comfortable riding with 6.7 inches (170.1 mm) of wheel travel and dual shock absorbers.

For enhanced stopping power and longevity, the dual front hydraulic disc brakes include calipers with oversized 34mm pistons and a broad brake-pad surface area. Plastic skid plates are lightweight and robust enough to endure track abuse while remaining slick sufficient to allow objects to slide under them.

Large, aggressively treaded Carlisle tires provide continuous grip in rainy situations while providing a quiet, smooth ride on hard-packed terrain. The KingQuad 400ASi is equipped with sturdy powder-coated matte black steel wheels.

Utility Features

The unique KingQuad grille has dual 35-watt headlights (with high and low settings). The ATV’s bright tail light aids visibility in low-light situations. You can take advantage of the ATV’s excellent load capacity with heavy-duty front and rear luggage racks. The racks and front bumper have a wrinkle paint finish that is scratch-resistant and sturdy.

The speedometer, odometer, trip meter, hour meter, clock, gasoline gauge, and indications for reverse, neutral, oil, and FI are all shown on the LCD instrumentation (fuel injection). On the front fender is an automotive-style DC power outlet.

2020 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi Utility ATV

Winch installation is simplified with Winch-ready brackets and wire conduit. The large 4.2-gallon (16.0 L) gasoline tank offers an excellent range. Protection is provided by complete flooring with incorporated elevated footpegs. Winches, windshields, front and rear bumpers, snowplows, aluminum skid pans, rack extensions, utility boxes, and other Suzuki Genuine Accessories are available. Limited warranty of 12 months, including unlimited mileage. Suzuki Extended Protection offers longer coverage durations and additional advantages (SEP).

2020 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi Utility ATV – Price

The new 2020 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi Utility ATV is available at $6,549 only.

2020 Suzuki KingQuad 400ASi Utility ATV – Technical Specifications


Engine 376cc (22.94 cubics in.), 4-stroke, single-cylinder, air-cooled with SCAS, OHC
Bore x Stroke 82mm x 71.2mm (3.228 inches x 2.803 inches)
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Fuel System Suzuki electronic fuel injection
Starter Electric
Lubrication Wet sump

Drive Train

Transmission Automatic variable ratio (V-belt), including high/low-range and reverse
Clutch Dry shoe, automatic, centrifugal type
Driven Wheels 2WD and 4WD
Final Drive Shaft drive


Suspension Front Independent, double wishbone, oil damped, coil spring
Suspension Rear Swing-arm type, coil spring, oil damped
Brakes Front Disc brakes, twin rotors
Brakes Rear Single drum brake
Tires Front AT25 x 8-12, tubeless type x2
Tires Rear AT25 x 10-12, tubeless type x2
Fuel Tank Capacity 16 Liters (4.2 US gal.)
Color Terra Green, Flame Red, or Solid Special White No. 2


Ignition Electronic ignition (transistorized)
Headlight 12V 35/35W (HS1) × 2
Tail Light 12V 21/5W


Overall Length 2060 mm (81.1 in.)
Overall Width 1145 mm (45.1 in.)
Overall Height 1220 mm (48.0 in.)
Wheelbase 1270 mm (50.0 in.)
Ground Clearance 250 mm (9.8 in.)
Seat Height 840 mm (33.1 in.)
Curb Weight 265 kg (628 lb.)


Warranty 12-month limited warranty
Extension Coverage extension and some other additional benefits are available

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