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2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV Review Specs Price

The Yamaha is one of the Best Quad Bike Brands in our list and it’s new 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV is very famous among the customers. With the help of Ultramatic automatic transmission, OnCommand 2WD / 4WD, and fuel injection, 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV has an excellent performance in medium-sized ATV. Furthermore, the review of 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV with its price and specification is given below.

2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV – Price and Features

2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility Quad Bike is available with a price tag of $ 5,999.

Top Features

The 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV combines Yamaha’s most durable automatic transmission, Ultramatic, with rider-centric control and On-Command optional 4WD traction. The result is excellent functionality, confidently taking you through the most challenging terrain and back again. With a standard full-length skid plate, almost 10 inches of ground clearance, and an independent double-wishbone suspension (adjustable impact force), the Kodiak 450 is always ready to face the terrain without sweating and can drive an explosive comfort. Unlike many mid-weight all-terrain vehicles, the Kodiak 450 is not just a small engine under a full-size body.

2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV

Yamaha built the Kodiak 450 from scratch, providing riders with a compact chassis that gives it precise maneuverability on the track. To make sure, that the riders of all sizes can take full advantage of 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV, its ergonomic design is designed to provide maximum flexibility. Long and comfortable seats and wide floors allow room for drivers of all sizes. The curved shape of the Kodiak 450 handlebar is suitable for riders of all heights to improve the comfort of any rider. Like all Yamaha ATVs side-by-side, Kodiak 450 uses a range of features to improve durability and maintainability, from tool-less air filter design and oil drain to high-level air intakes and marine-grade electrical connectors.


2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV has a ground clearance of 9.6 inches and a full-length composite anti-skid plate, which provides maximum abdominal protection for various terrains. Yamaha’s Kodiak 450 has a compact body design and is much lighter than competing products. It provides precise handling and encouraging confidence in a variety of terrain conditions.

2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV

The Ultramatic gearbox has a gated shifter with parking gear, dual-speed (Hi / Lo) drive, and reverse gear. It is individually adjusted to reduce cruising speed for smooth, quiet operation. It even carefully considered the position of the gated shifter and moved it forward to provide a larger rider area. With Kodiak 450’s On-Command 4WD system, you can switch between 2WD and limited-slip 4WD with the push of a button. The drive control system eliminates hesitation or slippage while waiting for the computer control system to engage, which is common in some competing models.

The 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV is equipped with a torque 421cc SOHC engine. It is designed to provide a balance between responsiveness and smooth characteristics when riding for a long time, with minimal fatigue. The Mikuni® fuel injection device is secure for a cold start. It delivers fuel without any trouble in almost any situation, while the liquid cooling and large-capacity fan system ensure reliable and stable performance in the coming years. The hydraulic front disc brake has a durable and robust feel and braking performance, which can enhance the rider’s confidence, while the sealed rear brake prevents dust, rock, and mud from entering.

The 25-inch thick tire has a striking tread pattern and strikes a balance between precise steering and optimal comfort to maximize traction. Rugged, large-diameter steel luggage rack with durable anti-wrinkle paint coating, can pack a total of 264 pounds. Heavy-duty tees are standard, and Kodiak 450 can tow more than 1,322 pounds.


The Kodiak 450 is seated like the larger Kodiak 700 and has a spacious feel. With high handlebars, long and long seats improve rider comfort, extended working hours, wide textured floors, and extra-large thumb throttles. Kodiak 450 is designed in all respects for the medium heavyweight 4×4 ATV segment Come to a first-class optimization level.

The 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV has a specially developed rubber engine mount that isolates vibration from the engine compartment. It provides riders with one of the smoothest rides ever made by a universal ATV. Kodiak 450 has an independent double-wishbone suspension to optimize the vehicle’s posture, light steering feel, and improved vibration feel throughout the range of travel. The front wheel travel is 6.7 inches and the rear wheel is 7.4 inches. Even in the most terrain of the terrain, Kodiak 450 still provides excellent riding comfort.

The compact full LCD instrument panel provides the rider with clear information on speed, gearbox status, and oil level in a modern and compact structure. The standard 12V power port makes it easy to charge the device during a day of riding. The storage space under the seat ensures that you can secure additional items while riding.


Yamaha ’s Ultramatic system has won the position of the most reliable transmission system on the market. The automatic centrifugal clutch sustains constant belt tension to reduce belt wear, while the wedge clutch provides Yamaha’s famous all-wheel motor braking. Yamaha all-terrain vehicles have marine-grade waterproof connectors that offer maximum weather protection, maximum durability, and maintainability.

The design of the Kodiak 450 powertrain allows repair and maintenance to reduce stress as much as possible. The airbox has the function of accessing the air filter without tools, the engine and the differential have convenient oil drain holes, and the electronic vehicle equipment is located under the front center panel above the chassis for easy maintenance. The air inlet of the 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV is installed at a high position to ensure that water and debris will not enter the drive system or engine air filter. Furthermore, the reusable foam air filter on the engine side can be used without tools. These air channels can provide a lot of fresh, clean air for the engine, and ensure that the V-belt stays cool under the harshest working conditions.

2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV

Yamaha’s industry-leading large-caliber ATV series uses styling tips, unique textures, and injection-molded fenders to prevent damage from rocks and debris, maintaining a good appearance every season. The winch wiring is pre-installed at the factory, and a series of original Yamaha accessories are designed with the machine. The Kodiak 450 can be configured to suit almost everything from traction and field operations to hunting and recreational riding. Real-World Tough was assembled in Newnan, Georgia, USA.

2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV – Technical Specifications


Type 421cc, liquid-cooled, SOHC 4-stroke, 2-valve
Bore x Stroke 84.5 mm x 75 mm
Compression Ratio 10.0:1
Fuel Delivery Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI), 34 mm
Transmission Ultramatic V-belt having all-wheel engine braking; H, L, N, R, P
Final Drive On-Command selectable 2WD / 4WD; shaft

2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV Specs


Front Suspension Independent double-wishbone; 6.7 inches of travel
Rear Suspension Independent double-wishbone; 7.4 inches of travel
Front Brakes Dual hydraulic disc
Rear Brakes Multi-disk wet brake
Front Tires AT25 x 8-12
Rear Tires AT25 x 10-12

2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV Specs


L x W x H 80.1 inches x 46.5 inches x 45.7 inches
Seat Height 33.7 inches
Wheelbase 48.8 inches
Turning Radius 126.0 inches
Maximum Ground Clearance 9.6 inches
Fuel Capacity 3.7 gallons
Wet Weight 637 lb
Rack Capacity 88 lb front / 176 lb rear
Towing Capacity 1322 lb


Warranty 6 Month (Limited Factory Warranty) – 10-Year V-Belt Limited Warranty


The new 2019 Kodiak 450 Yamaha Utility ATV happens to be the best choice for a medium-sized ATV. It has powerful functions, distinctive shape, comfortable and sturdy. Moreover, since its basic price is $ 5,999, it is also a very affordable price, which makes it more difficult to prove that it is reasonable to buy a more massive machine in the case where the medium size can complete most tasks. Kodiak 450 is close to the core of practical ATV; get the job done and have some fun.

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